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Englisch - Türkisch
{s} kutsal

İnekler Hindular için kutsal hayvanlardır. - Cows are, for Hindus, sacred animals.

Kutsal ağaç kutsal ağaçlığın ortasında durur. - The sacred tree sits in the middle of the sacred grove.

sacred to the memory of anısına ithafen
dili başkalarının inançlarına göre küçümsenmesi caiz olmayan şey veya kimse
{s} dinsel
hürmete şayan
dine ait
sacred cow k
{s} mübarek
ruhuna fatiha sacredly z
(isim) Şerif
sacred cow
(Argo) tabu
sacred cow
eleştirilemez fikir
sacred cow
(deyim) eleştirilemez şey

One that is immune from criticism, often unreasonably so "Don't talk about eating meat to her. Vegeterianism is one of her secret cows.".

sacred for
için kutsal
sacred music
kutsal müzik
sacred place
kutsal yer
sacred road
kutsal yol
sacred shabbat
ünlü katibim
sacred to
için kutsal
sacred baboon
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) habeşistan maymunu
sacred beetle
pislik böceği
sacred cow
küçümsenmemesi gereken düşünce
sacred cow
yargılanılmaması gereken düşünce
sacred cow
eleştirilemez kurum
sacred disease
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) kutsal hastalık
sacred duty
kutsal görev
sacred duty
dini görev
sacred duty
sacred ibis
zool. mısırturnası
sacred ibis
sacred representation
(Tiyatro) dinsel oyun
sacred treasures
kutsal hazineler
sacred vocal music
dini vokal müzik
sacred vs. profane
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) kutsal ve dünyevi
sacred writ
kutsal olarak
hold sacred
kutsal tütün
must be kept sacred
kutsal tutulmalıdır
semi sacred
yarı kutsal
kutsal/dinsel olarak
(isim) kutsallık
{i} kutsallık
Englisch - Englisch
Hence, not to be profaned or violated; inviolable

Secrets of marriage still are sacred held. -Dryden.

Simple past tense and past participle of sacre
Set apart by solemn religious ceremony; especially, in a good sense, made holy; set apart to religious use; consecrated; not profane or common; as, a sacred place; a sacred day; sacred service
Consecrated; dedicated; devoted; -- with to

A temple, sacred to the queen of love. -Dryden.

Solemnly devoted, in a bad sense, as to evil, vengeance, curse, or the like; accursed; baleful

But, to destruction sacred and devote. -Milton.

Relating to religion, or to the services of religion; not secular; religious; as, sacred history

Smit with the love of sacred song. -John Milton.

Designated or exalted by a divine sanction; possessing the highest title to obedience, honor, reverence, or veneration; entitled to extreme reverence; venerable

Poet and saint to thee alone were given, The two most sacred names of earth and heaven. -Cowley.

{a} holy, solemn, consecrated, inviolable
concerned with religion or religious purposes; "sacred texts"; "sacred rites"; "sacred music"
Religious or associated with a church
"Dedicated to some religious purpose; having a divine character; inspiring solemn thoughts or emotions; as, the Dalai Lama of Tibet; the temple of Apes in Ceylon; the Cow in India; the Crocodile, the Cat and the Onion of ancient Egypt; the Mufti of Moosh; the hair of the dog that bit Noah, etc " [DD]
Something which is holy or devoted to God
made or declared or believed to be holy; devoted to a deity or some religious ceremony or use; "a consecrated chursh"; "the sacred mosque"; "sacred elephants"; "sacred bread and wine"; "sanctified wine"
{s} holy, worthy of reverence; sanctified, consecrated; pertaining to religion
worthy of respect or dedication; "saw motherhood as woman's sacred calling"
obsolete, past of sacre
worthy of religious veneration; "the sacred name of Jesus"; "Jerusalem's hallowed soil"
Music with religious lyrics, opposite of secular We can sub-divide sacred music into liturgical and non-liturgical music
(often followed by `to') devoted exclusively to a single use or purpose or person; "a fund sacred to charity"; "a morning hour sacred to study"; "a private office sacred to the President"
Something that is sacred is believed to be holy and to have a special connection with God. The owl is sacred for many Californian Indian people
Of or having to do with religious meaning
worthy of respect or dedication; "saw motherhood as woman's sacred calling
Consecrated; dedicated; devoted; with to
Something connected with religion or used in religious ceremonies is described as sacred. sacred songs or music
You can describe something as sacred when it is regarded as too important to be changed or interfered with. My memories are sacred
sacred baboon
A baboon which was worshiped in ancient Egypt (Papio hamadryas)
sacred cow
Something which cannot be tampered with, or criticized, for fear of public outcry. A person, institution, belief system, etc. which, for no reason other than the demands of established social etiquette or popular opinion, should be accorded respect or reverence, and not touched, handled or examined too closely
sacred ibis
A species of wading bird of the ibis family, Threskiornithidae, which breeds in sub-Saharan Africa, SE Iraq and formerly in Egypt, where it was venerated and often mummified as a symbol of the god Thoth; Threskiornis aethiopicus
sacred kingfisher
a tree kingfisher, Todiramphus sanctus, that inhabits Australian forests
sacred road
(Arkeoloji) The Via Sacra (Latin: Sacred Road) is the main street of ancient Rome, leading from the top of the Capitoline Hill, through some of the most important religious sites of the Forum (where it is the widest street), to the Colosseum
sacred college
(Roman Catholic Church) the body of cardinals who advise the Pope and elect new Popes
sacred cow
disapproval If you describe a belief, custom, or institution as a sacred cow, you disapprove of people treating it with too much respect and being afraid to criticize or question it. the sacred cow of monetarism. One that is immune from criticism, often unreasonably so: "The need for widespread secrecy has become a sacred cow" (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists). a belief, custom, system etc that is so important to some people that they will not let anyone criticize it
sacred cow
a person unreasonably held to be immune to criticism
sacred cow
taboo, something that cannot be violated
sacred duty
holy mission, religious obligation
sacred ibis
A large, short-legged ibis (Threskiornis aethiopica) of Africa and Asia, having white plumage and a sooty black, naked head and neck
sacred ibis
African ibis venerated by ancient Egyptians
sacred music
spiritual or religious music for devotional use
sacred places
locations which have special religious importance
sacred poetry
religious poetry, poetry that is part of holy texts
sacred text
writing that is venerated for the worship of a deity
sacred writings
holy writings, writings that are sacred to a religion
In Australian Aboriginal culture, restricted to initiated men, or to women; not public knowledge

While it is true that, in some areas, women possessed secret-sacred knowledge and rituals, nowhere was this corpus considered more important for social reproduction than that held by mature men, who claimed they exercised their responsibilities for the society as a whole.

{a} holily, religiously, purely, inviolably
{n} a sacred state, holiness, sanctity
by religion; "religiously inspired art"
in a manner of being sanctified, in a holy manner
In a sacred manner
The property of being sacred
{i} state of being sacred; holiness, sanctity, state of being hallowed
the quality of being sacred