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İngilizce - İngilizce
Energy, high spirits
To inject with energy and enthusiasm
Abbreviation for primer extension preamplification
(Personal Equity Plans)
Propulsion and Energetics Panel
Packet Exchange Protocol
Professorial Excellence Program
Protocol Extension Protocol
Energetic, bright, happy, enthusiastic
Pulmonary Embolism Prevention
Packetized Ensemble Protocol Telebit's proprietary method of increasing throughput when two of Telebit's modems connect to each other
{i} liveliness, vigor, energy
Personal Equity Plan Introduced in 1987 by the then Chancellor Nigel Lawson, over 3 million people in the UK invested in a PEP before they were replaced by ISAs in April 1999 Although you can no longer open invest in a new PEP you can still transfer your existing PEPs
Pep is liveliness and energy. Many say that, given a choice, they would opt for a holiday to put the pep back in their lives. To bring energy or liveliness to; invigorate: The good news pepped him up. pep up to make something or someone more active or interesting. physical energy
primate equilibrium platform
liveliness and energy; "this tonic is guaranteed to give you more pep"
Acronym for Pole-Equator-Pole, a PAGES sponsored inter-American paleoenvironmental research program focuses on the dynamics of transequatorial atmospheric and ocean linkages
Pre-Employment Project - Phase of the HRMS Project to develop an electronic job center on the World Wide Web This will provide on-line job applications, postings, matching jobs to applicants and policies and procedures
liveliness and energy; "this tonic is guaranteed to give you more pep
Energy and high spirits, a pep talk
Packet Ensemble Protocol This is a data modulation protocol for 9600 bps modems developed by Telebit Not all 9600 bps modems can communicate with one another at 9600 bps For example, PEP is incompatible with the CCITT V 32 standard and with U S Robotics' HST (High Speed Transfer) protocol However, most modems can "step down" to the highest protocol they have in common, which is usually at least 2400 bps
Peripheral Expansion Port
Principals’ Executive Program
  Deprecated abbreviation for peak envelope power   Either "PX" or "pX" is now preferred   See peak envelope power, power
Policy Enforcement Point - A place within the network or distributed system where the actions of the policy are executed
peak envelope power
Spanish: espíritus de energía
A shortened abbreviation of pepper, a spice
Acronym for Personal Equity Plan, a tax free investment plan Income and capital gains are tax free Since 6 April 1999, the PEP has been replaced by Individual Savings Accounts
{f} liven up, stimulate, invigorate; encourage, cheer
Personal equity plan This is a tax-free way to own shares or unit trusts Depending on the lender, you can use PEPs to repay an interest-only mortgage New PEP's and ups to existing PEP's are no longer allowed
Personal Equity Plan
The Premier Education Program is a program of discounts for high-volume purchasing of Macromedia software, upgrades, subscriptions, technical support, and training sold to colleges, universities, and K-12 school districts in the U S Each Macromedia product is given a point value The total number of points of your initial order determines the discount you receive: the greater the size of the order, the greater the discount level These programs offer the greatest discounts available for Macromedia products In addition to the discount offered for the initial purchase, the same level of discount is available for reorders during a two-year period following the initial order
Public Enquiry Point
pep squads
plural form of pep squad
pep talk
A rallying speech made to instill enthusiasm and boost confidence

It's your turn to give a pep talk to the dispirited miners.

pep up
To make stronger or more interesting

We're looking for ideas to pep up the new campaign.

pep pill
A tablet or capsule containing a stimulant drug, especially an amphetamine. a pill containing a drug that gives you more energy or makes you feel happier for a short time
pep rally
a rally (especially of students) before a game
pep rally
A pep rally at a school, college, or university is a gathering to support a football team or sports team. a meeting at a school before a sports event, when cheerleaders lead the students in encouraging their team to win
pep squad
a group of cheerleaders who perform at school sports events or pep rallies
pep talk
encouragement speech, conversation which helps raise morale and strengthens self-confidence
pep talk
a speech of exhortation attempting to instill enthusiasm and determination in a team or staff
pep talk
A pep talk is a speech which is intended to encourage someone to make more effort or feel more confident. Powell spent the day giving pep talks to the troops. A speech of exhortation, as to a team or staff, meant to instill enthusiasm or bolster morale. a short speech intended to encourage someone to work harder, win a game etc
pep up
If you try to pep something up, you try to make it more lively, more interesting, or stronger. The prime minister aired some ideas about pepping up trade in the region How about pepping up plain tiles with transfers?
{s} excited, lively, invigorated (Slang)
The Prevention Enhancement Protocols System developed by CSAP
The PEPS project (Performance Evaluation of Parallel Systems) is a European research project for evaluating parallel systems using benchmarks, modelling, characterization, and monitoring
These allow investment in a number of shares and carry various tax benefits, including the receipt of dividends without paying income tax on the income and sales free from capital gains tax on the profit