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Englisch - Türkisch
{s} müstehcen

Bu müstehcen bir şey. - It's an obscene thing.

Bu müstehcen bir sitedir. - This is an obscene site.

{s} k.dili. korkunç, insanı şoke eden
{s} ağza alınmaz (söz)
edebe aykırı
ağza alınmaz
açık saçık

Benim için açık saçık bir sanat. - For me, it's an obscene art.

Lütfen açık saçık konuşma. - Please, no obscene language.

{s} pis
obscenely müstehcen olarak
{s} ağıza alınmaz
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) muzır
obscene publication
müstehcen yayın
obscene talker
obscene talker
ağzı pis kimse
obscene libel
müstehcen yayın
obscene phone call
taciz telefonu
obscene talker
açık saçık konuşan kimse
obscene talker
obscene talker
ağzı bozuk
açık saçık bir halde
tiksindirici bir biçimde
müstehcen olarak
Englisch - Englisch
Offensive to current standards of decency or morality
Disgusting or repulsive
Beyond all reason
Liable to deprave or corrupt
Lewd or lustful
In legal contexts, books, pictures, or films which are judged obscene are illegal because they deal with sex or violence in a way that is considered offensive to the general public. A city magistrate ruled that the novel was obscene and copies should be destroyed
{s} vulgar; improper, indecent (especially of sexual indecency); profane
{a} immodest, filthy, nasty, disgusting
designed to incite to indecency or lust; "the dance often becomes flagrantly obscene"- Margaret Mead
Offensive to chastity or modesty; expressing or presenting to the mind or view something which delicacy, purity, and decency forbid to be exposed; impure; as, obscene language; obscene pictures
suggestive of or tending to moral looseness; "lewd whisperings of a dirty old man"; "an indecent gesture"; "obscene telephone calls"; "salacious limericks"
Inauspicious; ill-omened
Offensive to the current standards of decency or morality
Foul; fifthy; disgusting
If you describe something as obscene, you mean it offends you because it relates to sex or violence in a way that you think is unpleasant and shocking. I'm not prudish but I think these photographs are obscene He continued to use obscene language and also to make threats
disapproval If you describe something as obscene, you disapprove of it very strongly and consider it to be offensive or immoral. It was obscene to spend millions producing unwanted food = offensive
offensive to the mind; "an abhorrent deed"; "the obscene massacre at Wounded Knee"; "morally repugnant customs"; "repulsive behavior"; "the most repulsive character in recent novels"
obscene connotation
rude meaning, secondary meaning which has vulgar tones
obscene language
foul language, rude words, course language
obscene suggestion
{i} rude suggestion, improper suggestion (usually an offer of sex)
In an excessive manner
In an obscene manner; vulgarly
{a} in an immodest manner, filthily
in a lewd and obscene manner; "he had seen how in their dances the white men and women held one another obscenely"
to an obscene degree; "this man is obscenely rich
in an obscene manner; in an indecent or vulgar manner
to an obscene degree; "this man is obscenely rich"
used obscene language
said swears, said vulgarities, cursed