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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} taş tahta
kayağantaş levhası
(Sinema) çekim tahtası
arduvaz levhası
geçmişteki hatalar
bir işe seçmek
kara kayağan
koyu maviye çalar kurşun rengi
yaz boz tahtası
aday listesi
{f} önermek (aday)
arduvaz kaplamak
x suçla/seç/arduvaz kapla
{i} yazı tahtası
kayağantaşından yapılmış
{f} belirlemek
tenkit etmek
{f} kararlaştırmak
{f} cezalandırmak
{i} film çekim tahtası
{f} şiddetle eleştirmek
{f} azarlamak
{i} (seçim için) aday listesi
{i} yazı taşı
barut rengi
{f} kınamak
slate pencil
taş kalem
slate roof
taş tahtalı çatı, kayagantas kaplı çatı
slate blue
barut mavisi
slate blue
kurşun mavisi
slate club
tasarruf derneği
slate gray
barut rengi
slate gray
kurşun mavisi
slate grey
barut rengi
slate grey
kurşun mavisi
slate pencil
levha kalemi
clean the slate
geçmişe sünger çekmek
crude slate
ham petrol
argillaceous slate
killi şist
clay slate
killi şist
roofing slate
çatı arduvazı
scrub the slate clean
geçmişe sünger çekmek
arduvaz çatı kaplaması
start with a clean slate
sil baştan yapmak
blank slate
boş barut
clay schist slate
kıllı şist
clay slate
kıllı şist
roofing slate
çatı arduvazi
wipe the slate clean
(deyim) 1. Yanlışları düzeltip yeniden başlamak.2. Geçmişteki kötülükleri unutmak, geçmişe sünger çekmek
clay slate
(İnşaat) pişmiş toprak karo
clean the slate
maziyi unutmak
diamond slate
(İnşaat) baklava karo
have a clean slate
mazisi temiz olmak
{i} azar
{i} eleştiri
{i} ağır eleştiri
{i} sert eleştiri
spotted slate
(Jeoloji) benekli sleyt
wipe the slate clean
(deyim) yanlislari duzeltip yeniden baslamak,gecmisteki kotulukleri unutmak
wipe the slate clean
geçmişe sünger çekmek
İngilizce - İngilizce
To destine or strongly expect

The next version of our software is slated to be the best release ever.

A list of affiliated candidates for an election

Roy Disney led the alternative slate of directors for the stockholder vote.

To criticise harshly

The play was slated by the critics.

Having the bluish-grey/gray colour/color of slate
To punish severely

The boy was slated by his own mom for disobeying her.

A record of money owed

Put it on my slate – I’ll pay you next week.

To schedule

The election was slated for November 2nd.

A fine-grained homogeneous sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash which has been metamorphosed so that it cleaves easily into thin layers
A sheet of slate for writing on with chalk
To cover with slate

The old church ledgers show that the roof was slated in 1775.

The bluish-grey colour of most slate

slate colour:.

A tile made of slate
{v} to cover with slates
{n} a grey stone
n 1 A blue-black or blue-grey, impervious, metamorphic rock that readily splits into thin, smooth-surfaced layers 2 a A piece of this material split for use as roofing material or a writing surface b A writing tablet made of any material similar to slate 3 A record of past performance or activity
A naturally laminated rock that is often used in regular and irregular shapes embedded in cement or mortar to create a hard surface, pattern floor
thin layers of rock used for roofing
A slate is one of the small flat pieces of slate that are used for covering roofs
A prepared piece of such stone
enter on a list or slate for an election; "He was slated for borough president"
shale or other fine-grained rock metamorphosed at low temperatures and shearing pressures Mineral grains re-grow in the solid in parallel fashion so that the resulting slate breaks along flat, smooth, usually reflective surfaces
To set a dog upon; to bait; to slat
{f} cover with slate (of a roof, etc.); nominate a candidate for office; propose or list for candidacy; schedule, plan; harshly criticize, denounce, abuse
A thin plate of any material; a flake
Any rock or stone having a slaty structure
Information recorded on film identifying important details of a shot For professional productions, this includes the film's title, the director, the cinematographer, and the number of the shot and take For our exposure roll, the slate should include identification of the shot attempted and the f-stop
An argillaceous rock which readily splits into thin plates; argillite; argillaceous schist
A soft stone used for patios, paths and shingles
(formerly) a writing tablet made of slate a list of candidates nominated by a political party to run for election to public offices a fine-grained metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers thin layers of rock used for roofing designate or schedule; "He slated his talk for 9 AM"; "She was slated to be his successor"
a fine-grained metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers
A very hard rock that can be easy split in soft, smooth, and fragile pieces More info -
- A naturally laminated rock that is often used in regular and irregular shapes, and is embedded in cement or mortar to create a hard-surface, patterned floor
A slate is a list of candidates for an election, usually from the same party. The leadership want to present a single slate of candidates to be approved in an open vote. = list
A compact, fine-grained metamorphic rock that splits into slabs and thin plates; generally formed from shale
To register (as on a slate and subject to revision), for an appointment
A metamorphic rock that results from the metamorphism of shale
A dark-colored tablet, usually made from slate, which could be written on, erased, and reused
{i} fine grained rock that is easily split into thin layers; writing surface made of slate; shingle made of slate or a similar material; list of candidates; greyish blue color
Natural stone flooring which resists staining and hold heat well
If you wipe the slate clean, you decide to forget previous mistakes, failures, or debts and to start again. Why not wipe the slate clean and start all over again?. Fine-grained, clayey metamorphic rock that splits readily into thin slabs that have great tensile strength and durability. Some other rocks that occur in thin beds are improperly called slate because they can be used for roofing and similar purposes. True slates generally split not along the bedding plane but along planes of cleavage that may intersect the bedding plane at high angles. Slates may be black, blue, purple, red, green, or gray. Slate may be marketed either as dimension slate, used mainly for electrical panels, laboratory tabletops, roofing, and flooring, or as crushed slate, used on composition roofing, in aggregates, and as a filler
designate or schedule; "He slated his talk for 9 AM"; "She was slated to be his successor"
(Film) See Clapper board
Metamorphosed mudstone that has been compressed The rock splits easily into sheets Cut into small pieces, they are often used as paving or rooff tiles
The black-and-white board which is struck together at the beginning of every take It is used to provide a visible and audible sync point as well as providing a visual record of the set-up and take numbers of the take Also called a "clapper "
(formerly) a writing tablet made of slate
If you start with a clean slate, you do not take account of previous mistakes or failures and make a fresh start. The proposal is to pay everything you owe, so that you can start with a clean slate
If something is slated to happen, it is planned to happen at a particular time or on a particular occasion. Bromfield was slated to become U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Controversial energy measures are slated for Senate debate within days
On the film at the beginning of each shot, the slate has the clap sticks and the scene number, take and production name usually written on it The person operating the slate will say "mark" and clap the sticks for picture and sound sync purposes
A thin, flat piece, for roofing or covering houses, etc
A fine-grained metamorphic rock that splits into thin, smooth-surfaced layers used in steep slope roofing applications
a list of candidates nominated by a political party to run for election to public offices
cover with slate; "slate the roof"
A dense fine-grained metamorphic rock produced by heat and pressure action on shales so as to develop a characteristic cleavage
A fine-grained, foliated metamorphic rock that develops from shale and tends to break into thin, flat sheets
enter on a list or slate for an election; "He was slated for borough president
A naturally laminated rock that is often used in regular and irregular shapes embedded in cement or mortar to create a hard-surface, pattern floor
The digital board that is held in front of the camera and identifies shot number, director, cameraperson, studio and title The data was originally written with chalk on a piece of slate This footage is used in the laboratory and editing room to identify the shot
An artificial material, resembling slate, and used for the above purposes
If something is slated, it is criticized very severely. Arnold Schwarzenegger's new restaurant has been slated by a top food critic
When a clay is metamorphosed by both heat and pressure the clay minerals become unstable and recrystallise to form stronger, but still platy minerals such as mica These crystals grow at right angles to the direction of the pressure, and therefore allow the rock to split easily in this direction The resultant slate is harder than the original clay and can thus be split into thin yet strong pieces
A small chalkboard and clapper device, often electronic, used to mark and identify shots on film for editing; also the process of verbal identification by a performer in a taped audition (e g , "Slate your name!")
To cover with slate, or with a substance resembling slate; as, to slate a roof; to slate a globe
Slate is a dark grey rock that can be easily split into thin layers. Slate is often used for covering roofs. a stone-built cottage, with a traditional slate roof
See 2d Slat, 3
Natural flooring that resists stain and hold heat well
A fine grained metamorphic rock formed from clays and shales The alignment of platy minerals during metamorphism enables the rock to be split easily along planar surfaces not necessarily parallel to bedding within the original sediment
A tablet for writing upon
A list of candidates, prepared for nomination or for election; a list of candidates, or a programme of action, devised beforehand
A fine grained metamorphic rock with well developed bedding planes derived from the slight recystrallization of shale
slate black
of a purplish black colour
slate black
a purplish black colour

slate black colour:.

slate blue
Of a dark, bluish-grey colour
slate blue
A dark, bluish-grey colour

slate blue colour:.

slate club
a group of people who save money in a common fund for a specific purpose (usually distributed at Christmas)
slate pencil
a pencil of soft slate (or soapstone) used for writing on a slate
slate roof
a roof covered with slate
of the color of slate or granite; "the slaty sky of dawn
clean slate
a slate on which the courses steered by a ship (and distances run) were recorded, but have been wiped clean after being entered in the log at the end of a watch
clean slate
a fresh start
Simple past tense and past participle of slate
wipe the slate clean
To make a fresh start, for example by forgetting about previous differences and disagreements
wipe the slate clean
(deyim) Clean forgive or cancel a record of past offences, debts, etc.; (allow to) make a fresh start
Knesset slate
list of candidates who are running for a seat in the Knesset
blank slate
Something that has yet to be marked, determined, or developed: "Neurobiologists have been arguing for decades over whether embryonic neurons are blank slates or prefabricated units destined for a particular fate" (Natalie Angier)
clean slate
new beginning, record which is free of markings
has a slate loose
not quite normal, little bit crazy
past of slate
plural of slate
third-person singular of slate
{i} act of covering with slate (as of a roof); roofing materials, slates; scolding, reprimand
Slates, collectively; also, material for slating
the act of laying slates for a roof a severely critical attack; "the reviewers gave his book a sound slating
The act of covering with slate, slates, or a substance resembling slate; the work of a slater
present participle of slate
wipe off the slate
{f} cancel, void, revoke; settle a bill, pay off an account