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Englisch - Türkisch
{s} akıl almaz
mantıkla anlaşılmaz
ihtiram ve huşu uyandıran
Englisch - Englisch
Awe-inspiring; evoking a sense of the transcendent, mystical or sublime

All quests are concerned with a numinous object, e.g. the Holy Grail.

Related to a numen; indicating the presence of a divinity
Suggesting the existence or presence of a god or greater being
Filled with awe or wonder; feeling that you are in the presence of God or something greater than yourself; spiritual experience
Click to check definition The feeling of the presence of something greater than you e g In a church or looking up at the stars
A word first coined by a German theologian, Rudolf Otto in his work "The Idea of the Holy" It describes that sense of awe-inspiring wonder, which one might feel in certain places or situations where one senses the presence of God or spiritual beings - the sense of 'other-ness' about the situation
evincing the presence of a deity; "a numinous wood"; "the most numinous moment in the Mass"
{s} of or pertaining to a numen, of or pertaining to a divine spirit; resembling a deity, spiritual in nature
Things that are numinous seem holy or spiritual and mysterious. The account of spiritual struggle that follows has a humbling and numinous power. having a mysterious and holy quality, which makes you feel that God is present (numen )
\NOO-min-us; NYOO-\, adjective: Indicating or suggesting the presence of a god-- spiritual, divine; inspiring awe and reverence-- holy
of or relating to or characteristic of a numen





    [ 'nü-m&-n&s, 'ny&u ] (adjective.) 1647. c 1650, from Latin numen (“nod, divine sway, divinity”) +‎ -ous

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