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İngilizce - İngilizce
A tree that has fallen over a river with branches extending into the water

So named because they can sweep passengers from a boat, they can also capsize a canoe, especially when paddlers lean too far away from the sweeper.

A small, tropical marine perciform fish of the family Pempheridae, typically with deeply keeled, compressed bodies and large eyes
A defender who is the last line of defence before the goalkeeper
A detector (for mines)
A fielding position along the boundary; a fielder in this position
A person who sweeps the ice ahead of the rock in play
A batsman who plays sweep shots
One who sweeps floors or chimneys
(Spor) The Sweeper or libero (Italian: free) or defensive midfielder is a more versatile type of centre back that, as the name suggests, "sweeps up" the ball if the opponent manages to breach the defensive line. Their position is rather more fluid than other defenders who mark their designated opponents. The sweeper's ability to read the game is even more vital than for a centre-back
In football, a sweeper is a player whose position is behind the main defenders but in front of the goalkeeper
The player who plays furthest back on the field (just in front of the keeper) who doesn't have any marking responsibilities and is mainly responsible for helping others out defensively when they have lost their mark
{i} one who sweeps; carpet sweeper, device with a revolving brush that removes dirt from carpets
One who, or that which, sweeps, or cleans by sweeping; a sweep; as, a carpet sweeper
A short (about 5-7 seconds) statement about announcement about what a radio station does Includes a sell line and a promo Example: "KBGA, 89 9, where we play new music first "
The defender who plays behind the last line of defenders The sweeper usually is not assigned to mark anyone but has the responsibility to pick up lose players The sweeper is also responsible to clear out (or "sweep out") though balls played behind the defense
A roving defender who plays between the fullbacks and the goaltender
A defensive back who is not required to mark anyone but instead is free to roam and take care of loose balls He or she is usually the last line of defense before the goalkeeper
A defender the roams the defensive zone between the fullbacks and the goalie
Defender who plays behind the back four with no marking assigments; the link who supports both defensive and attacking play; works in unison with his goalkeeper
little-known nocturnal fish of warm shallow seas with an oblong compressed body
a defender who roams either in front of or behind the defensive line to pick up stray passes
A free back behind the last line of defenders
an unskilled worker who collects and cleans up the excess line and dirt under machines and throughout the mill buildings
the defender that plays closest to his own goal behind the rest of the defenders; a team's last line of defense in front of the goalkeeper
an employee who sweeps (floors or streets etc )
1) A wide-breaking hook which carries a strike as though the pins were pushed with a broom; 2) a night of league bowling, previously designated, where bowling fees go toward high-scoring individuals or teams for that night
A team member who uses a broom, in advance of the stone, to sweep debris out of the way and make the ice faster
Often the last player, except for the goalkeeper, on defense His main responsibility is to prevent attacks on goal Also called a "libero"
little-known nocturnal fish of warm shallow seas with an oblong compressed body an employee who sweeps floors or streets etc
term borrowed from Association Football, so as to make football fans - who watch one-day cricket in the three days a year when there is no football so as to allow for footballers' pre-season training - feel welcome
Racing : A long wide fast turn Switchback : Technique & Terrain : Two or more consecutive turns in the opposite directions Usually 90 degrees turns found on the side of steep hill climbs
a cleaning device with revolving brushes that pick up dirt as the device is pushed over a carpet
chimney sweeper
{n} one who sweeps chimneys
A sweeper
carpet sweeper
A device used to clean rugs and floors, consisting of a metal or plastic box equipped with rotating brushes and pushed by means of a long handle. a simple machine for sweeping carpets, which does not use electricity
carpet sweeper
hand-operated rug cleaner (non-electric)
carpet sweeper
a cleaning device with revolving brushes that pick up dirt as the device is pushed over a carpet
chimney sweeper
{i} person who cleans soot and debris from inside a chimney
device that detects buried explosives
street sweeper
street cleaner, one who sweeps and washes public streets
street sweeper
a worker employed to clean streets (especially one employed by a municipal sanitation department)
plural of sweeper