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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
Having a pungent smell
Present participle of stink
Very bad and undesirable

Despite leading the way for years, the new model is really stinking.

very bad; "a lousy play"; "it's a stinking world"
offensively malodorous; "a putrid smell"
1. You use stinking to describe something that is unpleasant or bad. I had a stinking cold. see also stink
{s} giving off a foul odor, having an unpleasant smell, fetid; lousy, bad
from Stink, v
stinking on ice
Present participle of stink on ice
stinking fish
a worthless or rotten thing
stinking ash
An eastern North American deciduous ornamental tree or shrub (Ptelea trifoliata) having trifoliolate leaves and oblong to heart-shaped samara with reticulate wings. Also called water ash
stinking cedar
rare small evergreen of northern Florida; its glossy green leaves have an unpleasant fetid smell when crushed
stinking drunk
completely drunk, totally intoxicated
stinking goosefoot
European goosefoot with strong-scented foliage; adventive in eastern North America
stinking hellebore
digitate-leaved hellebore with an offensive odor and irritant qualities when taken internally
stinking iris
iris with purple flowers and evil-smelling leaves; southern and western Europe and North Africa
A failure or unfortunate event

The concert was stink.

To be greatly inferior; to perform badly

That movie stinks. I didn't even stay for the end.

To have a strong bad smell
To give an impression of dishonesty or untruth

Something stinks about the politician's excuses.

A complaint or objection

If you don't make a stink about the problem, nothing will be done.

A strong bad smell
{v} to emit an offensive smell
{n} a nasty or offensive smell
{a} with a stink, nastily, offensively
cry stinking fish
disparage one's own efforts, products
no man cries stinking fish
no man can praise himself or state an opinion about his own actions
{i} foul odor, stench, reek
To stink means to smell extremely unpleasant. Get away from me -- your breath stinks The place stinks of fried onions The pond stank like a sewer. Stink is also a noun. He was aware of the stink of stale beer on his breath + stinking stink·ing They were locked up in a stinking cell
be extremely bad in quality or in one's performance; "This term paper stinks!
To emit a strong, offensive smell; to send out a disgusting odor
smell badly and offensively; "The building reeks of smoke"
be extremely bad in quality or in one's performance; "This term paper stinks!"
a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant
A strong, offensive smell; a disgusting odor; a stench
If someone makes a stink about something they are angry about, they show their anger in order to make people take notice. The tabloid press kicked up a stink about his seven-day visit. = fuss
To cause to stink; to affect by a stink
disapproval If you say that something stinks, you mean that you disapprove of it because it involves ideas, feelings, or practices that you do not like. I think their methods stink The whole thing stinks of political corruption
{f} give off a strong foul odor, reek; be offensive, be abhorrent; be of very low quality, be inferior (Slang)
In a stinking manner; with an offensive smell