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İngilizce - Türkçe
dağınık saç
saplı tahta bezi
{f} saplı bezle sil
bezle kurulamak
saplı bezle silmek
(Saatler) sedef. mother of pearl kısaltılması
{i} paspas

Mary mutfak zeminini paspaslarken Tom halıyı temizliyordu. - Tom was vacuuming the rug while Mary was mopping the kitchen floor.

Hiç evini paspasladın mı? - Have you ever mopped your house?

(Askeri) performans ölçümü; politika muhtırası (measure of performance; memorandum of policy)
yüzünü ekşitmek
{i} surat ekşitme
karışık ve taranmamış sa
{f} paspaslamak

Dışarı çıkmıyorum çünkü odamı paspaslamak zorundayım. - I am not going out because I have to mop my room.

{i} karışık saç
{f} suratını ekşitmek
iplik veya bez parçalarından yapılmış ve sırığa bağlanmış tahta bezi
{i} yüz buruşturma
{f} yüzünü buruşturmak
{i} karışık ve taranmamış saç
{i} iplik paspas
paspas yapmak
silme bezi
mop up
(Askeri) düşmanı temizlemek
mop one's brow
alnının terini silmek
mop the floor with sb
birini mat etmek
mop up
silip süpürmek
mop up
mop of frizzy hair
kıvırcık saç paspas
mop the floor
yerlerin paspaslanması
mop the floor with sb
mat etmek
mop up womp so.
çok womp temizlemek
mop one's brow
alın terini silmek
mop one's brow
alnını silmek
mop the floor with
kolay yenmek
mop the floor with
mop the floor with
argo (bir tartışmada/oyunda) -i bozguna uğratmak
mop up
mop up
ask. düşmanı temizlemek
mop up
mop up
(Askeri) Clear an area of the enemy
mop up
(Fiili Deyim ) 1- silmek , temizlemek 2- çok çok içmek 3- sona erdirmek 4- öldürmek , temizlemek
dust mop
(Gıda) saçaklı
mop up
pitch mop
(Askeri) malahtar
to mop
paspas yapmak
Türkçe - Türkçe

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İngilizce - İngilizce
A fair where servants are hired
The young of any animal; also, a young girl; a moppet
To rub, scrub, clean or wipe with a mop, or as if with a mop

to mop one's face with a handkerchief.

A made-up face; a grimace

What mops and mowes it makes! --Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher.

An implement for washing floors, or the like, made of a piece of cloth, or a collection of thrums, or coarse yarn, fastened to a handle
A head of hair

He ran a comb through his mop and hurried out the door.

{n} an utensil to clean houses, a wry mouth
{v} to rub with a mop, to make wry mouths
A mop is a piece of equipment for washing floors. It consists of a sponge or many pieces of string attached to a long handle
memorandum of policy
{f} clean with a mop; wipe one's face of excessive sweat; clean up a mess
Full-bodied to hold a lot of fluid, it forms a controllable tip when wet and can apply large areas of color efficiently
If you mop a surface such as a floor, you clean it with a mop. There was a woman mopping the stairs
If you mop sweat from your forehead or mop your forehead, you wipe it with a piece of cloth. He mopped perspiration from his forehead The Inspector took out a handkerchief and mopped his brow. = wipe
If someone has a mop of hair, they have a lot of hair and it looks rather untidy. He was long-limbed and dark-eyed, with a mop of tight, dark curls
To make a wry mouth
A fair where servants are hired. [Prov. Eng.]
To rub or wipe with a mop, or as with a mop; as, to mop a floor; to mop one's face with a handkerchief
cleaning implement consisting of absorbent material fastened to a handle; for cleaning floors
to wash or wipe with or as if with a mop; "Mop the hallway now"; "He mopped her forehead with a towel"
In many places statute fairs are held, where servants seek to be hired Carters fasten to their hats a piece of whipcord; shepherds, a lock of wool; grooms, a piece of sponge, etc When hired they mount a cockade with streamers Some few days after the statute fair, a second, called a Mop, is held for the benefit of those not already hired This fair mops or wipes up the refuse of the statute fair, carrying away the dregs of the servants left Mop One of Queen Mab's attendants All mops and brooms Intoxicated
Maintenance Operations Protocol, a DEC protocol used for remote communications between hosts and servers
Mother of Pearl inlaid markers on the fretboard or rosette
Maintenance Operations Protocol MOP is a Digital protocol for Ethernet network traffic The protocol is used for remote communications between hosts and devices on the network Terminal servers use this protocol to download code from a host quickly and easily For networks where LAT and MOP are the dominant network services, MOP is the simplest way to boot the Server
make a sad face and thrust out one's lower lip; "mop and mow"; "The girl pouted"
Method Of Payment The means used by a customer to pay for a sale eg, cash, EFT, account
{i} rag or sponge attached to the end of a stick for cleaning the floor; rag; lock of messy hair
Maintenance Operation Protocol
The ISO 4217 currency code for the Macau Pataca
mop head
A clamp for holding the thrums or rags of a mop
mop head
The end of a mop, to which the thrums or rags are fastened
mop head
A type of haircut similar to that worn by The Beatles in the early 1960s
mop heads
plural form of mop head
mop squeezer
A queen (the playing card)
mop squeezers
plural form of mop squeezer
mop the floor with someone
To trounce or defeat thoroughly or in a humiliating manner

She moppped the floor with her opponent, defeating him 68 to 2.

mop up
To fix problems; to correct or repair

After they argued, it fell to me to talk to her and try to mop up.

mop up
To clean with a mop; especially to clean up a spill or mess

Please mop up the spilled milk.

mop water
The dirty water which is left over after one mops
mop water
Any water which is reminiscent of such dirty water

I'm not drinking that mop water!.

an application procedure in which roofing elements (insulation boards, felt plies, cap sheets, etc.) are initially placed upside down adjacent to their ultimate location; coated with adhesive or bitumen; and turned over and adhered to the substrate
mop handle
the handle of a mop
mop head
end of a mop to which rags are attached; clamp that holds the rags of a mop
mop headed
{s} having a bushy top (of trees)
mop the floor with
bring about a major defeat
mop up
If you mop up something that you think is undesirable or dangerous, you remove it or deal with it so that it is no longer a problem. The infantry divisions mopped up remaining centres of resistance
mop up
finish a task completely; "I finally got through this homework assignment"
mop up
to wash or wipe with or as if with a mop; "Mop the hallway now"; "He mopped her forehead with a towel"
mop up
cleaning up, clearing, liquidation; clean, clear up, liquidate
mop up
defeat thoroughly; "He mopped up the floor with his opponents"
mop up
If you mop up a liquid, you clean it with a cloth so that the liquid is absorbed. A waiter mopped up the mess as best he could When the washing machine spurts out water at least we can mop it up Michael mopped up quickly with his napkin
mop up
a concluding action
(of trees) having a bushy top without a leader; "mop-headed cabbage palms
The process of extinguishing remaining hot spots insuring the fire will not re-ignite or continue to spread
To make a fire safe or reduce residual smoke after the fire has been controlled by extinguishing or removing burning material along or near the control line, felling snags, or moving logs so they won't roll downhill
Once a fire is controlled, Mop-up begins This is the process of making sure all remaining hot spots within the fire's perimeter are completely out See cold-trailing
Mrs Mop
A charlady
that's the way the mop flops
That is the way things happen
dust mop
A mop, usually of soft or fluffy material, that is used dry to remove dust from floors. Also called dry mop
past of mop
the application of hot bitumen, with a roofer's hand mop or mechanical applicator, to the substrate or to the felts of a bituminous membrane
the application of hot bitumen, with a roofer’s hand mop or mechanical applicator, to the substrate or to the felts of a bituminous membrane Solid Mopping: a continuous mopping of a surface Spot Mopping: a mopping pattern in which hot bitumen is applied in roughly circular areas, leaving a grid of unmopped, perpendicular bands on the roof Sprinkle Mopping: a random mopping pattern in which heated bitumen beads are strewn onto the substrate with a brush or mop Strip Mopping: a mopping pattern in which hot bitumen is applied in parallel bands
an application of hot asphalt applied to the substrate or to the felts of a built up roof membrane with a mop or mechanical applicator
cleaning with a mop; "he gave it a good mopping"
present participle of mop
the application of hot bitumen with a mop or mechanical applicator to the substrate or to the felts of a built up roof
To apply hot asphalt or coat tar using a hand mop or mechanical applicator
{i} scrubbing, cleaning, wiping, washing
Bundles of nylon wool which are used in place of plants as a spawning medium
Million Operations Per Second
Minimum Operation and Performance Standards/Minimum Operational Performance Standards
plural of mop
(n ) one Million Operations Per Second Usually used for a general operation, either integer, floating point or otherwise See also MIPS, FLOPS
Marine Oil Pollution System (USA)
third-person singular of mop
Management operations per second
Millions of operations per second
sponge mop
a wet mop with a sponge as the absorbent