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İngilizce - İngilizce
With knowledge of; party to; let in on

He was privy to the discussions.

Secret, hidden, concealed

Nonetheless, in the dark and privy stillness of our minds there are few of us who are not still haunted by worrisome doubts.

Private, exclusive; that is one's own

The king retreated to his privy chamber.

an outdoor toilet; latrine; earth closet; john; johnny house
participating with another or others in the knowledge of a secret transaction
{n} a necessary house
{a} admitted to secrets, conscious, private
a room equipped with toilet facilities
hidden from general view or use; "a privy place to rest and think"; "a secluded romantic spot"; "a secret garden"
The term, in its proper sense, is distinguished from party
A partaker; a person having an interest in any action or thing; one who has an interest in an estate created by another; a person having an interest derived from a contract or conveyance to which he is not himself a party
If you are privy to something secret, you have been allowed to know about it. Only three people, including a policeman, will be privy to the facts. privies a toilet, especially one outside a house in a small separate building
Admitted to knowledge of a secret transaction; secretly cognizant; privately knowing
Secret; clandestine
{s} confidential, secret; clandestine, covert; sharing a secret; private, intended only for a particular individual
a toilet
a small outbuilding with a bench having holes through which a user can defecate
A building or room set apart with a container for body waste products
A biological composting facility used for the disposal of human excreta
Of or pertaining to some person exclusively; assigned to private uses; not public; private; as, the privy purse
A necessary house or place; a backhouse
A mark, similar to a mintmark, placed in the design of a coin to identify the maker or to indicate a special purpose for the release of the item
private; secret; exclusive
- a hidden / secret place
A pit toilet or trench used for the disposal of human waste
{i} lavatory, crude outdoor toilet, outhouse; (Law) person who has an interest or participates in something that involves a third party
hidden from general view or use; "a privy place to rest and think"; "a secluded romantic spot"; "a secret garden
Appropriated to retirement; private; not open to the public
(followed by `to') informed about something secret or not generally known; "privy to the details of the conspiracy"
Privy Purse
The amount of money the monarch may use for private or personal expenses
Privy Purse
A member of the office which deals with the monarch's finances
privy council
A body of advisers to a sovereign functioning much as a cabinet
privy council
The British Privy Council
privy councils
plural form of privy council
privy seal
The personal seal of a monarch, especially a British monarch
Privy Council
In Britain, the Privy Council is a group of people who are appointed to advise the king or queen on political affairs. a group of important people in Britain who advise the king or queen on political affairs Councillor. Historically, the British sovereign's private council. Once powerful, the Privy Council has long ceased to be an active body, having lost most of its judicial and political functions since the middle of the 17th century. It grew out of the medieval curia (curia regis), which comprised the king's tenants in chief, household officials, and other advisers. The curia performed all the functions of government in either small groups, which became the king's council, or large groups, which grew into the great council and Parliament. It now is chiefly concerned with issuing royal charters, conducting government research, and serving as an appeals body for ecclesiastical and other lesser courts. See also prerogative court
Privy Seal
Lord Privy Seal, the
privy council
council of the King; private council
privy council
an advisory council to a ruler (especially to the British crown)
privy parts
private parts, genitals, sex organs
privy purse
Privy Purse the privy purse money given by the British government to the king or queen for their personal use
privy purse
allowance for a monarch's personal expenses
privy seal
privacy seal, privacy stamp
privy seal guard
guard responsible for guarding the government seal
privy to
{s} sharing in the information of something which is secret or private
(followed by `to') informed about something secret or not generally known; "privy to the details of the conspiracy
{a} secretly, privately, clandestinely
A privy
A privy
A privy
A privy
Lord Privy Seal
an important member of the British cabinet who is not responsible for a particular government department
Lord Privy Seal
appointee to a ceremonial post guarding the national seal
lord privy seal
the senior cabinet minister in the British Cabinet who has no official duties
plural of privy
In a private manner; privately
secretly, covertly, clandestinely, surreptitiously
confidentially or in secret; "told her friend privily that she was planning to be married
In a privy manner; privately; secretly