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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Seyahat) Hedef yer, hedef mevki, gidilecek olunan yer
{i} nereye
varış yer

Bu bizim varış yerimize ne kadar uzak? - How far is it to our destination?

Varış yerlerine ulaştılar. - They reached their destination.

gidilecek yer

Onlar gidilecek yerlerine az önce vardılar. - They just arrived at their destination.

Hava kararmadan önce gidilecek yere ulaşmak için otobüse bindim. - I took the bus in order to reach the destination before it got dark.


Senin nihai hedefin nedir? - What's your final destination?

Hedefe varır varmaz onu aradım. - As soon as I arrived at the destination, I called him.

(Bilgisayar) hedef dosya

Yolculuk varış noktasından daha önemlidir. - The journey is more important than the destination.

Varış yerlerine ulaştılar. - They reached their destination.

destination carrier
(Askeri) adreste teslim aracı
destination field
varış noktası alanı
destination port
(Askeri) varma limanı
destination port
(Askeri) varış limanı
destination file
varış dosyası
destination file
varis dosyası
destination panel
Hedef panel
destination aerodrome
(Havacılık) gidiş meydani
destination board
yön levhası
destination board frame
istikamet plakası çerçevesi
destination carrier
(Askeri) ADRESTE TESLİM ARACI: Bir yükü gideceği yere kadar götüren ve doğrudan doğruya veya aracı bir değiştirme vasıtası ile, teslim alacak olan kimseye teslim eden ticari nakil aracı
destination container
Hedef Kabı
destination database
(Bilgisayar) hedef veritabanı
destination disk
(Bilgisayar) hedef disketi yerleştirin
destination disk drive is full
(Bilgisayar) hedef disk sürücüsü dolu
destination field
varis noktasi alani, erek alani
destination inspection
(Askeri) GÖNDERİLEN YERDE MUAYENE: Sevkiyatın satınalma şartlarına uygun olup olmadığını kontrol için, malzemeyi alan tarafından, malzemenin satın alındığı noktada yapılan muayene
destination inspection
(Askeri) gönderilen yerde muayene
destination number
(Askeri) GİDECEĞİ YER NUMARASI: Belirli bir süre içinde çıkarılan denizaşırı seyahat emirlerinde, belirli bir denizaşırı yeri belirtmek için kullanılan ve baş tarafında bir takım harfler bulunan üç basamaklı rakam
destination number
(Askeri) gideceği yer numarası
destination port
(Askeri) VARMA LİMANI, SEVKİYAT LİMANI: Varma limanı, gemiyi gönderen makam tarafından tespit edilen, teslimatın yapılacağı boşaltma limanıdır
destination principle
(Kanun) varış yeri ilkesi
destination station
varma istasyonu
destination table
(Bilgisayar) hedef tablo
content destination
İçerik hedefi
choose destination
(Bilgisayar) hedef seç
(Askeri) sevkiyat limanları
intermediate destination
(Askeri) ara liman
airport of destination
varılacak havaalanı
at destination
gidilecek yerdeki
bring to a destination
hedefe yönelt
brought to a destination
hedefe yönelt
port of destination
varış limanı
port of destination
gidilecek liman
gidecek yerler
holiday destination
bring to a destination
hedefe yöneltmek
brought to a destination
hedefe yöneltilmiş
(Askeri) (MERCHANT SHIPPING) VURMA LİMANLARI, SEVKİYAT LİMANLARI (TİCARİ NAKLİYE): Bak. "final destination (merchant shipping) ", "immediate destination (merchant shipping) ", "intermediate destination (merchant shipping) " ve "terminal destination (merchant shipping)"
download destination
(Bilgisayar) yükleme hedefi
final destination
(Askeri) (MERCHANT SHIPPING) EN SON VARIŞ LİMANI (DENİZ ULAŞTIRMASI): Bir konvoy veya münferit (konvoy içinde veya bağımsız) bir geminin ulaştırma planlaması talimatı verilip verilmemesine bakılmaksızın varacağı son liman. Ayrıca bakınız: "destination (merchant shipping) "
immediate destination
(Askeri) (MERCHANT SHIPPING) İLK LİMAN, UĞRANILACAK İLK LİMAN (TİCARİ DENİZ ULAŞTIRMASI): Bir gemi veya konvoyun, daha ilerisi için ulaştırma planlaması bulunsun veya bulunmasın, uğrayacağı müteakip iskele. Bak. "destination (merchant shipping) "
intermediate destination
(Askeri) (MERCHANT SHIPPING) ARA LİMAN (TİCARİ SEVKİYAT): Ulaştırma talimatı verilmiş müstakil bir gemi veya konvoyun hareket limanı, su terminali veya demir yeri ile gönderildiği terminal limanı arasındaki liman (lar), su terminal (ler) i veya demir yeri. Bazı hallerde terim; çoğul anlamı da taşır. Bak. "destination (merchant shipping)"
invalid destination directory
(Bilgisayar) geçersiz hedef dizini
may i drop the car off at my destination
arabayı yolumun üstünde bir yere bırakabilir miyim
origin destination survey
çıkış yeri-varış yeri araştırması
original destination
(Askeri) esas varış noktası
original destination
(Askeri) (MERCHANT SHIPPING) ESAS VARIŞ NOKTASI (DENİZ TİCARET NAKLİYESİ): Bir konvoyun veya tek bir geminin (konvoy içindeki veya bağımsız) esas nihai varış noktası. Bu özellikle barış zamanında başlamış olan seferlerin esas varış noktaları için geçerlidir. Ayrıca bakınız: "destination (merchant shipping) ", "final destination", "immediate destination"
point of destination
(fiil)rış noktası
point of destination
varış yeri noktası
point of destination
varış noktası
terminal destination
(Askeri) (MERCHANT SHIPPING) TERMİNAL NOKTASI (DENİZ TİCARETİ): müstakil bir gemi veya konvoyun, adına ulaştırma planlaması yapılmış son limanı, su terminali veya demir yeri. Bu yerin son sefer limanı (final destination) olması şart değildir. Ayrıca bak "destination (merchant shıppıng) "
what is your destination
nereye gidiyorsunuz
what is your destination
(isim)reye gidiyorsunuz
İngilizce - İngilizce
The act of destining or appointing
Purpose for which anything is destined; predetermined end, object, or use; ultimate design
The place set for the end of a journey, or to which something is sent; place or point aimed at
{n} a purpose intended, design, course
{i} place where one is going, place where something is sent
The field in the SendFAX screen where you would enter the recipient's fax number
The place where the carrier actually turns over the cargo to consignee or his agent
written directions for finding some location; written on letters or packages that are to be delivered to that location
Audit and RateDesk: The destination city or airport for the segment being booked, modified or canceled
The place to which a shipment is to be delivered
The path at which a file will be installed
Français : Destination Deutsch : Ziel Final location of a TRIP See also : Origin, PLACE
The destination of someone or something is the place to which they are going or being sent. Spain is still our most popular holiday destination Only half of the emergency supplies have reached their destination. the place that someone or something is going to sb's destination
The device within a network that receives data The destination is the final consumer of a send packet, as defined by the target ID field of the packet's header; it is equivalent to the target if no switches are crossed, or to the last target if one or more switches are crossed HIPPI GigaRing
A copy group attribute that specifies the storage pool in which to back up or archive a file At installation, TSM provides two storage destinations named backuppool and archivepool
A place where you can have messages delivered StockAlerts com supports four destination types: SMS, HTML e-mail, plain text e-mail, and web
A JMS administered object that encapsulates the identity of a JMS queue or topic See point-to-point messaging system, publish/subscribe messaging system
The destination, also known as the "target" module, is a module that is being modulated by another module Select the destination by using the Dest pop-up menu Think of the Dest menu as a virtual patch cord from the modulator to the appropriate field in the destination module
the place designated as the end (as of a race or journey); "a crowd assembled at the finish"; "he was nearly exhuasted as their destination came into view"
Station where rail movement terminates
The location designated as a receipt point for goods/shipment
endpoints in your system that live outside of MeV, like the virtual MIDI port of a software synthesizer or a physical MIDI output
A copy group or management class attribute that specifies the primary storage pool to which a client file will be backed up, archived, or migrated
the ultimate goal for which something is done
Where an audio signal is going Usually it is an input to some piece of equipment
Each company has a semi-historical destination to reach This is either a city or an edge area These were selected to encourage historical track development
The last stopping point on a passenger's itinerary In the case of round trips or circle trips, the origin and destination points are the same
A copy group attribute that specifies the storage pool in which to back up or archive a file At installation, Tivoli Storage Manager provides two storage destinations named backuppool and archivepool
The first non-graphic request following the current request in a visit
For travel period trips, the destination is the farthest point of travel from the point of origin of a trip of 75 miles or more one-way
The location at which transfer actions place data
is the location within the batch system where the job is sent for processing or executing In PBS, a destination may uniquely define a single queue at a single batch server or it may map into many locations
The destination address, an internet header field
destination business
A business to which people will travel, rather than one they'll use because it happens to be where they're passing
destination charge
A fee not marked-up by the dealer that is paid by the consumer for shipping and dealer-delivery costs of an auto
destination charge
The fee charged by the manufacturer to ship the vehicle to the dealership This fee is passed on to the customer, and is included on the sticker
destination charge
The cost of transporting a vehicle to the dealership, usually paid by the customer
destination charge
The fee charged by the manufacturer to ship a boat to the dealership This fee is passed on to the customer, and is included on the sticker
destination charge
The fee charged for transporting the vehicle to the dealer from the manufacturer or port of entry This charge is to be passed on to the buyer without any markup
destination file
file on which an operation is performed
plural of destination
port of destination
port at the end of the journey