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{s} açık

Tom kutuyu açık bıraktı. - Tom left the box unprotected.

{s} korumasız

O kutuyu korumasız bıraktı. - He left the box unprotected.

Kadın savaşçının zırhı vücudunun birçok kısmını korumasız bırakmış gibi görünüyordu. - The female warrior's armor seemed to leave many parts of her body unprotected.

kapı baca açık
unprotected software
korunmasız yazılım
unprotected sexual intercourse
korunmasız cinsel ilişki
korunmasız yap
korunmasız yap(mak)
korunmasiz yap
Englisch - Englisch
Not protected; lacking defense
{a} not protected, unsupported
lacking protection or defense
(Non protégé) A property located in an area not regularly serviced by a fire department
If something is unprotected, it is not covered or treated with anything, and so it may easily be damaged. Exposure of unprotected skin to the sun carries the risk of developing skin cancer This leaves fertile soil unprotected and prone to erosion
An unprotected person or place is not looked after or defended, and so they may be harmed or attacked. What better target than an unprotected girl, going along that river walkway in the dark The landing beaches would be unprotected
lacking protection or a guard; "an unguarded gate"; "his unguarded queen was open to attack"
{s} unguarded, undefended, vulnerable
A property located in an area not regularly serviced by a fire department
A property located in an area not regularly serviced by a fire department top
If two people have unprotected sex, they do not use a condom when they have sex
unprotected sex
Sexual activity without protection from sexually transmitted disease; sex that is not safe sex, or activity considered barebacking
unprotected sex
sexual intercourse without protection from pregnancy; non-use of birth control
unprotected sex
Sexual intercourse without protection from sexual transmission of an allergen or teratogen
unprotected asset
asset whose nominal value does not rise with inflation (Accounting)
unprotected software
computer software which can be easily copied
unprotected tenancy
tenancy that is not under the protection of the renter's protection laws
To remove protection from

Nobody can edit the accounting spreadsheet until you unprotect it.

To remove access restrictions on a file or piece of hardware so that data contained within it can be read, modified or deleted
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kapı baca açık unprotected