to revise

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Englisch - Türkisch
revize etmek
{f} gözden geçirmek

Biyoloji testi için gözden geçirmek zorundayım. - I have to revise for a biology test.

{f} yeniden incelemek
{f} tekrarlamak (ders)
{f} (metni) gözden geçirerek
{f} tekrar düzeltme yapmak
gözden geçirip düzeltme
{i} tashih
{i} düzeltilmiş baskı
tekrarlamak değiştirmek
bir daha gözden geçirmek
gözden geçir

O sınav kağıdını dikkatle gözden geçirdi. - He revised his exam paper with attention.

Biyoloji testi için gözden geçirmek zorundayım. - I have to revise for a biology test.

{i} revizyon
yeniden gözden geçirmek
gözden geçirip düzeltmek
{f} değiştirmek (düşünce)
{i} tashih nüshası
{f} (fikrini/planını) değiştirmek: He has revised his opinion of me. Hakkımdaki fikrini değiştirdi
revizyon yapmak
düzeltme yapmak
gözden geçirme

Bize söylediğinin ışığında planımızı gözden geçirmemiz gerektiğini düşünüyorum. - In the light of what you told us, I think we should revise our plan.

Benim yaklaşımımı gözden geçirmem ve revize etmem gerekiyor. - I need to review and revise my approach.

yeniden gözden geçirme
(Hukuk) bir yazıyı gözden geçirip düzeltmek
(görüş/vb.) değiştirmek
(ders) tekrarlamak
ikinci prova
yeniden elden geçirmek
revize etmek
tekrar gözden geçirip düzeltmek
Englisch - Englisch
To look at again, to reflect on
A review or a revision
to examine for the correction of errors, or for the purpose of making changes
indicates the stages at which corrections have been incorporated from earlier proofs and new proofs submitted Eg First revise, second revise
revise or reorganize, especially for the purpose of updating and improving; "We must retool the town's economy"
A review; a revision
A rewriting of a preliminary draft
To change the original materials as previously printed
make revisions in; "revise a thesis"
Literally to "re-see"; to rewrite, perhaps making extensive changes
To look over again (something previously written or learned), especially in preparation for an examination
To review, alter and amend, especially of written material
Change something in order to make it better or more correct
{n} a proof that is reexamined, a review
{v} to reexamin, review, read again
the act of rewriting something
If you revise the way you think about something, you adjust your thoughts, usually in order to make them better or more suited to how things are. He soon came to revise his opinion of the profession. = change
If you revise a price, amount, or estimate, you change it to make it more fair, realistic, or accurate. They realised that some of their prices were higher than their competitors' and revised prices accordingly = change
A second proof sheet; a proof sheet taken after the first or a subsequent correction
{f} make changes in order to improve something; edit, correct; produce an updated or corrected version
When you revise an article, a book, a law, or a piece of music, you change it in order to improve it, make it more modern, or make it more suitable for a particular purpose. Three editors handled the work of revising the articles for publication The staff should work together to revise the school curriculum. = change
To review, alter, and amend; as, to revise statutes; to revise an agreement; to revise a dictionary
To compare (a proof) with a previous proof of the same matter, and mark again such errors as have not been corrected in the type
make revisions in; "revise a thesis
{i} act of making changes, alteration; proof sheet made to verify changes made and check for additional errors
When you revise for an examination, you read things again and make notes in order to be prepared for the examination. I have to revise for maths I'd better skip the party and stay at home to revise
To look at again for the detection of errors; to reëxamine; to review; to look over with care for correction; as, to revise a writing; to revise a translation
to revise