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Englisch - Türkisch
(Biyokimya) dizil
(Geometri) Bir zaman yahut yer sırasını takip eden
art arda gelen
sıralı ardışık
ard arda gelen,sıralı
{s} sonraki
(Nükleer Bilimler) ardışıl
(Mukavele) ard arda gelen, sıralı
art arda
seri oluşturan
birbirini izleyen
sequential analysis
dizisel analiz
sequential circuit
ardışıl devre
sequential circuit
(Bilgisayar) ardışık devre
sequential control
ardışıl denetim
sequential control
(Bilgisayar) ardışık denetim
sequential logic element
ardışık mantık öğesi
sequential population analysis
(Denizbilim) spa
sequential program
(Bilgisayar) ardışık program
sequential program
ardışıl program
sequential search
ardışıl arama
sequential search
(Bilgisayar) ardışık arama
sequential test
ardışık sınama
sequential access
sırasal erişim
sequential access
sıradan erişim
sequential control
sırasal denetim
sequential logic
sırasal mantık
sequential operation
sırasal işlem
sequential operation
sıralı operasyon
sequential sampling
ardışık örnekleme
sequential scanning
normal tarama
sequential scanning
basit tarama
sequential search
sıralı arama
sequential storage
sıralı bellek
sequential system
almaşık renk işlemi
sequential access units
sirasal erişim birimleri
sequential logic
sirasal mantık
sequential movement
ardışık hareket
sequential organization
sirasal organizasyon, sirasal örgütleme
sequential processing
sirasal işlem
sequential time
Sayıların 1: 02: 03 4/5/06 veya 01: 23: 45 on 6/7/89 gibi sıralılık gösterdiği zaman ifadesi
sequential access
Sıralı Erişim
sequential access storage
Sıralı Erişimli Depolama
sequential access storage
sırasal erişimli bellek
sequential access units
sırasal erişim birimleri
sequential array
ardışık dizi
sequential batch processing
(Askeri) sıralı toplu işlem
sequential carburetor
(Otomotiv) sıralı karbüratör
sequential carburettor
(Otomotiv) sıralı karbüratör
sequential circuit
ardisil devre
sequential control
ardisil denetim
sequential days
(Ticaret) sıra günler
sequential days
(Ticaret) birbirini izleyen günler
sequential design
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) ardışık dizayn
sequential experimentation
sıralı deneme
sequential inspection site
(Askeri) ardışık denetim mevkii
sequential logic element
ardisik mantik o¤esi
sequential mechanism
(Denizbilim) dizil işlerge
sequential mechanism
(Biyokimya) dizil mekanizma
sequential memory
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) ardışık bellek
sequential numbering
Sıralı numaralandırma
sequential organization
sırasal organizasyon
sequential organization
sırasal örgütleme
sequential process
(Ticaret) ardışık süreç
sequential processing
sırasal işlem
sequential program
ardisil program
sequential scanning
düz tarama
sequential test
ardisik sinama
sequential testing
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) ardışık test
index sequential file
dizinli sıralı kütük
index sequential file organization
dizinli sıralı kütük organizasyonu
indexed sequential access method
dizinli sıralı erişim yöntemi
indexed sequential file
dizinli sıralı kütük
indexed sequential organization
dizinli sıralı organizasyon
sıralı olarak
index sequential
dizinli sıralı
keyed sequential access
anahtar sıralı erişim
indexed sequential access
dizin sıralı erişim
indexed sequential file
(Bilgisayar) kayıtlı sıralı dosya
indexed sequential file
dizin sıralı kütük
indexed sequential method
dizin sıralı yöntem
(Nükleer Bilimler) art arda
Englisch - Englisch
{s} characterized by a regular sequence, serial; successive, following, subsequent, consecutive
Compared to the immediately prior period
Something that is sequential follows a fixed order. the sequential story of the universe + sequentially se·quen·tial·ly The pages are numbered sequentially. relating to or happening in a sequence
Dealing with things and ideas one after another or in order
following one treatment after another
- items are stored in the order of the key field (magnetic tape can only be used for serial or sequential storeage )
a carefully designed program aid progression from one
One after another; one at a time; in order Contrast concurrent
in regular succession without gaps; "serial concerts"
Succeeding or following in order
QoS policy whereby Qnet employs standby network links in a user-defined order
sequential compactness
The property of a metric space that every sequence has a convergent subsequence
sequential continuity
The property of a function f between metric spaces, that given a convergent sequence x_n \rightarrow x^* , then f(x_n) \rightarrow f(x^*) , i.e. the property of a function that it preserves sequential convergence
sequential file
A file which consists of the same record types that is stored on a secondary storage device. The physical sequence of records may be based upon sorting values of one or more data items or fields
sequential logic
Said of a digital circuit block: that the current outputs depend not only on the current inputs, but also on a memory of past inputs and states
sequential manual gearbox
A manual gearbox, with no clutch, in which the gears may be selected only in sequence
sequential manual gearboxes
plural form of sequential manual gearbox
sequential time
A sequential time is one in which the numbers form a normal sequence, such as 1: 02: 03 4/5/06 (one hour, two minutes, and three seconds past midnight on April 5, 2006). Short sequential times appear every day, such as 1: 23: 45. Larger sequential times rarely appear, such as 12: 34: 56 7/8/90, or 01: 23: 45 on 6/7/89 (obviously, these time artifacts are dependent of the time format being used, the U.S. having different date order to most of the rest of the world)
Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire
one of the three primary standards for television broadcasts (used primarily in France, the Middle East and Eastern Europe), SECAM
sequential access
method of reading from secondary memory in which reading and access are performed only by accessing each piece of data in order
sequential file
file in which data is arranged according to a specific key and access to all data required scanning from the beginning of the file
sequential order
arrangement of data according to a certain key so that access to all data must be made by scanning from the beginning of the file

The repeated exposure, over decades, to most taxa here treated has resulted in repeated modifications of both diagnoses and discussions, as initial ideas of the various taxa underwent—often repeated—conceptual modification.

ad seriatum
field-sequential color television
an early form of color TV in which successive fields are scanned in three primary colors
consecutively, successively, serially
in a consecutive manner; "we numbered the papers consecutively"
In sequence, in order