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Englisch - Türkisch
(Eczacılık) kıtır tavuk
{i} külçe

Bu proje altın bir külçedir. - This project is a gold nugget.

altın külçesi
(altın/vb.) külçe
{i} (altın) külçe
{i} küçük değerli şey
chicken nugget
Una veya ekmek kırıntılarına bantırıldıktan sonra kızartılarak pişirilmiş tavuk eti
chicken nugget
tavuk nugget
chicken nugget
tavuk nagıt
gold nugget
altın külçe
gold nugget
altın keseği
Englisch - Englisch
a bud from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Usually implies dankness
a type of boot polish
a small, compact chunk or clump, as gold nugget
a tidbit of something valuable, as a nugget of wisdom
slang term for an inexperienced, newly trained fighter pilot
The fused metal zone of a resistance weld
a solid lump of a precious metal (especially gold) as found in the earth
A nugget is a small lump of something, especially gold. pure high-grade gold nuggets. a small nugget of butter
A native lump of precious metal like gold
{i} small solid mass (usually of gold); compact unit (i.e. of information); small rounded piece of food (such as a chicken nugget; (Slang) fool, idiot; amphetamine (Slang)
A water-worn piece of precious metal found in nature, usually implying some size
A lump of native copper, gold, silver, or platinum; only water-worm pieces of ore are nuggets, native lode metal is not so named; to be a nugget the piece should be at least as large as a grain of wheat
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A small mass of precious metal, found free in nature
a native lump of a precious metal; as, a nugget of gold
Area melted together during resistance welding
A lump; a mass, esp
in kriging and variogram modeling, that part of the variance of a regionalized variable that has no spatial component (variation due to measurement errors and short-range spatial variation at distances within the smallest inter-sample spacing)
A naturally occurring piece of (usually) stone which is attractive without further shaping
Australian gold coin with a face value of AUD 100 containing 1 ounce of fine gold Nugget coins with 1/2, 1/4 and 1/10 ounce of fine gold are also minted
nugget of truth
A small amount of truth in a generally untrue statement

Even in its moderate form, this argument presupposes that factual elements can be plucked out of panegyric as nuggets of truth isolated from the dross of empty verbiage.

chicken nugget
A small, boneless piece of chicken in batter
gold nugget
{i} piece of gold that occurs in a natural manner in gold fields
plural of nugget