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Kaynak Bekleme

Sami'nin ilk duruşması çözümsüzlükle bitti. - Sami's first trial ended in a deadlock.

hareketin tamamen durması
sürgü kilit
(Bilgisayar) ölükilit
çıkmaza sokmak
sürme dilli kilit
karşılıklı kilitlenme
çözümlenemeyen anlaşma
çözümlenemeyen anlaşmazlık

Bu çıkmazdan kurtulmaya çalışmalıyız. - We must try to break the deadlock.

{f} yerinde saymak
çıkmaz iki taraflı karşı koymanın sonucu olarak her iki tarafın hareketsiz kalışı çıkmaza sokmak
{i} tıkanıklık
{f} çıkmaza girmek
{f} tıkanmak
{i} durgunluk

Durgunluk kaçınılmazdı. - The deadlock was inevitable.

sürmeli kilit
deadlock condition
Kaynak Bekleme Durumu
break the deadlock
çıkmazdan kurtarmak
come to a deadlock
come to a deadlock
çıkmaza girmek
come to a deadlock
yerinde saymak
{s} çıkmaza girmiş
(sıfat) çıkmaza girmiş
English - English
A standstill resulting from the opposition of two evenly matched forces; a stalemate or impasse
An inability to continue due to two programs or devices each requiring a response from the other before completing an operation
to cause or to come to a deadlock
A condition where two or more processes are waiting for an event or communication from one of the other processes
A lock which is not self-latching, but requires a key to throw the bolt forward
A bug where the execution of thread A is blocked indefinitely waiting for thread B to perform some action, while thread B is blocked waiting for thread A For example, two threads on opposite ends of a named pipe can become deadlocked if each thread waits to read data written by the other thread A single thread can also deadlock itself See also thread
A counteraction of things, which produces an entire stoppage; a complete obstruction of action
(n ) A situation that describes two or more processes waiting for another process to free a resource that is required to proceed Also called deadly embrace
A single bolt mortice lock which can be used to supplement a standard cylinder rim lock on the front door
{f} reach a deadlock, come to a standstill (due to a refusal by either side to give in or reach a compromise)
A condition in which one or more threads are unable to continue due to resource contention A common form of deadlock can occur when one thread sends a message to another, while the other thread sends a message to the first Both threads are now waiting for each other to reply to the message Deadlock can be avoided by good design practices or massive kludges -- we recommend the good design approach
A situation that exists when two (or more)processes each have a lock on a piece of data that the other one needs
An impasse that results when two or more transactions have locked a common resource, and each waits for the other to unlock that resource See also Locking
A lock that projects a deadbolt
a situation where the Senate fails for a second time, within a specified time-frame, to pass a bill as agreed to by the House of Representatives
{i} standstill; impasse; refusal by either side to give in, inability to compromise
A condition in which a King is not in check but has no sanctuary, and its movement would be the only legal move available
Any of a number of situations where two or more processes cannot proceed because they are both waiting for the other to release some resource FIXME(give good references)
1) Unresolved contention for the use of a resource 2) An error condition in which processing cannot continue because each of the two elements of the process is waiting for an action or a response from the other
In operating systems or databases, a situation in which two or more processes are prevented from continuing while each waits for resources to be freed by the continuation of the other
a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible; "reached an impasse on the negotiations
The term can have various meanings, but typically, a deadlock is a condition in which a task will remain forever suspended waiting for a resource that it can never acquire Consider a system comprised of a keyboard and a display, with a separate semaphore for each In order for a task to interact with the user it must acquire the "console" (keyboard and display) and therefore must acquire both the keyboard and the display semaphores If more than one task decides to interact with the user at the same time a condition can arise where taskA acquires the keyboard semaphore and taskB acquires the display semaphore Now taskA will wait forever for the display semaphore and taskB will wait forever for the keyboard semaphore The solution in this example is to treat the keyboard and display as a single resource (console) Deadlocks can occur for a variety of reasons, but the end result is typically the same: the task will wait forever for a resource that it can never acquire
The situation in which two communicating processes are each waiting for the other to perform an action
A situation in which processors of a concurrent processor are waiting on an event which will never occur A simple version of deadlock for a loosely synchronous environment arises when blocking reads and writes are not correctly matched For example, if two nodes both execute blocking writes to each other at the same time, deadlock will occur since neither write can complete until a complementary read is executed in the other node
An impasse that results when two or more transactions have locked a common resource, and each waits for the other to unlock that resource (12)
A situation in parallel computers where all activities are blocked, typically while waiting for something which is also blocked This usually signals an error in the communication code
Condition involving one or more threads and a set of one or more resources in which each of the threads is blocked waiting for one of the resources and all of the resources are held by the threads such that none of the threads can continue For example, a thread will enter a self-deadlock when it attempts to lock a "fast" mutex a second time Likewise, two threads will enter a deadlock when each attempts to lock a second mutex that is already held by the other The introduction of additional threads and synchronization objects allows for more complex deadlock configurations
a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible; "reached an impasse on the negotiations"
If a dispute or series of negotiations reaches deadlock, neither side is willing to give in at all and no agreement can be made. They called for a compromise on all sides to break the deadlock in the world trade talks
Unresolved contention for the use of a resource
A situation that arises when two threads each acquires the lock to one of a set of resources that they both need
[M206] A condition that can arise in a computer system when a set of incomplete transactions exists, with the completion of each transaction being dependent on another, or when there is a conflict between two applications that need access to the same resources, for example, the same files, printer, or other peripheral device, resulting in the applications waiting indefinitely for the resource
A condition in which two independent threads of control are blocked, each waiting for the other to take some action Deadlock often arises from adding synchronization mechanisms to avoid race conditions
(n ) A situation in which each possible activity is blocked, waiting on some other activity that is also blocked If a directed graph represents how activities depend on others, then deadlock arises if and only if there is a cycle in this graph See also dependence graph
A condition that occurs when two users with a lock on one data item attempt to lock the other's data item Most RDBMSs detect this condition, prevent its occurrence, and advise both users of the deadlock situation
deadlock in negotiations
complete standstill in talks, lack of progress in negotiations
deadlock in talks
standstill during negotiations
break the deadlock
To score the first goal or point in a competition
deadly embrace
past of deadlock
{s} stalemated, brought to a standstill, at an impasse
If a dispute or series of negotiations is deadlocked, no agreement can be reached because neither side will give in at all. You can also say that the people involved are deadlocked. The peace talks have been deadlocked over the issue of human rights since August
at a complete standstill because of opposition of two unrelenting forces or factions; "the chess game ended with white stalemated"; "the two factions are deadlocked over fringe benefits
present participle of deadlock
third-person singular of deadlock
plural of , deadlock
reached a deadlock
came to a complete standstill