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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} evde beslenen hayvan
{i} ev hayvanı
{i} evcil hayvan

Hiç evcil hayvanın var mı? - Do you have any pets?

ABD hükümeti İngiltereye her zaman Amerika'nın evcil hayvanı olarak bakmıştır. - The American government has always regarded England as America's house pet.

{i} gözde

O, bir öğretmenin gözdesi. - She is a teacher's pet.

O, öğretmenin gözdesidir. - He is the teacher's pet.

{s} evcil

ABD hükümeti İngiltereye her zaman Amerika'nın evcil hayvanı olarak bakmıştır. - The American government has always regarded England as America's house pet.

Bir evcil hayvan olarak o bir papağan besler. - She keeps a parrot as a pet.

{i} gözde: teacher's pet öğretmenin gözdesi
{i} sinir
{f} okşamak

Tom köpeğini okşamak için elini aşağıya uzattı. - Tom reached down to pet his dog.

Tom köpeğini okşamak için eğildi. - Tom bent down to pet his dog.

{f} okşa

Tom köpeğini okşamak için eğildi. - Tom bent down to pet his dog.

Benim kedim onu okşadığımda zevkten mırlar. - My cat purrs with pleasure when I pet it.

in a pet kızgın
{i} sevgili

Sen öğretmenin sevgilisisin. - You're the teacher's pet.

en çok sevilen
{s} kıymetli
{i} öfke
{f} şımartmak
{f} el üstünde tutmak
pet store
Evcil hayvan satan işyeri
pet aversion
en çok nefret edilen
pet cemetery
hayvan mezarlığı
pet hate
en çok nefret edilen
pet peeve
gıcık olunan bir durum

missing meetings is my pet peeve - toplantılara gelinmemesi (kaçırılması) gıcık olduğum bir durumdur.

pet cock
boşaltma musluğu
pet food
hayvan yemeği
pet shop
evcil hayvan dükkanı

Bir tasma almak istiyorsan bir evcil hayvan dükkanına fit. - If you want to buy a leash, go to a pet shop.

pet bottle
Pet şişe
pet coke
pet kola
pet hate
En çok nefret edilen şey veya kimse
pet hates
pet nefret
pet lover
Evcil hayvan seven kişi
pet project
pet proje
pet scan
tarama pet
pet sitter
hayvan bakıcısı
pet sitting
oturma evcil hayvan
pet society
Evcil hayvan toplumu
pet aversion/hate
en çok nefret edilen şey/kimse
pet blowing
(Ticaret) pet dolum
pet cock
hava boşaltma musluğu
pet cock
pet dog
ev köpeği
pet dog
evcil köpek
pet name
sevilen kimseye takılan ad
pet peeve
başlıca şikâyet konusu
pet shelter
evcil hayvan barınağı
pet shop
evcil hayvanlar ve ihtiyaçlarının satıldığı dükkân
pet sitter
evcil hayvan bakıcısı
pet sitting
evcil hayvan bakıcılığı
pet travel scheme
(Tarım) ev hayvanları seyahat planı
{f} okşa

Onların köpeğini okşamıyorum. - I'm not petting their dog.

{i} okşama
ilişkiye girmeden sevişme
lost pet/item
(Bilgisayar) kayıp evcil hayvan/eşya
evcil hayvanlar
a pet
bir evcil hayvan
a pet form of ann and annie
ann ve annie bir pet formu
be in a pet
olmak a evde beslenen hayvan
name of first pet
ilk evcil hayvanının ismi
take a pet at
bir evcil hayvan almak
teacher's pet
Öğretmenin gözde öğrencisi
teacher's pet
öğretmenin pet
teachers pet
Öğretmenler pet
everyone has his pet vice
(deyim) kul kusursuz olmaz
favorite pet's name
evcil hayvanınızın adı
favorite pet's name?
en sevdiğiniz hayvanın ismi?
in a pet
in a pet
sinirli, öfkeli
one's pet aversion
en sevmediği şey
Türkçe - Türkçe
Naylondan yapılmış içecek kabı
pet şişe
Naylondan yapılmış içecek kabı
İngilizce - İngilizce
Polyethylene terephthalate
Positron emission tomography
To stroke or fondle (another person) amorously
A fit of petulance, a sulk, arising from the impression that one has been offended or slighted

There was something ludicrous, even more, unbecoming a gentleman, in leaving a friend's house in a pet, with the host's reproaches sounding in his ears, to be matched only by the bitterness of the guest's sneering retorts.

Of two or more people, to stroke and fondle one another amorously
Abbreviation of petition
An animal kept as a companion
One who is excessively loyal to their superior
To stroke or fondle (an animal)
A term of endearment usually applied to women and children
{n} a slight passion or anger, whim, eade lamb
technique for creating detailed images of bodily tissues by injecting positron-laden material into the body and recording the gamma rays emitted over a period of approximately two hours (Medicine)
Any person or animal especially cherished and indulged; a fondling; a darling; often, a favorite child
Polyethylene Terephthalate thermoplastic (2 liter soda bottles for example) Plastification: In the context of TWINTEX® 75% superconcentrate pellets, plastification is the process of gently but thoroughly melt mixing these pellets with polypropylene pellets to make uniform "thermoplastic bulk molding compound" Fiber length retention is critical PP: Polypropylene thermoplastic Pulextrusion: A process of pulling unidirectional glass fiber roving and other glass fiber forms through a heated die to form a profile, and extrusion coating this profile with additional thermoplastic material
Pupil Evaluation Team (DOE), the team responsible for developing the special education service plan for children age 5 to 20
a special loved one
{i} animal kept for amusement; domesticated animal that lives inside a home
A pet is an animal that you keep in your home to give you company and pleasure. It is plainly cruel to keep turtles as pets. a bachelor living alone in a flat with his pet dog
Positron Emission Tomography A special type of X-ray using a radioactive dye which shows areas of the brain that have a higher or lower metabolism than normal It can sometimes be used when an MRI scan alone is inconclusive
A cade lamb; a lamb brought up by hand
Positron Emission Tomography MORE
{f} pat on the head or cheek, stroke; kiss, embrace, cuddle; fondle, caress (Slang)
Someone's pet theory, project, or subject is one that they particularly support or like. He would not stand by and let his pet project be killed off
Polyethylene terephthelate
Planning, Evaluation and Tracking system
Polyethylene terephthalate; Manufactured as a film for graphic overlays, labels See also: MYLAR®
To be a pet
stroke or caress in an erotic manner, as during lovemaking
a domesticated animal kept for companionship or amusement
(Polyethylene Terephthalate) Known as thermoplastic polyester PET has the unusual ability to exist in either an amorphous or highly crystalline state The crystalline state is necessary for extruding the material The amorphous state permits it to be oriented
A slight fit of peevishness or fretfulness
– is an imaging technique that provides a picture of brain activity by measuring levels of injected glucose sugar "labeled" with a radioactive marker
using a computerized radiographic technique to examine the metabolic activity in various tissues (especially in the brain)
Polyethylene Terephthalate (also called PETE)
Positron Emission Tomography is an imaging technique which uses a computer technique to record radiation and construct an image
Petted; indulged; admired; cherished; as, a pet child; a pet lamb; a pet theory
If you pet a person or animal, you touch them in an affectionate way. The policeman reached down and petted the wolfhound. positron emission tomography. Peter. To be sulky and peevish. petted petting to touch and move your hand gently over someone, especially an animal or a child stroke. Any animal kept by humans for companionship or pleasure rather than for utility. The main distinction between pets and domesticated livestock is the degree of contact between owner and animal. Another distinction is the owner's affection for the animal, which is often returned. Dogs are known to have been kept as pets since prehistoric times; cats, since the 16th century BC; and horses, since at least 2000 BC. Other common pets include birds, rabbits, rodents, raccoons, reptiles, amphibians, and even insects. The trend toward making pets of exotic animals (e.g., monkeys and ocelots) is worrisome because owners can rarely provide for their needs, and the animals' already precarious populations are further depleted when members are sold for pets
See: Polyethylene terephthalate
preferred above all others and treated with partiality; "the favored child"
stroke or caress gently; "pet the lamb"
Poly(ethylene terephthalate), a linear polyester
Polyethylene Terephthalate, PET is a thermoplastic polyester It is not a polyethylene or polyolefin
Polyethylene Terephthalate, a type of polyester and a leading recyclable plastic material
a fit of petulance or sulkiness (especially at what is felt to be a slight)
a domesticated animal kept for companionship or amusement a fit of petulance or sulkiness (especially at what is felt to be a slight) stroke or caress in an erotic manner, as during lovemaking stroke or caress gently; "pet the lamb
{s} treated as a pet, treated as a beloved animal; cherished, beloved; favorite; expressing affection
A brain imaging technique that maps active brain areas via an injection of 2-deoxyglucose, which emits positrons when taken up by actively metabolizing cells
In this context, an abbreviation for the peritoneal equilibration test (The abbreviation PET in PET scan is short for positron emission tomography )
polyethylene terephthalate, the most common form of polyester
Polyethylene terephthalate; Manufactured as a film for graphic overlays, labels
To treat as a pet; to fondle; to indulge; as, she was petted and spoiled
PET is a parameter editing tool which can be run on a console It is an engineering level parameter page program with some plotting capabilities It has been designed to talk to ADO's The pages can be configured by ASCII files Some useful documentation includes: PET file format
An abbreviation used for the epistles of Peter, books of the New Testament in the Bible
pET plasmid
any of a family of vectors for protein expression where the expression of the insert DNA is controlled by the T7 promoter, a phage promoter
pet door
An opening in a door for pets to come in and out of the house without requiring a human to open the door
pet doors
plural form of pet door
pet hate
Something that is personally annoying; a personal dislike
pet insurance
Health insurance for a pet

A piece of my dog's plastic chew toy broke off and he swallowed it, requiring surgery to remove it. The procedure was very expensive, fortunately I had pet insurance.

pet name
A nickname, especially a name used by those in love with one another

My boyfriend won't let me call him by his pet name, Pookie, in public.

pet names
plural form of pet name
pet peeve
Something that is personally annoying; a personal dislike

I don’t have pet peeves; I have major, psychotic hatreds.

pet project
A project, activity or goal pursued as a personal favorite, rather than because it is generally accepted as necessary or important

Don't bother him about his pet project. You'll never tear him away from it.

pet projects
plural form of pet project
pet shop
A shop where domestic animals and domestic animal products are on sale
pet shops
plural form of pet shop
pet peeve
Something about which one frequently complains; a particular personal vexation
pet hate
Something or someone one hates most
PET scan
A cross-sectional image produced by a PET scanner. positron emission tomography scan a type of medical test that can produce a picture of areas in your body where cells are very active, for example the brain or where a tumour is growing
PET scanner
A device that produces cross-sectional x-rays of metabolic processes by means of positron emission tomography
PET scanning
The act or process of using a PET scanner
pet dog
small domesticated dog
pet food
food that is fed to domesticated animals
pet food
food prepared for animal pets
pet name
name that expresses affection
pet name
A pet name is a special name that you use for a close friend or a member of your family instead of using their real name. a special name you call someone who you like very much
pet name
a name of endearment (especially one using a diminutive suffix); "`Billy' is a hypocorism for `William'
pet peeve
an opportunity for complaint that is seldom missed; "grammatical mistakes are his pet peeve"
pet peeve
an opportunity for complaint that is seldom missed; "grammatical mistakes are his pet peeve
pet shop
a shop where pet animals can be purchased
pet shop
shop where pet animals are sold
pet sitter
someone left in charge of pets while their owners are away from home
pet sitting
the work of a pet sitter; caring for pets in their own home while their owners are away from home
pet sitting
The service of providing care for people's pets
1 Pet.
An abbreviation used for 1 Peter, the first epistle of Peter, a book of the New Testament in the Bible
2 Pet.
An abbreviation used for 2 Peter, the second epistle of Peter, a book of the New Testament in the Bible
One who pets

I was always a petter of my horses, teaching them to do some minor tricks.

The act of stroking or fondling an animal
teacher's pet
A student who is perceived to be favored by the teacher

As a strong and conscientious student, he was often labelled as teacher's pet in school.

be in the pet
be in a bad mood
Any domesticated animal not raised as stock
Small, furry creatures which follow kids home so Mom will have someone else to clean up after
Prior to Expiration of Term of Service
third-person singular of pet
plural of pet
past of pet
{i} one who pets, one who strokes, one who caresses
a lover who gently fondles and caresses the loved one; "they are heavy petters
a lover who gently fondles and caresses the loved one; "they are heavy petters"
present participle of pet
The act of kissing, stroking, etc., a person in a sexual manner
Petting is when two people kiss and touch each other in a sexual way, but without having sexual intercourse
affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs)
A petting zoo or a petting farm is a place with animals which small children can safely stroke or play with
take the pet
be insulted, be humiliated
teacher's pet
the teacher's favorite student
teacher's pet
a child who everyone thinks is the teacher's favourite student and is therefore disliked by the other students
yard pet
{i} car that does not sell (Slang)
Türkçe - İngilizce

pet teriminin Türkçe İngilizce sözlükte anlamı

pet şişe
plastic bottle
pet dolum
(Ticaret) pet blowing
Pet şişe
pet bottle