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İngilizce - Türkçe
tabanı yağlamak
{i} tabanları yağlama
{i} apar topar kaçma
{i} sıvışma
f., k.dili. koşup gitmek, tüyüp gitmek
kaçış tüy
{i} tüyme

Tüymem lâzım; yoksa geç kalacağım. - I've got to skedaddle or I'll be late.

{f} tabanları yağlamak
İngilizce - İngilizce
To move or run away quickly

The sheep skedaddled as soon as the shepherd’s dog came near.

run away, as if in a panic
{i} escape, flight, quick retreat (Informal)
{f} escape, flee, run away, retreat quickly (Informal)
To run away, to be scattered in rout The Scotch apply the word to the milk spilt over the pail in carrying it During the late American war, the New York papers said the Southern forces were “skedaddled” by the Federals (Saxon, scedan, to pour out; Chaldee, scheda; Greek, skeda'o, to seatter )
to leave a place quickly, especially because you do not want to be caught - used humorously
Function: Verb Run, scatter
To betake one's self to flight, as if in a panic; to flee; to run away
past of skedaddle
third-person singular of skedaddle
present participle of skedaddle