to flutter

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İngilizce - Türkçe
{f} kanat çırpmak
{i} pırpır etme
(Havacılık) flater
(Havacılık) telaşlanmak
pır pır etme
pır pır etmek
(Tıp) fluter
(Havacılık) bahis
(sağa sola ya da aşağı yukarı) hareket etmek
kanat çırpma
(kanat) çırpmak
{f} çırpın

Odaya girerken kalbi çırpındı. - Her heart fluttered as he entered the room.

(isim) titreme, heyecan, çalkalanma, çırpınma; telâş, asabiyet; (hav.) kanat sarsıntısı; (tib.) titreme, kalp ritmi bozukluğu
{i} çarpıntı
heyecan vermek
kanat sarsıntısı
{f} (rüzgârda) titremek veya hafifçe dalgalanmak
telâşa düşürmek
çarpıntılı olmak
pırpır etmek
(Askeri) SARSINTI: Ani bir sarsıntı ile, örneğin bir fırtına sarsıntısı ile, bir makine veya aletin herhangi bir parçasında meydana gelen ve makina parçalarının reaksiyonu ile tadil edilen titreşim
düzensiz hareket etmek
(Tıp) Titreşim şeklinde devamlı hareket, birbirini izleyen sürekli atım,titreşim, çarpıntı
kalp ritmi
telâş etmek
{f} (kanatlarını) çırpmak
{f} çabuk çabuk sallamak
{i} küçük oynama (kumar)
{f} çırpınır gibi düşmek
kanatlarını çırpmak
(isim) çırpınma, çarpıntı, telaş, pırpır etme, heyecan, küçük oynama (kumar)
İngilizce - İngilizce
An abnormal rapid pulsation of the heart
To cause something to flap
The act of fluttering
A small bet or risky investment

Oh, by the way, I heard of a rather good thing today, New Kleinfonteins; it's a gold mine in Rhodesia. If you'd like to have a flutter you might make a bit..

To flap or wave quickly but irregularly

flags fluttering in the wind.

{n} a motion, hurry, confusion, fright
{v} to fly heavily, hurry confuse, disorder
An extremely fast heart beat (200 -350 bpm) usually occurring only in the atria Flutter is different than fibrillation in that flutter is a coordinated beat Press the "back" button to return to where you came from
a state of agitation
a small bet
Hurry; tumult; agitation of the mind; confusion; disorder
To vibrate or move quickly; as, a bird flutters its wings
The act of fluttering; quick and irregular motion; vibration; as, the flutter of a fan
{f} flap, wave; (about the heart) beat; vibrate, tremble, quiver; confuse, agitate; run about aimlessly
If you have a flutter, you have a small bet on something such as a horse race. I had a flutter on five horses. = bet
If something light such as a small bird or a piece of paper flutters somewhere, it moves through the air with small quick movements. The paper fluttered to the floor The birds were active, whirring and fluttering among the trees
If something thin or light flutters, or if you flutter it, it moves up and down or from side to side with a lot of quick, light movements. Her chiffon skirt was fluttering in the night breeze. a butterfly fluttering its wings. the fluttering white lace handkerchief. Flutter is also a noun. a flutter of white cloth
the motion made by flapping up and down
A phenomenon whereby the elevator or aileron control surface begins to oscillate violently in flight This can sometimes cause the surface to break away from the aircraft and cause a crash There are many reasons for this, but the most common are excessive hinge gap or excessive "slop" in the pushrod connections and control horns If you ever hear a low-pitched buzzing sound, reduce throttle and land immediately
move back and forth very rapidly; "the candle flickered"
Rapid oscillation of a wing or control surface Usually appears only at high speed and is often caused by excessive gaps between wing and control surface, or by inadequately stiff control rods, or in the case of a wing insufficiently stiff structure
A rapid heart beat
Rapid changes in the speed of a phono turntable or tape transport that can cause a wavering of the musical pitch
Of a winged animal: to flap the wings without flying; to fly with a light flapping of the wings
The airship which belongs to the Casket family
A self-induced oscillating motion of improperly designed rotor blades
Modulation in the 10-12 Hz range
a disorderly outburst or tumult; "they were amazed by the furious disturbance they had caused"
1) High-frequency variations in pitch of a recorded waveform due to fast speed variations in a recorder or playback machine 2) Originally, and more formally, any variations (fast or slow) in pitch of a recorded tone due to speed fluctuations in a recorder or playback unit
the act of moving back and forth
In sound, rapid period variation of frequency caused by unsteadiness of the film or tape drive
A very weak specimen of a fop, in the Belle's Stratagem, by Mrs Cowley
To drive in disorder; to throw into confusion
wink briefly; "bat one's eyelids"
An aeroelastic self-excited vibration in which the external source of energy is the airstream and which depends on the elastic, inertial and dissipative forces of the system in addition to the aerodynamic forces
High-frequency variations in pitch of a recorded waveform due to fast speed variations in a recorder or playback machine Or: Originally, and more formally, any variations (fast or slow) in pitch of a recorded tone due to speed fluctuations in a recorder or playback unit
{i} flapping or fluttering movement; agitated state, nervousness, excitedness; commotion; abnormally fast heartbeat; rapid change in pitch
abnormally rapid beating of the auricles of the heart (especially in a regular rhythm); can result in heart block
A rapid, periodic variation, in tape speed caused by uneven tension between the tape reels
To flap or wave quickly but irregularly; as, flags fluttering in the wind
The rapid, ineffective contractions of any heart chamber A flutter is considered to be more coordinated than fibrillation
beat rapidly; "His heart palpitated"
To cause something to flutter
ineffective contractions of the heart muscles
move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart
to flutter