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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} erik

Erik ağacını henüz kesmedim. - I haven't cut down the plum tree yet.

Umeshu erikten yapılmış bir Japon likörüdür. - Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made from plums.

erik ağacı

Erik ağacını henüz kesmedim. - I haven't cut down the plum tree yet.

kıyak iş
{i} kuşüzümü
{i} ikramiye
plum pudding üzüm ve baharatlı Noel yortusu pudingi
{i} beklenmedik kazanç
{i} ballı lokma
çeşitli tonlarda mor renk
{i} arzulanacak şey; kıyak iş
{i} can atılan şey
{i} en iyisi
(Bilgisayar) erik rengi
(Gıda) erik kompostosu
plum in
su tesisatı bağla
plum tree
erik ağacı
plum pie
erik pasta
plum site
erik site
plum stone
erik taş
plum tomato
erik domates
plum weevil
erik pamukkurdu
plum yew
erik porsuk ağacı
plum cake
kuru üzümlü kek
plum job
can atılan görev
plum job
(deyim) cok parali kolay is ya da memuriyet
plum job
en güzel iş
plum nectar
(Gıda) erik nektarı
plum orchard
plum pudding
üzümlü noel pudingi
plum rains
(Meteoroloji) erik yağmur
plum tomatoes
(Gıda) kiraz domatesi
cherry plum
green plum
(Gıda) can erik
wild plum
damson plum
mürdüm eriği
greengage plum
a plum job/post
çok iyi bir iş, herkesin istediği bir iş
black plum
siyah erik
japanese plum
yenidünya meyvesi
quahog plum
Sert ve yenilebilir erik türüdür
yellow plum
Sarı erik
Japanese plum
bot. maltaeriği, yenidünya, Prunus salicina
canned plum
(Gıda) erik konservesi
Englisch - Englisch
The tree which bears this fruit, Prunus mume. See plum blossom
The stone-fruit tree which bears this fruit, Prunus domestica
A raisin, when used in a pudding or cake
The edible, fleshy stone fruit of Prunus domestica, often of a dark red or purple colour
The edible, fleshy stone of Prunus mume, an Asian fruit more closely related to the apricot than the plum, usually consumed pickled, dried, or as a juice or wine; ume
A fool, idiot
A dark bluish-red color/colour, the colour of some plums

web plum colour:.

Of a dark bluish-red colour
Choice; especially lavish or preferred

She landed a plum position as an executive for the firm.

A testicle
Completely; utterly

You're going to think I'm plum crazy for this, but I want to adopt all seven kittens.

A desirable thing
{n} a fruit, raisin
The edible drupaceous fruit of the Prunus domestica, and of several other species of Prunus; also, the tree itself, usually called plum tree
Something that is plum or plum-coloured is a dark reddish-purple colour. plum-coloured silk
Something likened to a plum in desirableness; a good or choice thing of its kind, as among appointments, positions, parts of a book, etc
A plum is a small, sweet fruit with a smooth red or yellow skin and a stone in the middle
A handsome fortune or property; formerly, in cant language, the sum of £100,000 sterling; also, the person possessing it
A plum job, contract, or role is a very good one that a lot of people would like. Laura landed a plum job with a smart art gallery. Any of various trees in the genus Prunus of the rose family, and their edible fruits. In the U.S. and Europe, plums are the most extensively distributed of the stone (drupe) fruits, most varied in native and cultivated kinds, and most adapted to a wide range of soils and climatic conditions. The fruits show a wide range of size, flavour, colour, and texture. They are widely eaten fresh, cooked, or baked in pastries. In full bloom, plum trees are covered with densely packed, showy flower clusters. The smooth-skinned fruit has a fleshy, juicy exterior and a hard interior stone or pit. Plum varieties that can be or have been dried without resulting in fermentation are called prunes
A grape dried in the sun; a raisin
{i} type of fruit; good position, good job (Slang)
any of numerous varieties of small to medium-sized round or oval smooth-skinned fruit with a single pit any of several trees producing edible oval smooth-skinned fruit with a single hard stone
plum blossom
The blossom of the Prunus mume (also known as ume or plum)
plum brandy
A distilled alcoholic drink made with plums
plum pudding
A pudding, cooked by boiling or steaming, and containing a large amount of dried fruit
plum tomatoes
plural form of plum tomato
plum wine
A liqueur made from ume, sugar, and shochu; umeshu
plum tomato
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) A variety of tomato having oblong fruit that is often used in cooking
plum jam
jam that is made out of plums
plum pudding
a rich steamed or boiled cake-like pudding
plum pudding
traditional British dessert made from a boiled or steamed pudding with fruit and spices
plum pudding
Plum pudding is a special pudding eaten at Christmas which is made with dried fruit, spices, and suet. = Christmas pudding. A rich boiled or steamed pudding made with flour, suet, raisins, currants, citron, and spices. Christmas pudding
plum sauce
for Chinese dishes: plum preserves and chutney
plum tomato
a kind of cherry tomato that has an oblong shape
plum tomato
Plum tomatoes are long egg-shaped tomatoes. A variety of tomato having oblong fruit that is often used in cooking. a type of tomato shaped like a plum, often used in cooking
plum tomato
oblong cherry tomato
plum tomato
oblong cherry tomato a kind of cherry tomato that has an oblong shape
plum-fruited yew
South American evergreen tree or shrub
any of several evergreen trees and shrubs of eastern Asia resembling yew and having large seeds enclosed in a fleshy envelope; sometimes cultivated as ornamentals
Natal plum
Any of several South African evergreen shrubs, of the genus Carissa, having white flowers and red berries, often cultivated as hedging
dried plum
A prune
mirabelle plum
The sweet, edible drupaceous fruit of the mirabelle prune tree, a cultivar of the plum tree of the genus Prunus, often used in pies, wines, and brandy
Term of endearment; sweetheart, darling
A round or oval sweet/piece of candy made of boiled sugar
A plum
Natal plum
A South African evergreen shrub (Carissa grandiflora) often cultivated as a hedge plant, having forked spines, white flowers, and an edible scarlet berry
allegheny plum
wild plum of northeastern United States having dark purple fruits with yellow flesh
american red plum
wild plum trees of eastern and central North America having red-orange fruit with yellow flesh
beach plum
small dark purple fruit used especially in jams and pies seacoast shrub of northeastern North America having showy white blossoms and edible purple fruit
beach plum
small dark purple fruit used especially in jams and pies
beach plum
seacoast shrub of northeastern North America having showy white blossoms and edible purple fruit
beach plum
A seacoast shrub (Prunus maritima) in the rose family, native to northeast North America and having white flowers and edible, plumlike fruits used in jams, jellies, and pies
big-tree plum
small tree of southwestern United States having purplish-red fruit sometimes cultivated as an ornamental for its large leaves
canada plum
small tree native to northeastern North America having oblong orange-red fruit
carissa plum
edible scarlet plum-like fruit of a South African plant
cherry plum
A deciduous ornamental Eurasian shrub or small tree (Prunus cerasifera) in the rose family, having white flowers and small red to yellow edible fruits. Also called myrobalan, myrobalan plum
cherry plum
small Asiatic tree bearing edible red or yellow fruit; used in Europe as budding stock
chickasaw plum
small native American shrubby tree bearing small edible yellow to reddish fruit
coco plum
small tropical American tree bearing edible plumlike fruit
cocoa plum
plum-shaped whitish to almost black fruit used for preserves; tropical American
common plum
any of various widely distributed plums grown in the cooler temperate areas
damson plum
plum tree long cultivated for its edible fruit
date plum
an Asiatic persimmon tree cultivated for its small yellow or purplish-black edible fruit much valued by Afghan tribes
governor's plum
small shrubby tree of Madagascar cultivated in tropical regions as a hedge plant and for its deep red acid fruits resembling small plums
hog plum
yellow oval tropical fruit wild plum of southern United States tropical American tree having edible yellow fruit
japanese plum
small tree of China and Japan bearing large yellow to red plums usually somewhat inferior to European plums in flavor
natal plum
very large closely branched South African shrub having forked bright green spines and shiny leaves
natal plum
The drupaceous fruit of two South African shrubs of the genus Arduina A
natal plum
bispinosa and A
natal plum
Plural of plum
sierra plum
shrub of the Pacific coast of the United States bearing small red insipid fruit
victoria plum
a large red plum served as dessert
victoria plum
{i} large red plum that is usually served as dessert
wild plum
an uncultivated plum tree or shrub