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İngilizce - Türkçe

Uyku, yaşamı korumak için gereklidir. - Sleep is essential for the preservation of life.


Hayatını doğanın korunmasına adadı. - He has dedicated his life to the preservation of nature.

{i} saklama
(Mukavele) koruma, muhafaza etme
{i} muhafaza
{i} konserve yapma
(Askeri) MUHAFAZA; KORUMA: Paketleme veya koruyucu maddelerin tatbiki suretiyle sağlanan koruma durumu

Bu açısal momentin korumasından dolayıdır. - This is due to conservation of angular momentum.

Bu bir koruma alanı olarak adlandırıldı. - This has been designated a conservation area.

{i} muhafaza
preservation of old works
eski eserlerin korunması
preservation of evidence
kanıt korunması
preservation by salting
(Çiftçilik) tuzla konserveleme
preservation period
(Ticaret) saklama süresi
conservation of matter maddenin baki kalması
{i} doğal kaynakları koruma
doğal çevrenin korunması
(Tıp) konservasyon
(Ticaret) doğal kaynaklan koruma
doğal kaynakların korunması
(Ticaret) çevreye zarar vermeme
strict preservation zone
mutlak koruma alanı
idareli kullanma
self preservation
nefsini koruma
özünü koruma
pavement preservation
Asfaltın hizmet ömrünü uzatmak için kullanılan oruyucu tabaka
altruistic preservation
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) özgecil koruma
collection and preservation
kolleksiyon ve koruma
(isim) koruma, muhafaza, sahip çıkma
{i} koruma, himaye
doğal kaynakları koruma conservation of energy kudretin baki kalması
conservationist doğal kaynakları
instinct of self preservation
kendini koruma içgüdüsü
organ preservation
(Tıp) organ korunması
self preservation
kendini koruma
self preservation
kendini savunma
semen preservation
(Tıp) semen korunması
İngilizce - İngilizce
The act of preserving; care to preserve; act of keeping from destruction, decay or any ill

Our allwise maker has put into man the uneasiness of hunger, thirst and other natural desires, to determine their wills for the preservation of themselves, and the continuation of their species.

{n} the act or care of preserving
Preservation activities are directed toward the elimination of deficiencies and major cost replacement of existing facilities Preservation is not meant to include work that will increase the level of service by the addition of traffic lanes
Protection of ecologically important wetlands or other aquatic resources in perpetuity through the implementation of appropriate legal and physical mechanisms Preservation may include protection of upland areas adjacent to wetlands as necessary to ensure protection and/or enhancement of the aquatic ecosystem [top]
a requirement to retain superannuation benefits within the superannuation environment until a condition of release has been met Under current laws most benefits are compulsorily preserved until a person has retired is at least 55
the prevention or delay of deterioration of and damage to archival and library material through appropriate environmental controls and/or treatment; preservation is a broader term than conservation
This is often used as a synonym of conservation; many people use the word in an all encompassing sense, including also issues related to the broader administrative, economic, legal, political and social context in which conservation takes place (e g legal protection, policies, public awareness) (ICCROM)
the action of reserving, protecting or safeguarding a portion of the natural environment from unnatural disturbance It does not imply preserving an area in its present state, for natural events and natural ecological processes are expected to continue Preservation is part of, and not opposed to, conservation
(1) The provision of adequate facilities to protect, care for, or maintain records
the activity of protecting something from loss or danger
The legal requirement that certain superannuation benefits must be retained in a super fund or rollover fund until the member retires after reaching preservation age Only in very limited circumstances, including total and permanent disablement and extreme financial hardship, can preserved amounts be released before the member reaches this age
generally, saving from destruction or deterioration old and historic buildings, sites, structures, and objects, and providing for their continued use by means of maintenance, restoration, rehabilitation, or adaptive use Specifically, the act or process of applying measures to sustain the existing form, integrity, and material of a building or structure, and the existing form and vegetative cover of a site
ways of extending the shelf life of foods by controlling the temperature, pH or water content which inhibits the growth of micro-organisms or the action of enzymes
The totality of processes and operations involved in the stabilization and protection of documents against damage or deterioration and in the treatment of damaged or deteriorated documents Preservation may also include the transfer of information to another medium, such as microfilm (SAA)
All actions taken to retard deterioration of, or to prevent damage to, cultural property Preservation involves controlling the environment and conditions of use, and may include treatment in order to maintain an object, as nearly as possible, in an unchanging state
Activities associated with maintaining library, archival or museum materials for use, either in original physical form or in some other format Preservation is a broader term than conservation: conservation activities form part of a total preservation program Preservation includes both activities taken to repair or treat damaged materials (retrospective) and activities taken to prevent or delay material becoming damaged (preventive preservation)
the condition of being (well or ill) preserved
Often used interchangeably with conservation Preservation suggests that natural resources will be left undisturbed, while conservation usually indicates some resource management (compare conservation)
Retention of contents of artifacts, not necessarily involving retention of the original source [Arms, 2001, p 254] Contrast with conservation
the activity of protecting something from loss or danger a process that saves organic substances from decay the condition of being (well or ill) preserved
There is a legal requirement that most superannuation benefits must be retained in a superannuation fund until the member reaches preservation age and retires Preserved amounts may be released in exceptional circumstances, including compassionate grounds, invalidity and severe financial hardship The age at which members can otherwise access preserved benefits depends on when they were born {include age table}
(1) Adequate protection, care, and maintenance of archives and manuscripts (2) Specific measures, individual and collective, undertaken for the repair, maintenance, restoration, or protection of documents (3) A basic responsibility of an archival repository
{i} protection, act of safeguarding, conservation, act of saving from damage or harm
a picture in good preservation
A management philosophy or goal that seeks to protects indigenous ecosystem structure, function, and integrity from human impacts Management activities are generally excluded from "preserved" forests
an occurrence of improvement by virtue of preventing loss or injury or other change
Activities associated with maintaining library, archival, or museum materials for use, either in their original physical form or in some other format
The activities associated with maintaining library or archival collection materials for use, either in the original form or in some other usable way *
a requirement to retain superannuation benefits within the superannuation environment until a specified condition has been met Under current laws most benefits are compulsorily preserved until a person has retired or reached a certain age (between 55 and 60)
The act or process of preserving, or keeping safe; the state of being preserved, or kept from injury, destruction, or decay; security; safety; as, preservation of life, fruit, game, etc
(As it relates to scanning) Digitizing an original photograph, document, or three-dimensional object is only a method of preservation if the digital file becomes the access tool and the original is no longer available for use Although high resolution scanning (i e , scan at the highest resolution possible appropriate to the type of media you are scanning) is recommended for all materials in order to achieve the highest quality possible and to ensure that information held in the original is not lost in the scan However, the digital file, as of yet, should not serve as a replacement of the original for preservation purposes
a process that saves organic substances from decay
Static protection of an area or element, attempting to perpetuate the existence of a given 'state'
preservation of the species
continuation of the human race or animal or plant species by reproduction
preservation order
In Britain, a preservation order is an official order that makes it illegal for anyone to alter or destroy something such as an old building or an area of countryside. The entire city is under a preservation order. in Britain, an official order that something, especially an area of countryside or an old building, must be preserved and not damaged
The instinctive behaviour that protects oneself from harm
food preservation
Any method by which food is protected against spoilage by oxidation, bacteria, molds, and microorganisms. Traditional methods include dehydration, smoking, salting, controlled fermentation (including pickling), and candying; certain spices have also long been used as antiseptics and preservatives. Among the modern processes for food preservation are refrigeration (including freezing), canning, pasteurization, irradiation, and the addition of chemical preservatives
law of preservation of energy
principle that energy is not lost or gained but only changes form
law of preservation of mass
law that mass is constant and that matter cannot be created or destroyed
preservation of yourself from harm; a natural or instinctive tendency
Self-preservation is the action of keeping yourself safe or alive in a dangerous situation, often without thinking about what you are doing. The police have the same human urge for self-preservation as the rest of us. protection of yourself and your own life in a threatening or dangerous situation
taking care of oneself, survival