draw out

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To improve a losing hand to a winning hand by receiving additional cards

Jill had a flush on the turn, but Jimmy drew out by completing a full house on the river.

To use means to entice or force (an animal) from it's hole or similar hiding place; or, by extension, cause (a shy person) to be more open or talkative

She's really a neat person if you just take the time to draw her out.

To make something last for more time than is necessary; prolong; extend

It seems the boss tries to draw out these meetings for as long as possible just to punish us.

To physically extract, as blood from a vein
To extract, bring out, as concealed information; elicit; educe
make more sociable; "The therapist drew out the shy girl"
To draw out on someone is to outdraw them When I called his all-in bet, I didn't realize he had made trips, but I was lucky enough to draw out on him with my backdoor flush
deduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning); "We drew out some interesting linguistic data from the native informant"
draw or pull out, usually with some force or effort; also used in an abstract sense; "pull weeds"; "extract a bad tooth"; "take out a splinter"; "extract information from the telegram"
lengthen in time; cause to be or last longer; "We prolonged our stay"; "She extended her visit by another day"; "The meeting was drawn out until midnight"
cause to speak, "Can you draw her out--she is always so quiet"
make longer, extend; get a person to talk
If you draw someone out, you make them feel less nervous and more willing to talk. Her mother tried every approach to draw her out
make more sociable; "The therapist drew out the shy girl
draw out