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A short high-pitched humming sound, eg that made by a bullet or vibrating string

I heard a zing close to my head and looked up again. Five or six men were lined up on the deck above me with rifles shooting at the shark.

Used to acknowledge a witty comeback, a zinger

Zing! The joke had rebounded back on the one who started it. Ouch! Mama Jane winced ruefully. We all dissolved in laughter at the good-natured repartee.

To move very quickly, especially while making a high-pitched hum

We are all a second or two older than an astronaut who has been zinging around the Earth at 18000 miles per hour, because of his or her greater speed and the lack of gravity.

Zest or vitality

To accompany a meal, the fresh Italian lager Poretti is perfect; Erdinger Weisbier, a wheat beer from Germany, is full of zing;.

a brief high-pitched buzzing or humming sound; "the zing of the passing bullet
the activeness of an energetic personality
{f} move quickly; make a sharp whistling sound
Used to acknowledge a witty comeback
a brief high-pitched buzzing or humming sound; "the zing of the passing bullet"
If you refer to the zing in someone or something, you mean the quality that makes them lively or interesting. He just lacked that extra zing There's nothing like fresh basil to put a zing into a tomato sauce. the quality of being full of energy or taste (From the sound of something moving very quickly). to move quickly, making a whistling noise = whistle zing past/off
{i} energy, excitement; something lively; sharp whistling sound
past of zing
present participle of zing
third-person singular of zing
plural of zing