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Containing or made up of stones

a stony path.

As hard as stone
Of an action such as a look, showing no warmth of emotion

She gave him a stony reception.

Of a person, lacking warmth and emotion
{a} made or full of stones, very hard, cruel
A stony expression or attitude does not show any sympathy or friendliness. He drove us home in stony silence
{s} rocky, covered with stones; resembling stone, hard; pitiless, unfeeling; unresponsive, expressionless
Refers to a soil containing stones in numbers that interfere with or prevent tillage
Converting into stone; petrifying; petrific
Stony ground is rough and contains a lot of stones. The steep, stony ground is well drained. a stony track
hard as granite; "a granitic fist"
(i) A stoniness class in which there are enough stones at or near the soil surface to be a continuing nuisance during operations that the mix the surface layer, but they do not make most such operations impractical (ii) Containing appreciable quantities of stones See also rock fragments
showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings; "the child's misery would move even the most obdurate heart"
Inflexible; cruel; unrelenting; pitiless; obdurate; perverse; cold; morally hard; appearing as if petrified; as, a stony heart; a stony gaze
When a ball comes to rest near the flagstick
Of or pertaining to stone, consisting of, or abounding in, stone or stones; resembling stone; hard; as, a stony tower; a stony cave; stony ground; a stony crust
abounding in rocks or stones; "rocky fields"; "stony ground"; "bouldery beaches"
Showing no (or little) expression of emotion; poker-faced
stony coral
corals having calcareous skeletons aggregations of which form reefs and islands
stony coral
A coral with a hard calcareous skeleton, especially of the order Scleractinia
stony meteorite
Any of various common meteorites consisting largely of silicate minerals and classified as achondrites or anachondrites
stony silence
extreme quietness
lacking funds; "`skint' is a British slang term"
showing no emotion or friendliness
{n} a stony state, roughness
(also "stick it, stiff") a shot that stops close to the hole Example: I just knew she was going to hit it stoney/knock it stiff/stick it
(aka: "stick it", "stiff") a shot that stops close to the hole Example: "I just knew she was going to hit it stoney "
Term used to describe a clean, earthy characteristic in young white wines; flinty
comparative of stony
superlative of stony
in a stony manner
in a stony manner; "stonily indifferent to time
in a cold and unfeeling manner, without pity; in a manner which resembles stone
{i} quality of being stony, quality of being hard and cold; lack of pity and compassion
The quality or state of being stony