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Englisch - Türkisch

Bu örnekler birkaç kategoriye ayrılır. - These specimens are divided into several categories.

Bu çok nadir bir örnektir. - This is a very rare specimen.


Bu, çok nadir bir numunedir. - This is a very rare specimen.

Bu numunelerle çalışman etkileyiciydi. - Your work with these specimens was impressive.

antika kimse ya da şey
{i} göstermelik
{i} tip

Böcekbilimci böceğin tipini bulamadı. - The entomologist could not find a specimen of the bug.

alışılmamış huyları veya özellikleri olan kimse
(Tıp) örnek, numune, model, misal
{i} simge
{i} tahlil
{i} acayip kimse
(Ticaret) belge örneği
{i} ilginç tip
Specimen container
Numune kabı
specimen preparation
örnek hazırlama
specimen beet
numune pancarı
specimen copy
örnek kopya
specimen cutting machine
(İnşaat) beton kesme cihazı
specimen grinding machine
(İnşaat) yüzey korozyon cihazı
specimen handling
örnek toplama
specimen mammography
(Tıp) örnek mamografisi
specimen of an approved type
(Ticaret) onaylanmış tip örneği
specimen of smb.'s handwriting
el yazısı örneği
specimen sample
(Marangozluk) örnek parça
specimen signature
tatbik imza
specimen signature
(Kanun) tatbiki imza
specimen signature
imza örneği
Medical specimen container
(Geometri) Tıbbi numune kabı
tension specimen
çekme örneği
impact test specimen
darbe testi örneği
test specimen
deney örneği
test specimen
test numunesi
type specimen
urine specimen
idrar örneği
bending test specimen
bükme deneyi örneği
blood specimen
kan tahlili
cube concrete test specimen
(İnşaat) küp beton örneği
impact test specimen
çarpma deneyi örneği
notched specimen
çentikli örnek
perfect specimen
kusursuz örnek
randomly selected specimen
rasgele örnek
tensile test specimen
çekme testi numunesi
type specimen
type specimen
unconfined specimen
serbest örnek
undisturbed specimen
örselenmemiş numune
undisturbed specimen
örselenmemiş örnek
urine specimen collector
(Tıp) idrar numune torbası
veya type specimen
belli bir türün adlandırılmasında ve tanıtılmasında kullanılan örnek
veya type specimen
tip örnek
Englisch - Englisch
An individual instance that represents a class; an example
An eligible man

Examples: Postcard: Leap Year, 1908, Postcard: Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

A sample, especially one used for diagnostic analysis
one of a class of persons or things regarded as representative of the class
Stamp or stationery item distributed to Universal Postal Union members for identification purposes and to the philatelic press and trade for publicity purposes Specimens are overprinted or punched with the word "SPECIMEN'' or its equivalent, or are overprinted or punched in a way to make them different from the issued stamps Specimens of scarce stamps tend to be less valuable than the actual stamps Specimens of relatively common stamps are more valuable
Samples of new stamps, distributed to the various countries through the UPU for purposes of identification and record, are inscribed, overprinted or punch-perforated with the word 'Specimen'
An ordinarily-produced certificate preserved in unissued form for counterfeit detection and other purposes Most specimens are numbered "00000" and are rubber-stamped "SPECIMEN", commonly in the signature area Specimens are usually minimally punch cancelled
{i} example, part seen as typical of a whole; sample taken for the purpose of analysis or testing; unique or peculiar person (Slang)
A coin or banknote prepared and selected with special care as an example of a numismatic issue
A piece or portion of a sample or other material taken to be tested Specimens normally are prepared to conform with the applicable test method
An individual, item, or part considered typical of a group, class, or whole
A specimen is a small quantity of someone's urine, blood, or other body fluid which is examined in a medical laboratory, in order to find out if they are ill or if they have been drinking alcohol or taking drugs. He refused to provide a specimen = sample
A part, or small portion, of anything, or one of a number of things, intended to exhibit the kind and quality of the whole, or of what is not exhibited; a sample; as, a specimen of a man's handwriting; a specimen of painting; aspecimen of one's art
A specimen of something is an example of it which gives an idea of what the whole of it is like. Job applicants have to submit a specimen of handwriting. a specimen bank note
a bit of tissue or blood or urine that is taken for diagnostic purposes; "they collected a urine specimen for urinalysis" an example regarded as typical of its class
[n] an individual rock, fossil, plant, or animal
an eligible man (often preceded by "fine"), See: w: Image: PostcardLeapYearBeCarefulClara1908.jpg and w: Image: TrinityCollegeConnecticut1905Postcard.jpg"
Any animal or plant, or any part, product, egg, seed or root of any animal or plant
a bit of tissue or blood or urine that is taken for diagnostic purposes; "they collected a urine specimen for urinalysis"
Is a flawless polished section of a representative even area of the material to be investigated, on which the real microstructure can be recognized Thus during preparation, no changes may occur at the sample Except for exceptions, the production of metallographic specimens comprises of the following working steps, which, however, mostly may be multiply subdivided depending on the method applied: sampling, bordering, marking, grinding, polishing, cleaning and pickling
Urine that has been provided by a donor for a drug test The entire sample is contained in a single specimen bottle
A specimen is standard calibrator material, known control material, or material from an unknown subject which is collected for subsequent measurement in an immunoassay An aliquot of specimen, together with the other components of the incubation medium, are added to a sample for assay
A card that has no PIN #, or a dummy PIN #, such as 000 000 000 or 123 456 789 These cards carry no telephone time and are issued in very limited numbers to be used as samples by the telephone company The reverses of specimen cards may carry such terms as "Sample," "Specimen," "Test," "Prototype," "Void," or even "Proof " Many say nothing at all in the position that usually carries the PIN #, and some have no 800 number either They are highly collectible because of the difficulty of obtaining them, and their very low mintage They are generally used for presentation purposes for VIP clients of the telephone company
A piece cut from a sample of polyurethane to test
an example regarded as typical of its class
A specimen is a single plant or animal which is an example of a particular species or type and is examined by scientists. 200,000 specimens of fungus are kept at the Komarov Botanical Institute. North American fossil specimens
specimen bottle
a bottle for holding urine specimens
specimen page
page given as an example
specimen signature
model of a signature, format of a signature
a specimen
{n} sample
cytologic specimen
a specimen used for cytologic examination and diagnosis
queer specimen
unusual person, unusual object
signature specimen
model of a signature, format of a signature
plural of specimen
type specimen
the original specimen from which the description of a new species is made