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Tom uymak için elinden geleni yapıyor. - Tom is doing his best to fit in.

programına almak
-e girmek
yerine uydurmak
yerine uydur
zaman bulmak
zaman ayarlamak
fit someone/sth. in: zaman veya yer bulmak,sıkıştırmak
fit in with someone/sth.: uymak,uyum sağlamak
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fit in: sığmak
(deyim) sığmak. fit in with someone/sth. uymak,uyum sağlamak. fit someone/sth. in zaman veya yer bulmak,sıkıştırmak
(Fiili Deyim ) 1- yerine uydurmak , oturtmak 2- yerine uymak
fit in with
-e uymak
to fit in
sığacak şekilde
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Fitik asidin C6H6[OPO(OH)2]6, bir tuzu olan, fosforu tek mideliler tarafından değerlendirilemeyen organik bir bileşik
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To be physically capable of going into a space

The plug fits in the socket.

: To be confident in a social situation

The recluse did not fit in at the party.

go together; "The colors don't harmonize"; "Their ideas concorded"
If you say that someone or something fits in, you understand how they form part of a particular situation or system. He knew where I fitted in and what he had to do to get the best out of me This fits in with what you've told me
If you manage to fit a person or task in, you manage to find time to deal with them. We work long hours both outside and inside the home and we rush around trying to fit everything in I find that I just can't fit in regular domestic work
If you fit in as part of a group, you seem to belong there because you are similar to the other people in it. She was great with the children and fitted in beautifully
match, be suitable, be in accord with
fit in with
be suitable with, correspond, be compatible with
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fit in

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir

    fît în


    /ˈfət ən/ /ˈfɪt ɪn/


    [ 'fit ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English fitt; akin to Old Saxon fittea division of a poem, Old High German fizza skein.

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    fit in with

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