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Türkisch - Türkisch
Sevinç, beğenme, hayranlık, rahatlama gibi çeşitli duyguları belirten bir söz: "Oh, hele şükür! Hepsinin ellerinden kurtulduk."- A. Ş. Hisar
Sevinç, beğenme, hayranlık, rahatlama gibi çeşitli duyguları belirtir
Englisch - Englisch
{e} expressive of sorrow, surprise or pain
Other Half, i.e. Husband, wife, partner etc
Ohio, a state of the United States of America
Symbol for a hydroxyl, or alcohol, functional group
Symbol for a hydroxide radical, or hydroxyl group
Prefix code for observation helicopter designations
A word to precede an offhand or annoyed remark

Oh, leave me alone.

Exclamation for drama or emphasis (often poetic)

Oh, when will it end?.

Expression of understanding, recognition, or realization

Oh, so that's how it works.

Expression of wonder, amazement, or awe

Oh, wow! That's amazing.

Space filler or extra syllable, especially in (popular) music

oh, oh, oh.

Expression of pain. See ouch

Oh! That hurt.

A word to precede an added or comment or afterthought

Oh, and don't forget your coat.

Used with a term of endearment

Oh, baby.

Expression of mild scepticism

You should learn to play hockey. Oh?.

Off Hook This is one of the LED indicators found on external modems It indicates that the modem is not connected to a working phone line
a midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region
flow, sew
See the Note under O
You use oh when you are hesitating while speaking, for example because you are trying to estimate something, or because you are searching for the right word. I've been here, oh, since the end of June. Zero. the written abbreviation of Ohio
A generic label for electricity sites that have demands greater than 100 kW, = Over a Hundred (OH)
(sigh, a sound without any grammatical meaning)
{ü} wow! (cry of surprise, interest, etc.)
An invocation or address (similar to the vocative in languages with noun declension)
Expression of surprise
An exclamation expressing various emotions, according to the tone and manner, especially surprise, pain, sorrow, anxiety, or a wish
{i} ouch!; ah!; wow!; really! (expression of surprise, pain, pleasure, confusion)
feelings You use oh to express a feeling such as surprise, pain, annoyance, or happiness. `Oh!' Kenny blinked. `Has everyone gone?' Oh, I'm so glad you're here
You use oh to introduce a response or a comment on something that has just been said. `Had you seen the car before?' --- `Oh yes, it was always in the drive.' `You don't understand!' --- `Oh, I think I do, Grace.'
The Single UNIX Specification has historically tried to reduce the number of headers an application has had to include when using a particular interface Sometimes this was fewer than the base standard, and hence a notation is used to flag which headers are optional if you are using a system supporting the XSI extension
observation helicopter
organic silt; organic silt clay of low plasticity
hydroxyl radical
Used with a term of endearment in popular songs
Türkisch - Englisch
oh !
ah, good; a sigh of relief