listen to the pronunciation of edible
İngilizce - İngilizce
That can be eaten without harm; non-toxic to humans; suitable for consumption

edible fruit.

Anything edible
That can be eaten without disgust

Although stale, the bread was edible.

suitable to be eaten
{a} eatable, fit to be eaten, tolerable
any substance that can be used as food
{s} may be eaten
If something is edible, it is safe to eat and not poisonous. edible fungi. inedible. something that is edible can be eaten (edibilis, from edere )
Fit to be eaten as food; eatable; esculent; as, edible fishes
suitable for use as food
Something that can be eaten without harm, non-toxic to humans; suitable for consumption
{i} something that may be eaten
{s} comestible
edible dormice
plural form of edible dormouse
edible dormouse
The European dormouse, Glis glis, especially when considered as a food
edible banana
widely cultivated species of banana trees bearing compact hanging clusters of commercially important edible yellow fruit
edible cockle
common edible European cockle
edible fat
oily or greasy matter making up the bulk of fatty tissue in animals and in seeds and other plant tissue
edible food
food that may be eaten, food that is edible
edible fruit
edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
edible mussel
dark-shelled edible mussel that lives attached to rocks
edible nut
a hard-shelled seed consisting of an edible kernel or meat enclosed in a woody or leathery shell
edible oil
oil that can be ingested without harmful effects
edible sea urchin
a sea urchin that can be eaten
edible seed
many are used as seasoning
edible snail
one of the chief edible snails
edible-pod pea
a variety of pea plant producing peas having soft thick edible pods lacking the fibrous inner lining of the common pea
suitability for use as food
That cannot be eaten; not edible
{i} quality of being edible
Suitableness for being eaten; edibleness
the property of being fit to eat
Suitableness for being eaten
{i} quality of being edible
plural of edible