to make up

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İngilizce - Türkçe

Makyaj yapmayı bilir. - She knows how to make up.

Tom çok makyaj yapan kadınları sevmez. - Tom doesn't like women who wear way too much make up.

{i} barışmak
{i} oluşturmak

İslam Danimarka'nın en büyük ikinci dini olup, onun 210.000 inananı toplumunun% 3.7'sini oluşturmaktadır. - Islam is the second largest religion in Denmark, of which its 210,000 believers make up 3.7% of its society.

makyaj yapmak
(deyim) tamamlamak. make up for sth. karsilamak,telafi etmek. make up to someone gozune girmeye calismak,yaranmak. make sth. up to someone telafi etmek
(Askeri) maket
(deyim) dostluğu yeniden kurmak
{i} telâfi etmek

Kayıp zamanı telafi etmek için çok çalışmalıyım. - I must work hard to make up for lost time.

Kayıp zamanı telafi etmek için daha sıkı çalışmalısın. - You have to work harder to make up for lost time.

{i} uyduruvermek
bütünleme sınavı
{i} toparlamak
yatak yapmak
kafadan uydurmak
(deyim) (para/zaman) kaybı giderme
(deyim) sayfayı hazırlamak
(Askeri) tertip etmek
geri vermek
(deyim) (özür/neden) bulmak
karar vermek

Tom hemen karar vermek zorunda değil. - Tom doesn't have to make up his mind right now.

Şimdi karar vermek zorunda olduğunuz zaman. - Now is when you have to make up your mind.

makyaj yap
bir araya getirmek
(deyim) mizanpaj yapmak
(deyim) karıştırarak hazırlamak
(deyim) katılmak
(deyim) bütünü oluşturmak
kafadan atmak
(deyim) bütünleşmek
(deyim) bütün oluşturmak
(deyim) reçete hazırlamak
(deyim) kaybı telafi etme

Kaybı telafi etmek zorundaydım. - I had to make up for the loss.

Hükümet, kaybı telafi etmek zorunda kaldı. - The government had to make up for the loss.

(deyim) açmak
(deyim) (ilacı) hazırlamak
icat etmek

Altmış beşten fazla Amerikalılar toplam nüfusun% 12.5'ini oluşturuyor. - Americans who are over sixty-five make up 12.5% of the total population.

Onlar toplam nüfusun yaklaşık yüzde 12,5'ğunu oluşturuyorlar. - They make up about 12.5 percent of the total population.

(deyim) uydurmak. 2.karsilamak,yerini doldurmak
(deyim) hazirlamak,paket yapmak
(deyim) makyaj yapmak. make-up makyaj. make someone up birine makyaj yapmak. make sth. up
for -i telafi etmek. 6
makyaj malzemesi
(Fiili Deyim ) 1- makyaj yapmak 2- hazırlamak
uydurma hikâye
İngilizce - İngilizce
to constitute; to compose; to form
to apply cosmetics or makeup

Let's leave as soon I make up my face.

to assemble, or mix

I can make up a batch of stew in a few minutes, but it will take a two hours to cook.

To overcome a disadvantage
to invent, imagine, or concoct (a story, claim, etc.)

He was a great storyteller and could make up a story on the spot.

to resolve, forgive or smooth over an argument or fight

They fight a lot, but they always manage to make up.

to compensate, fill in or catch up

Cuba took limited free market-oriented measures to alleviate severe shortages of food, consumer goods, and services to make up for the ending of Soviet subsidies.

make up something artificial or untrue
If you make up something such as a story or excuse, you invent it, sometimes in order to deceive people. I think it's very unkind of you to make up stories about him I'm not making it up. The character exists in real life
If two people make up or make it up after a quarrel or disagreement, they become friends again. She came back and they made up They never made up the quarrel They should make up with their ex-enemy in the West I'll make it up with him again
{f} construct; constitute; invent, concoct; forgive and forget; supply what is lacking; put on cosmetics; compensate for something missed (as in: "I missed the test, may I make it up?")
{i} cosmetics; figure, body structure, build; arrangement
If you make yourself up or if someone else makes you up, make-up such as powder or lipstick is put on your face. She spent too much time making herself up She chose Maggie to make her up for her engagement photographs I can't be bothered to make up my face
devise or compose; "This designer makes up our Spring collections"; "He designed women's shoes"
If you make up a bed, you put sheets and blankets on it so that someone can sleep there. Her mother made up a bed in her old room
If you make up time or hours, you work some extra hours because you have previously taken some time off work. They'll have to make up time lost during the strike
come to terms; "After some discussion we finally made up"
make up work that was missed due to absence at a later point; "I have to make up a French exam"; "Can I catch up with the material or is it too late?
make up work that was missed due to absence at a later point; "I have to make up a French exam"; "Can I catch up with the material or is it too late?"
do or give something to somebody in return; "Does she pay you for the work you are doing?"
form or compose; "This money is my only income"; "The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance"; "These constitute my entire belonging"; "The children made up the chorus"; "This sum represents my entire income for a year"; "These few men comprise his entire army"
put in order or neaten; "make the bed"; "make up a room"
If you make up an amount, you add something to it so that it is as large as it should be. Less than half of the money that students receive is in the form of grants, and loans have made up the difference The team had six professionals and made the number up with five amateurs For every £100 you invest into a pension plan the Inland Revenue makes it up to £125
If you make up something such as food or medicine, you prepare it by mixing or putting different things together. Prepare the souffle dish before making up the souffle mixture
apply make-up or cosmetics to one's face to appear prettier; "She makes herself up every morning"
The people or things that make up something are the members or parts that form that thing. North Africans make up the largest and poorest immigrant group in the country Insects are made up of tens of thousands of proteins. = form, constitute
to make up for
to make up

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    tı meyk ʌp


    /tə ˈmāk ˈəp/ /tə ˈmeɪk ˈʌp/


    [ t&, tu, 'tü ] (preposition.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English tO; akin to Old High German zuo to, Latin donec as long as, until.


    ... the stars, overwhelming the galaxies, in fact, and we only make up .03% of the universe. ...
    ... we make up .03% of the universe.  In other words, we are the exception.  The universe ...

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