to gut

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Englisch - Türkisch
bağırsak veya mide

Tom'un sınavı geçmeyeceğine dair içgüdüsel bir sezgim var. - I have a gut feeling that Tom won't pass the test.

Benim içgüdüsel hissim Tom'un yarın gelmeyeceğidir. - My gut feeling is that Tom won't show up tomorrow.

(Arılık) sindirim kanalı
(Otomotiv) soymak
bağırsak tel
{f} yağmala

Sami'nin, bağırsaklarına güvenmesi gerek. - Sami should trust his gut.

içe doğan
kül etmek
bağırsaktan yapılan iplik
{i} yağma etme
(bir binanın içini/vb.) yok etmek
bağırsaklarını çıkarmak
içini temizlemek
(Sıfat) İçgüdüsel, içten, ateşli, coşkulu, önemli, ciddi
(Tıp) Barsak
özetini çıkarmak
içini tahrip etmek
yağma etmek
içini çıkarmak
hazım sistemi
içten gelen
çalgı kirişi
bağırsaklarını dışarı dökmek
dar geçit
içini tamamen tahrip etmek
Türkisch - Türkisch
Damla hastalığı
Organizmadaki ürik asidin atılmayarak vücudun bazı yerlerinde, özellikle ayak baş parmağında, topuk ve eklem yerlerinde birikmesinden ileri gelen, ağrı ve şişlerle ortaya çıkan hastalık, damla hastalığı, nikris
Organizmadaki ürik asidin atılmayarak vücudun bazı yerlerinde, özellikle ayak başparmağında, topuk ve eklem yerlerinde birikmesinden ileri gelen, ağrı ve şişlerle ortaya çıkan hastalık, damla hastalığı, nikris
Englisch - Englisch
{v} hulk
Grand unification theory
Made of gut, e.g., a violin with gut strings
The alimentary canal, especially the intestine; innards
To remove or destroy the most important parts of

Congress gutted the welfare bill.

The abdomen of a person, especially one that is enlarged

beer gut.

The intestines of an animal used to make strings of a tennis racket or violin, etc
empty completely; destroy the inside of; "Gut the building"
{n} the inward passage of food, gluttony, appetite
{v} to take out the guts, draw, plunder
empty completely; destroy the inside of; "Gut the building
Instinctive, e.g., a gut reaction
The sac of silk taken from a silkworm (when ready to spin its cocoon), for the purpose of drawing it out into a thread
The river s channel is often referred to as the "gut"
A gut feeling is based on instinct or emotion rather than reason. Let's have your gut reaction to the facts as we know them
To plunder of contents; to destroy or remove the interior or contents of; as, a mob gutted the house
To gut a building means to destroy the inside of it so that only its outside walls remain. Over the weekend, a firebomb gutted a building where 60 people lived A factory stands gutted and deserted
the best place to hit your opponent with a stone-hard *smash
You can refer to someone's stomach as their gut, especially when it is very large and sticks out. His gut sagged out over his belt. see also beer gut
{f} disembowel, eviscerate; remove the internal contents of; destroy the inside of
When someone guts a dead animal or fish, they prepare it for cooking by removing all the organs from inside it. It is not always necessary to gut the fish prior to freezing
remove the guts of; "gut the sheep"
-Slang for "Line Hose"
This, when dry, is exceedingly strong, and is used as the snood of a fish line
One of the prepared entrails of an animal, esp
To take out the bowels from; to eviscerate
An intenstine; a bowel; the whole alimentary canal; the enteron; pl
Guts is the will and courage to do something which is difficult or unpleasant, or which might have unpleasant results. The new Chancellor has the guts to push through unpopular tax increases
The alimentary canal A term used when describing fish larvae
bowels; entrails
To eviscerate
the intestines
A narrow passage of water; as, the Gut of Canso
remove the guts of; "gut the sheep" empty completely; destroy the inside of; "Gut the building
{i} intestines, alimentary canal; bowels, entrails; inner parts, contents of anything; sinew (used for violin strings, tennis rackets, etc.)
Gut is string made from part of the stomach of an animal. Traditionally, it is used to make the strings of sports rackets or musical instruments such as violins. see also gutted
Achronym for grand unified theory [F88] GUTs See grand unified theories [LB90] gyrofrequency The frequency with which an electron or other charged particle executes spiral gyrations in moving across a magnetic field [H76] gyrosynchrotron radiation Radiation emitted by mildly relativistic electrons [H76] This page is maintained by Cren Frayer Last modified: 2-Mar-99 Cren Frayer [email protected] caltech edu -->
the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus
emphasis If you say that you are working your guts out or slogging your guts out, you are emphasizing that you are working as hard as you can. Most have worked their guts out and made sacrifices. grand unified theory
emphasis If you hate someone's guts, you dislike them very much indeed. We hate each other's guts
(1) A narrow passage such as a STRAIT or INLET (2) A CHANNEL in otherwise SHALLOW WATER, generally formed by water in motion
a strong cord made from the intestines of sheep and used in surgery
of a sheep, used for various purposes
A person's or animal's guts are all the organs inside them. By the time they finish, the crewmen are standing ankle-deep in fish guts
The gut is the tube inside the body of a person or animal through which food passes while it is being digested
Türkisch - Englisch
(Tıp) bkz: Intestines
path. gout
to gut

    Türkische aussprache

    tı gʌt


    /tə ˈgət/ /tə ˈɡʌt/


    ... the bacteria in your gut, plants that you eat, animals that you enjoy or that provide ...
    ... And it must be gut-wrenching for their families to see ...

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