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English - Turkish
sağlık yağdayı
(İİ) araklamak
(İİ) kodes

Nick otobüsü yakalamak için acele etti. - Nick hurried to catch the bus.

diş, çentik, kertik
old Nick: Şeytan
işaret edilmiş yer
in the nick of time: tam zamanında
tam zamanında isabet ettirmek
{f} doğru tahmin etmek
{f} kazıklamak
old Nick Şeytan
{i} karakol
{i} gedik
{f} isabet ettirmek
{f} gafil avlamak
çentik,v.çent: n.çentik
{f} enselemek
{i} yüksek sayı atma
{f} tutuklamak
{f} dolandırmak
{f} kesmek
{f} İng., argo tutuklamak
sağlık durumu
işaret edilmiş in the nick of time tam zamanında
{f} İng., k.dili. çalmak, yürütmek
iyi etmek
kertik yapmak
iç etmek
nick of time
tam zamanında

Tom tam zamanında havaalanına vardı. - Tom got to the airport just in the nick of time.

Tom tam zamanında oraya vardı. - Tom got there just in the nick of time.

nick a wallet
cüzdan çalmak
nick nack
önemsiz şey
nick nack
küçük biblo
nick nack
ufak biblo
nick nack
ıvır zıvır
nick nack
nick nack
nick name
(Kanun) namı müstear
nick name
Sohbet alanlarındaki Irc de kullanılan takma ad
nick oneself
traş olurken yüzünü kesmek
nick oneself
kesmek (biryerini)
nick out
kesip çıkarmak
in the nick of time
tam vaktinde
in the nick of time
sıcağı sıcağına
in the nick
in the nick of time
tam zamanında
in the nick of time
zamanından az önce
old nick
in good nick
in the nick of time
ucu ucuna
in the nick of time
saniyesi saniyesine
in the nick of time
tam zamanında (Gecikmeye hiç yer olmayan durumlar için kullanılır.): Reinforcements arrived in the nick of time. Takviyeler tam zamanında
in the nick of time
son anda

Tom son anda kurtarıldı. - Tom was rescued in the nick of time.

Tom tam son anda geldi. - Tom came just in the nick of time.

old nick
the nick
İng., k.dili. hapishane, kodes, delik
English - English
A diminutive of the male given name Nicholas
diminutive form of Nickelodeon
A small cut in a surface
to hit the ball with the edge of the bat and produce a fine deflection
To arrest

The police nicked him climbing over the fence of the house he'd broken into.


The car I bought was cheap and in good nick.

A particular point or place considered as marked by a nick; the exact point or critical moment
a shortened form of "nickname"
A police station or prison

He's just been released from Shadwell nick after doing ten years for attempted murder. (prison).

To make a nick in, especially unintentionally

I nicked myself while I was shaving.

a small deflection of the ball off the edge of the bat, often going to the wicket-keeper for a catch
To steal

Someone's nicked my bike!.

{v} to cut in nicks, notch, sit, hit, trick
{n} a notch, cut, score, exact point, Nicholas
A diminutive of Nicholas
A notch cut crosswise in the shank of a type, to assist a compositor in placing it properly in the stick, and in distribution
cut a nick into cut slightly, with a razor; "The barber's knife nicked his cheek
If the police nick someone, they arrest them. The police nicked me for carrying an offensive weapon Keep quiet or we'll all get nicked
Nick is used in expressions such as `in good nick' or `in bad nick' to describe the physical condition of someone or something. His ribs were damaged, but other than that he's in good nick Tom's house is actually in better nick than mine
A small tear on the head of a saddle-stitched book that occurs during the trimming operation to top
A shot that hits the juncture of the floor and wall, and dies Also, the juncture itself
mate successfully; of livestock divide or reset the tail muscles of; "nick horses" cut a nick into cut slightly, with a razor; "The barber's knife nicked his cheek
an impression in a surface (as made by a blow)
cut slightly, with a razor; "The barber's knife nicked his cheek"
If someone "nicked your Rover," they didn't just scratch it, they took it! Brit equivalent to steal
A small tear in a fabric
The nickname, or "handle" you use to identify yourself on an IRC server You can change your nickname at any time by using the /NICK command in your IRC program
a small cut
This is the division and resetting of the muscles under the tail to give and artificially high tail carriage
A nick is a small cut made in the surface of something, usually in someone's skin. The barbed wire had left only the tiniest nick just below my right eye
mate successfully; of livestock divide or reset the tail muscles of; "nick horses"
To attack, cut, or strike someone, often used in threats It's also used to indicate inflicting other injury upon a sod, such as stealing from him, as in "I nicked him good, and got his chiv "
A broken or indented place in any edge or surface; nicks in china
A gerbil that displays the athletic prowess to clear the pit area of a goal, only to be eaten by the cat Named for the most famous gerbil to make this blunder, the legendary "Iron Nick " Nicks are not scored
An evil spirit of the waters
A notch cut into something A score for keeping an account; a reckoning
emphasis If you say that something happens in the nick of time, you are emphasizing that it happens at the last possible moment. Seems we got here just in the nick of time = just in time
score or reckoning
The nickname, or “handle” you use to identify yourself on an IRC server You can change your nickname at any time by using the /NICK command in your IRC program
To make a nick or nicks in; to notch; to keep count of or upon by nicks; as, to nick a stick, tally, etc
To mar; to deface; to make ragged, as by cutting nicks or notches in
cut a nick into
divide or reset the tail muscles of; "nick horses"
To nickname; to style
A surface or edge discontinuity in the form of a slight cut, indentation, or notch Also referred to as "Scratch" and "Gouge"
A small mark on a coin usually caused by contact with a another coin
To make a cross cut or cuts on the under side of (the tail of a horse, in order to make him carry it higher)
If you are nicked by someone, they cheat you, for example by charging you too much money. College students already are being nicked, but probably don't realize it. = rip off
mate successfully; of livestock
If someone nicks something, they steal it. He smashed a window to get in and nicked a load of silver cups = pinch
To hit at, or in, the nick; to touch rightly; to strike at the precise point or time
To suit or fit into, as by a correspondence of nicks; to tally with
My friend Mandy's husband His existence helps me perpuate the stereotype that gay men want to seduce straight men Mandy is aware of how fond I am of Nick and we joke about it
If you nick something or nick yourself, you accidentally make a small cut in the surface of the object or your skin. When I pulled out of the space, I nicked the rear bumper of the car in front of me He dropped a bottle in the kitchen and nicked himself on broken glass
A correction applied with an electronic collar set to a "momentary" setting, or a tap and immediate release of the button for those electronic collars without a "momentary" setting
{i} small cut; chip; notch; jail (British Slang); pinch, steal (British)
{f} cut slightly; chip; make a notch in; steal, pinch (British Slang); demand price; arrest (British Slang)
nick point
A point at which a river suffers a break of slope in its long profile; the current point of rejuvenation working upstream
Nick Denton
{i} founder and owner of Gawker Media
Nick Faldo
born July 18, 1957, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, Eng. British golfer. Faldo turned professional in 1976 and played the first of 11 successive Ryder Cup matches in 1977. He subsequently won three Masters (1989, 1990, 1996), three British Opens (1987, 1990, 1992), and many other international tournaments. In 1990 he became the first non-American to be named the PGA Player of the Year
Nick Nolte
(born 1941) American film actor who acted in "48 Hours" and "The Thin Red Line
nick nack
small item (often decorative), trinket
nick of time
at the last minute, with no time to spare
Old Nick
The devil; Satan
Saint Nick
Santa Claus
in the nick of time
At the last possible moment; at the last minute

He finished writing his paper and slid it under the door just in the nick of time.

a nick
{n} notch
in the nick of time
(deyim) Just in time; at the precise moment
Old Nick
The Devil; Satan. See Regional Note at Old Scratch. the Devil (Perhaps from iniquity)
Saint Nick
St. Nicholas, bishop in Asia Minor in the 4th century, patron saint of Russia, protector of children, figure associated with Santa Claus
get there in the nick of time
arrive at the critical moment, arrive just on time, arrive at the last minute
in the nick of time
at the last possible moment; "she was saved in the nick of time"
in the nick of time
at the last possible moment; "she was saved in the nick of time
in the nick of time
just in time, at just the right moment
Nuclease action to sever the sugar-phosphate backbone in one DNA strand but not the other at one specific site
Small coal produced in making the nicking
The cutting made by the hewer at the side of the face
Synchronization of the receptivity of the male sterile plant to the maximum pollen load of the pollinator for Cross pollination in hybrid seed production Said to 'nick' when two parents produce high yields of seed of a highly productive and desirable hybrid
present participle of nick
Scoring the lanquid of a pipe with very small lines; a part of voicing an organ pipe
plural of nick
third-person singular of nick
old nick
(Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions) chief spirit of evil and adversary of God; tempter of mankind; master of Hell
Turkish - English
to nick
in the nick