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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Askeri) AYRILMA, DAĞILMA: 1. Radarla tespit etmede toplu bir verinin muhtelif nesnelere, yapı gruplamalarına tekabül eden birçok münferit veriler halinde ayrılması. Bu ayrılma mesafe, nesne büyüklüğü, nesneler arasındaki mesafe, kazanç tanzimi, huzme genişliği dahil birçok faktöre bağlıdır. 2. Görüntü değerlendirmesinde, büyütme veya genişletme sonunda görüntü halinde ortaya çıkan maddenin hüviyetini kaybetmesine ve hasıl olan görüntünün gelişigüzel seriler halinde tonal (renkli) izlenimler halini almasına sebep olan sonuç

Senden ayrılmak istemiyorum. - I don't want to break up with you.

O onunla ayrılmak istiyordu. - She wanted to break up with him.

yok etmek
sona ermek

O onunla ilişkiyi bitirmek istiyordu. - She wanted to break up with him.

Eğer seni doğru anladıysam benimle ilişkiyi bitirmek istiyorsun! - If I understood you right you want to break up with me!

kavgayı ayırmak

Çalışma günü monotonluğunu kırmak için Tom öğle vakti koşusuna can atıyor. - Tom looks forward to his lunchtime run, to break up the monotony of his working day.

tatile girmek
bozulmak (nişan)
yolları ayrılmak
tatile girmek (okul)
tatil olmak
sonu gelmek
dağılıp parçalanmak
yol ayrımına gelmek
parça parça olmak
bitkin düşmek
ilişkiyi bitirmek

Tom Mary ile ilişkiyi bitirmek istiyor. - Tom wants to break up with Mary.

Seninle ilişkiyi bitirmek bir hataydı. - It was a mistake to break up with you.

ilişkiyi kesmek
ayrılmak (sevdiğinden)
(Askeri) ayrılma

Senden ayrılmak istemiyorum. - I don't want to break up with you.

Ondan ayrılmayı planlıyorum. - I plan to break up with her.

break up
break up

Çalışma günü monotonluğunu kırmak için Tom öğle vakti koşusuna can atıyor. - Tom looks forward to his lunchtime run, to break up the monotony of his working day.

(arkadaşlık/evlilik/birlik/vb.) sona erme
the break-up
break up
break up
break up
break up
break up
break up
(deyim) sona ermek. a break-up bozulma,dagilma
break up
break up
(aralarında sevgi bağı olan iki kişi) ayrılmak
{i} ayrılma
{i} bozulma
{i} çöküş
{i} parçalanma
{i} dağılma
sona erme
İngilizce - İngilizce
Alternative spelling of break up
The break-up of a marriage, relationship, or association is the act of it finishing or coming to an end because the people involved decide that it is not working successfully. the acrimonious break-up of the meeting's first session. a marital break-up. = collapse
The break-up of an organization or a country is the act of it separating or dividing into several parts. the break-up of British Rail for privatisation At no time did a majority of Czechoslavakia's citizens support the country's break-up
Of a telephone conversation, to cease to be understandable because of a bad connection

You're breaking up. Can you repeat that?.

To end a relationship

She broke up with her boyfriend last week.

To stop a fight; to separate people who are fighting

The police came in to break up the disturbance.

To dissolve; to part

So the meeting broke up, and the torchlight grew dimmer, and died away as it had come in a red flicker on the roof, and the footsteps sounded fainter as they went up the passage, until the vault was left to the dead men and me.

Of a school, to close for the holidays at the end of term
To break or separate into pieces

Break up the cheese and put it in the salad.

To break or separate into pieces; to disintegrate or come apart

It broke up when it hit the ground.

(deyim) Scatter, disperse, as in The crowd broke up as soon as they reached the streets. [Late 1400s] This phrase is also used as an imperative, as in "Break it up!" shouted the police officer
If you break up with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, your relationship with that person ends. My girlfriend had broken up with me He felt appalled by the whole idea of marriage so we broke up. = split up
destroy the completeness of a set of related items; "The book dealer would not break the set"
suffer a nervous breakdown
When a meeting or gathering breaks up or when someone breaks it up, it is brought to an end and the people involved in it leave. A neighbour asked for the music to be turned down and the party broke up Police used tear gas to break up a demonstration He charged into the crowd. `Break it up,' he shouted. = disperse
break violently or noisily; smash
come to an end; "Their marriage dissolved"; "The tobacco monopoly broke up"
laugh unrestrainedly cause to separate; "break up kidney stones"; "disperse particles"
When something breaks up or when you break it up, it separates or is divided into several smaller parts. There was a danger of the ship breaking up completely Break up the chocolate and melt it He broke the bread up into chunks and gave Meer a big one Tanks are strongly built. It is a complicated and difficult process to break them up
bring the association of to an end or cause to break up; "The decree officially dissolved the marriage"; "the judge dissolved the tobacco company"
laugh unrestrainedly
If a marriage breaks up or if someone breaks it up, the marriage ends and the partners separate. MPs say they work too hard and that is why so many of their marriages break up Fred has given me no good reason for wanting to break up our marriage
set or keep apart; "sever a relationship"
release ice; "The icebergs and glaciers calve"
come apart; "the group broke up
to cause to separate and go in different directions; "She waved her hand and scattered the crowds"
cause to separate; "break up kidney stones"; "disperse particles"
come apart; "the group broke up"
make a break in; "We interrupt the program for the following messages"
When a school or the pupils in it break up, the school term ends and the pupils start their holidays. It's the last week before they break up, and they're doing all kinds of Christmas things. go back
discontinue an association or relation; go different ways; "The business partners broke over a tax question"; "The couple separated after 25 years of marriage"; "My friend and I split up"
end a romantic or friendly relationship; disassemble, take apart
take apart into its constituent pieces
break or cause to break into pieces; "The plate fragmented"
If you say that someone is breaking up when you are speaking to them on a mobile telephone, you mean that you can only hear parts of what they are saying because the signal is interrupted. The line's gone; I think you're breaking up. see also break-up
separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts
attack with or as if with a pickaxe of ice or rocky ground, for example; "Pick open the ice"
close at the end of a session; "The court adjourned"
cause to go into a solution; "The recipe says that we should dissolve a cup of sugar in two cups of water"
The time when a river whose surface has been frozen from bank to bank for a significant portion of its length begins to change to an open water flow condition Breakup is signaled by the breaking of the ice and often associated with ice jams and flooding
coming apart
Disruption; a separation and dispersion of the parts or members; as, a break-up of an assembly or dinner party; a break-up of the government
{i} collapse, decomposition
the termination of a relationship
The end of an Alaskan winter, when the ice that has frozen the major rivers thaws
destructive fragmentation of a space object Breakups may be either accidental or intentional Since the early 1960s, debris created by in-orbit breakups has represented the largest single constituent of the total space object population
The point in time in the Spring when the ice breaks up in the local rivers and disappears It is the signal that Spring is really here
A loss of emotional control; a breakdown
The termination of a sexual relationship
The act of breaking up; disintegration or division
Disturbance in the picture or sound signal caused by loss of sync or by videotape damage
Türkçe - İngilizce
the break-up