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Englisch - Englisch
of an organic compound containing a pair of double bonded nitrogen atoms directly attached to an aryl group
(Also diazotype) A copying or colouring process using a diazo compound decomposed by ultraviolet light
light sensitive diazonium coating used for making printing plates
relating to or containing diazonium
Diazo salts turn blue when exposed to ammonia Diazo film is used as a medium for storing the working copy of a silver hallide film Diazo is not recommended as and archival storage media, however it is quite durable and resistant to scratching
A combining form (also used adjectively), meaning pertaining to, or derived from, a series of compounds containing a radical of two nitrogen atoms, united usually to an aromatic radical; as, diazo-benzene, C6H5
{s} of or pertaining to diazonium; containing two adjoining nitrogen atoms
A photosensitive chemical added to emulsion used in making screens (stencil)
A non-silver coating for contact printing in photography Also, a light-sensitive coating used on presensitized plates in offset platemaking
diazo compound
any compound of general formula R2C=N+=N-
Türkisch - Englisch
diazo bileşiği
diazo compound
diazo boyası
ingrain dyestuff