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İngilizce - Türkçe

Gözaltında bir şüphelimiz var. - We've got a suspect in custody.

Polis onu gözaltında tuttu. - The police held him in custody.

{i} vesayet
bir kimsenin vesayeti altında bulunmak
{i} bakım
(Politika, Siyaset) himaye
(Ticaret) saklama
gözetim bakım
{i} koruma
(Askeri) NEZARET: Silahların ve parçalarının kontrolü, nakil ve taşınması sorumluluğu ve bunların muhafaza edildiği, yerlere girebilme yetkisi. Nezaret aynı zamanda silahları ve parçalarıyla ilgili sorumluluğun idamesini de kapsar
{i} sorumluluk
emanet etmek
{i} tutukluluk
{i} gözetim

Tom koruyucu gözetime alındı. - Tom has been taken into protective custody.

Tom şu anda polis gözetiminde. - Tom is now in police custody.

(Kanun) denetim
custody record
(Kanun) gözaltı tutanağı
custody case
Tutuklu durumda
custody bill of lading
(Ticaret) muhafaza konşimentosu
custody of children
çocukları koruma
customer based custody
(Ticaret) müşteri bazında saklama
asset under custody
Banka yahut finansal kurumun aktifinde yer alan mevduat ve diğer emanet
chain of custody
delil zinciri
luggage custody
kayıp bagaj
safe custody
(Kanun) vedia
seek one's custody
velayetini istemek
be in custody
gözaltında bulunmak
protective custody
koruyucu gözaltı
safe custody
safe custody
safe custody
safe custody charge
depo vergini
safe custody charge
saklama vergini
take into custody
gözaltına almak
take into custody
child custody
Çocuğun velayeti
continue custody
velayet devam
federal custody
federal gözaltı
joint custody
Ortak vesayet

We worked out joint custody so that Mina will get quality time with both of us. Still, it’s been an adjustment for her.

protective custody
(Kanun) İhtiyadi olarak gözetim altında bulundurulma
release from custody
gözaltı süresinin dolması sonucu serbest bırakmak.- He requested bodyguards from poliçe after murder's release from custody
remand in custody
gözaltında tutmak
take custody
Birinin velayetini almak
take somebody into custody
Göz altına almak
to retain custody
gözaltında tutulacağı
be in custody
gözaltına alınmak
be taken into custody
gözaltına alınmak
be under custody
tutuklu olmak
give s.o. custody of
birine (birinin) vesayetini vermek
give/put into custody
(Mukavele) teslim etmek, emanet etmek
global custody
merkezi saklama
in custody
(Fiili Deyim ) göz altında , nezarette , polisin elinde
indemnity for custody of funds
(Ticaret) kasa tazminatı
parent has custody of child
(Kanun) çocuğun velayeti ebeveyninde
protective custody
ihtiyati tutuklama
take into custody
nezarete almak
take into custody
take s.o. into custody
birini tutuklamak
take somebody into custody
gözaltına almak
take someone into custody
birini tutuklamak
to be in custody
(Kanun) nezaret altında bulunmak
İngilizce - İngilizce
Possession of something or someone
Custody is the legal right to keep and look after a child, especially the right given to a child's mother or father when they get divorced. I'm going to go to court to get custody of the children Child custody is normally granted to the mother
Someone who is in custody or has been taken into custody has been arrested and is being kept in prison until they can be tried in a court. Three people appeared in court and two of them were remanded in custody She was taken into custody later that day
{n} imprisonment, prison, care, security
The right to make decisions regarding a child May be joint or sole Note that custody relates to decision-making and does not define how much time a child will spend with each parent
The service of safekeeping customer assets, including securities, and collecting interest and dividends Custody also involves the buying, selling, receiving, and delivering of securities
The responsibility for the care of documents based on their physical possession Custody does not always include legal ownership, or the right to control access to records [ISAD(G)]
Guardianship, or control, of records, including both physical possession (physical custody) and legal responsibility (legal custody), unless one or the other is specified
{i} detention, confinement; supervision; guardianship
holding by the police; "the suspect is in custody"
If someone is being held in a particular type of custody, they are being kept in a place that is similar to a prison. Barrett was taken into protective custody
Legal responsibility for another's assets
1 The keeping in detention of a defendant before trial, as in a remand in custody, or in prison after sentence
Means the charge and control of a child including the right to make all major decisions such as education, religious upbringing, training, health and welfare Custody, without qualification usually refers to a combination of physical custody and legal custody For other varieties of custody, see joint custody, split custody and divided custody
Legal determination by a court that establishes with whom the child shall live (allocation of parental rights and responsibilities)
The legal right given to a person of official authority to exercise complete and immediate control over a person to insure appearance in court Custody also refers to the actual imprisonment of the accused after a criminal conviction
authority of parent or other party over child
Detaining of a person by lawful process or authority to assure his or her appearance to any hearing; the jailing or imprisonment of a person convicted of a crime
Safekeeping of securities for institutions and individuals generally including settlement of trades, collection of income, and processing of corporate actions
a term carried over from days gone by to refer to the primary residential parent
A keeping or guarding; care, watch, inspection, for keeping, preservation, or security
The care or keeping of anything or person The detaining of an individual against his or her will by lawful means and under authority of law
holding by the police; "the suspect is in custody
1 As applied to property, the condition of holding a thing within one's personal care and control As applied to persons, such control over a person as will insure his or her presence at a hearing, or the actual imprisonment of a person resulting from a criminal conviction Custody of children is legal guardianship
To put under the restraint and physical control of the court to insure appearance in court or to imprison an accused after a criminal conviction
Immediate control that an authority exercises over property or people
This refers to the control and care of the beneficiary "Physical custody" means that the beneficiary actually lives with the person or organization who has custody "Legal custody" means that a court has placed a person in the custody of an individual, institution, or other agency Temporary changes in custody (for vacations or short trips) are not considered a change of custody if the beneficiary is expected to return to his or her original custodian Incapable - A determination made by SSA that a person is unable to manage or direct someone else to manage their Social Security and/or SSI funds When SSA finds someone is incapable, it means that they need a representative payee
State of being guarded and watched to prevent escape; restraint of liberty; confinement; imprisonment
The legal determination which establishes with whom a child shall live
(with `in') guardianship over; in divorce cases it is the right to house and care for and discipline a child; "my fate is in your hands"; "too much power in the president's hands"; "your guests are now in my custody"; "the mother was awarded custody of the children"
Judicial or penal safe- keeping
For the purposes of determining whether the Act applies to a record that is "in the custody of" a public body, "custody" means physical possession
A banking service that provides safekeeping for a customer’s property under written agreement and also calls for the bank to buy, sell, receive, and delivery securities and collect and pay out income only when ordered to do so by the principal
a state of being confined (usually for a short time); "his detention was politically motivated"; "the prisoner is on hold"; "he is in the custody of police"
the caregiver who has daily responsibility for a child either temporarily or permanently (see legal custody and physical custody below)
The detention by the police of a person suspected or accused of a crime or offence D Dean of Faculty The elected head of the Faculty of Advocates The present Dean of Faculty is Andrew Hardie QC
The right to or responsibility for a child's care and control, carrying with it the duty of providing food, shelter, medical care, education and discipline
custody account
securities account in a bank
custody battle
litigation to settle custody of the children of a divorced couple
custody case
a legal action to determine custody (usually of children following a divorce)
chain of custody
The documentation showing the full process of acquisition, transfer, handling and disposition of physical or electronic materials
chains of custody
plural form of chain of custody
joint custody
An arrangement whereby the mother and the father share the physical and legal custody of a child
maternal custody
An arrangement whereby only the mother has physical and legal custody of a child while the father has visitation rights
paternal custody
An arrangement whereby only the father has physical and legal custody of a child while the mother has visitation rights
sole custody
An arrangement whereby only one parent has physical and legal custody of a child while the other parent has visitation rights
joint custody
(Kanun) An arrangement in which parents who are divorced both have responsibility for taking care of a child and can both give the child a home for some of the time
protective custody
(Kanun) A safe place, sometimes prison, where someone is kept by the police for their own safety
in custody
in detention, confined, imprisoned, being held by officers of the law
in safe custody(p)
secure in formally authorized hands
keep in custody
keep imprisoned
lawful custody
legal confinement, detention which is allowed by law
legal custody
Legal custody means the custodial parent's right and responsibility to make major decisions concerning the child, except with respect to specified decisions set forth in any agreement reached by the parties or in any court order or judgment Major decisions include, but are not limited to: decisions regarding consent to marry, enter military service, and obtain a motor vehicle operator's license; authorization for nonemergency health care; and choice of school and religion
legal custody
The right to determine the child's upbringing including education, health care, and religious training
legal custody
the right to make decisions about a child's well being including the child's health, education and welfare
legal custody
custody awarded by law - in the instances of children, a form of custody that allows access to the child's medical records, school records and other matters
legal custody
right of person to make important decisions concerning child, to deal with school authorities, doctors, and other persons concerning child
legal custody
A child custody decision which entails the right to make, or participate in, the significant decisions affecting a child's health and welfare (compare with physical custody and joint custody)
legal custody
– a type of child custody in which one parent has the right to make decisions about the child’s upbringing
preventive custody
imprisonment of a criminal suspect to prevent him from breaking the law before his trial is held
protective custody
imprisonment of a person for his protection
protective custody
If a witness in a court case is being held in protective custody, they are being kept in prison in order to prevent them from being harmed. They might be doing me a good turn if they took me into protective custody. a situation in which the police make you stay somewhere to protect you from people who could harm you in/into protective custody
remand in custody
extension of imprisonment
safe custody
right to care for -; detention
sole custody
form of guardianship of a child whose parents are divorced whereby only one parent has physical and legal custody of the child and the other parent has visitation rights
take into custody
arrest, imprison
was held in custody
sat in custody, was arrested, sat in prison
was taken into custody
was imprisoned, was placed in jail temporarily
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police custody
polis gözetimi