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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} yamukluk
{i} çarpıklık
{i} eğri
{s} çarpık
(Televizyon) çevirme
{f} eğri yoldan git
eğri çarpık
{s} asimetrik
başka anlam vermek
{s} eğri büğrü
{i} üçgen çatı kenarı
{f} eğri yapmak
{f} eğriltmek
{s} yamuk
{s} birbirine paralel olmayan
{i} asimetri
yan bakmak
{i} bükülme
{s} meyilli
eğri yoldan gitmek
{i} eğrilik
{f} (bir şeyin anlamını)
{f} çarpıtmak
{s} yamuk
skew foot
(Geometri) Çarpık ayak bozukluğu
skew distribution
çarpık dağılım
skew field
(Matematik) aykırı cisim
skew symmetric matrix
eksi bakışımlı matris
skew arch
yansı kemer, verev kemer
skew arch
eğik yay
skew bevel gear
eğri konik dişli
skew bridge
verev köprü
skew character
sapma karakteri
skew chisel
eğri ağızlı keski
skew distribution
aykırı dağılım, çarpık dağılım
skew lines
aykırı doğrular, çarpık doğrular
skew ray
Asimetrik işin
skew symmetric
aykırı simetrik, çarpık bakışımlı
skew symmetric matrix
(Geometri) Ekşi bakışımlı matris
skew symmetric matrix
Antisimetrik matris
skew symmetric matrix
ekşi bakışımlı matris
skew the results
cevapları asimetrik yap
skew whiff
çarpık whiff
skew whiff
Eğri, çarpık, düzgün durmayan
skew angle
verevlik açısı
skew bending
bileşik eğilme
skew distortion
(Telekom) eğri distorsyon
skew eyed
şaşı gözlü
skew eyed
şehlâ gözlü
skew eyed
skew grid
çapraz karelaj
skew hermitian matrix
(Matematik) aykırı hermitsel matris
skew hip
(İnşaat) eğik dam sağrısı
skew lines
(Matematik) aykırı doğrular
skew throat
eğik boğaz
skew throat
verev boğaz
skew weir
verev savak
stretch and skew
(Bilgisayar) uzat ve eğ
(Bilgisayar) uzat/eğ
{f} eğri yoldan git
line skew
line eğrilik
obliquity, skew, slant
eğim, eğrilik, çekik
{s} eğri
{s} eğilmiş
(Nükleer Bilimler) meyilli
Englisch - Englisch
Neither perpendicular nor parallel (usually said of two lines)
To change or alter in a particular direction

A disproportionate number of female subjects in the study group skewed the results.

{v} to squint, leer, look disdainfully
occurs when a squeegee travels with its lengthwise dimension at an angle that is not perpendicular to the direction of its travel Also called "snowplow "
A stone at the foot of the slope of a gable, the offset of a buttress, or the like, cut with a sloping surface and with a check to receive the coping stones and retain them in place
To slant an object by a prescribed degree
- In an imaging system it is when the document is scanned in crooked Some software and some scanners have a deskewing feature that corrects this problem
To slant a selected item in any direction; used in graphics and desktop publishing
A measure, in hertz, of the difference between the actual frequency of a clock and what its frequency should be to keep perfect time See also ``drift''
{f} swerve, turn aside; slope, slant; view at an angle, look with a sideways glance
A data distribution that is not symmetric, or that shows distortion in a positive or negative direction
To walk obliquely; to go sidling; to lie or move obliquely
Awry; obliquely; askew
Turned or twisted to one side; situated obliquely; skewed; chiefly used in technical phrases
turn or place at an angle; "the lines on the sheet of paper are skewed"
turn or place at an angle; "the lines on the sheet of paper are skewed" having an oblique or slanting direction or position; "the picture was skew
Differences in the arrival times (or departure times) of signals in a parallel SCSI system Skew is caused by small delay differences in the paths of each SCSI signal including small differences in the length of the wire pairs Deskew delays in the timing specifications compensate for some skew Skew becomes ever more important with the tighter timing tolerances required by increasing data throughput
the pattern of differences of implied volatility levels across strike prices
Crooked image appearance which occurs when the bit mapped image is not square with the page Generally this is caused by slippage or misfeeds during the scanning process
To look obliquely; to squint; hence, to look slightingly or suspiciously
{i} slope, angle, slant
Lateral lean of a face forward or backward Most italics are skewed about 12 degrees laterally different than their plain form
an incremental polarity adjustment, necessary to "fine tune" polarity since not all satellites are perfectly oriented and no dish has perfect tracking
To start aside; to shy, as a horse
To throw or hurl obliquely
Misalignment of pages usually the result of poor page feeding in a fax machine or scanner See Deskew
To slant an element with respect to an axis
the amount that a frequency distribution curve varies from the symmetrical bell shape
To shape or form in an oblique way; to cause to take an oblique position
{s} sloping, slanting; asymmetrical, uneven
having an oblique or slanting direction or position; "the picture was skew
Rotation of a barcode symbol about an axis parallel to the symbol's length
The condition when two entities come together at an angle which is not 90 degrees or perpendicular to each other
The mislignment or slant of a character, bar, line of characters, or barcode with respect to the bottom or top edge of the mailpiece
Rotational deviation from correct horizontal and vertical orientation; may be applied to a single character, line, or entire encoded symbol
The angular misalignment of a document being scanned
During printing or scanning, the contents of a page are almost never exactly verticle, which referred to as being skewed De-skewing is a process where the computer detects and corrects the skew in an image file
having an oblique or slanting direction or position; "the picture was skew"
Rotation of a bar code symbol about an axis parallel to the symbol's length
refers to the general shape of a distribution of scores when graphed as a frequency polygon There is zero skew when the shape of the distribution is symmetrical It is skewed when most of the scores are at one end of the distribution and very few are at the other end The tails of distributions are the areas at the extreme high or low end where the data tapers off to zero -- where the graph approaches the abscissa The skew is positive when the tail points in the positive direction and negative when it is pointing in the negative direction
A non-symmetrical distribution If, for example, most respondents on a ten-point scale rated the product a nine or ten, we would describe that distribution as "skewed "
The slant of an image that prevents it from being perfectly squared on the page or screen
If something is skewed, it is changed or affected to some extent by a new or unusual factor, and so is not correct or normal. The arithmetic of nuclear running costs has been skewed by the fall in the cost of other fuels Today's election will skew the results in favor of the northern end of the county
In some sense, the opposite of what it's attached to
whose entries on one side of the diagonal are the additive inverses of their correspondents on the other side of the diagonal and the elements on the main diagonal are zero

\left(\begin{array}{ccc}0 & 2 & 3\\ -2 & 0 & -4\\ -3 & 4 & 0\end{array}\right).

The state of being skew-symmetric
askew; lopsided, not straight

I hung up that picture, but it looks skew-whiff to me.

skew foot
(Geometri) A foot deformity consists of S-shaped foot, serpentine foot, skew foot deformity, Z foot deformity
skew symmetric matrix
In linear algebra, a skew-symmetric (or antisymmetric) matrix is a square matrix A whose transpose is also its negative
skew arch
an arch whose jambs are not at right angles with the face
skew arch
slanted arch, oblique arch
skew arch
An arch having sides not at right angles to the face of its abutments
skew field
(Mathematics) is a ring in which every nonzero element has a multiplicative inverse but multiplication is not necessarily commutative (abstract algebra)
skew lines
Straight lines that are not in the same plane and do not intersect
slanted curve, oblique curve
having eyes that look in different directions
not straight = crooked (skew)
Alternative spelling of picturesque

If you mean ‘picturesque’ I’d say that you are quite right.

Simple past tense and past participle of skew
clock skew
Arrival of a clock signal at the clock inputs of different flip-flops at different times as a result of propagation delays
clock skew
The discrepancies among the system clocks of several hosts
past of skew
The graphical distribution of the data is asymmetrical, indicating that the underlying population is not distributed normally This may indicate errors, data may need to be transformed or the study replicated, or alternate statistical analyses may be needed There are statistical measures of the degree of skewness, but they are not commonly used in the social sciences
A skewed distribution is not symmetric That is, it has different shapes on each side of the median For example
Biased, distorted (pertaining to statistics or information)
having an oblique or slanting direction or position; "the picture was skew"
the upper board is no longer directly over and parallel to the lower board
Twisted at an angle
A distribution that is asymmetrical
A characteristic applicable to probability distributions or samples which refers to a lack of symmetry
Artificially changing search engine results so that, for example, popular queries will return artificially created listings Infoseek is currently experimenting with this technique, using a small group of reviewers to artificially force higher relevance for certain sites
present participle of skew
third-person singular of skew
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skew t-log p diyagramı
(Meteoroloji) skew t-log p diagram