men (men)

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Türkisch - Englisch
{ç} man
men dakka dukka
minute men shops
men dakka dukka
(deyim) what goes around comes around
fuzuli işgali men davası
(Latin) actio prohibitoria
prohibiting, forbidding, prohibition
Englisch - Englisch

Definition von men (men) im Englisch Englisch wörterbuch

Persons who have special characteristics relating to an area, e.g. freemen, icemen, supermen
Persons who are employed or hold a position in an area; e.g lawmen, newsmen
In certain cases, persons who derives from a particular nationality; e.g. Scotsmen, Chinamen
Persons who are experts in an area; e.g. horsemen, sportsmen
Abraham men
plural form of Abraham man
Abram men
Alternative form of Abraham men
Angry Young Men
plural form of Angry Young Man
Java men
plural form of Java man
Acronym of multiple endocrine neoplasia
Men in Black
in UFO conspiracy theories, men dressed in black suits, claiming to be government agents who attempt to harass or threaten UFO witnesses into silence

Stories of “men-in-black,” who confront those who have witnessed a UFO with the intention of persuading them to keep their knowledge of space creatures a secret, are also amenable to folkloristic analysis.

Portuguese men-of-war
plural form of Portuguese man-of-war
action men
plural form of action man
affidavit men
in the 1700s and 1800s, people who loitered around courts, offering to bear false witness to whatever they were hired to falsely testify about

We know how easy it is for Ministers to find Affidavit Men, and no Court in England could give the Gentleman any Redress, because the Search was every Night made according to the express Directions of an Act of Parliament. no Man could say, the Affidavit Man had taken a false Oath, when he swore he had Reason to suspect, that Seamen would be that night concealed in such a House;.

bag men
plural form of bag man (alternative spelling of bagmen)
batty men
plural form of batty man
best men
plural form of best man
bin men
plural form of bin man
black men
plural form of black man
butter-and-egg men
plural form of butter-and-egg man
button men
plural form of button man
candy men
plural form of candy man
common men
plural form of common man
con men
plural form of con man
confidence men
plural form of confidence man
dead men
The ends of reefs left flapping instead of being tucked out of sight when a sail has been furled
dead men tell no tales
Once someone is dead, they can no longer communicate, hence killing someone is the best way to keep him/her quiet
dirty old men
plural form of dirty old man
face men
plural form of face man
family men
plural form of family man
fellow men
plural form of fellow man
footplate men
plural form of footplate man
front men
plural form of front man
garbage men
plural form of garbage man
government men
Plural form of government man
green men
plural form of green man
hatchet men
plural form of hatchet man (alternative spelling of hatchetmen)
head men
plural form of head man
hit men
plural form of hit man
ladies men
plural form of ladies man (alternative spelling of lady's men)
ladies' men
plural form of ladies' man
ladies' men
plural form of lady's man
lady's men
plural form of lady's man
leg men
plural form of leg man (alternative spelling of legmen)
little green men
plural form of little green man
lollipop men
plural form of lollipop man
made men
plural form of made man
main men
plural form of main man
medicine men
plural form of medicine man
people, humanity
Plural form of man., either a male or any human
men Friday
plural form of man Friday
men children
plural form of man child
men in the street
plural form of man in the street
men of parts
plural form of man of parts
men of straw
plural form of man of straw
men of the cloth
plural form of man of the cloth
men of the world
plural form of man of the world
Possessive case of men
A store department where clothing is sold for adult males
The men’s room; the bathroom in a public or commercial establishment reserved for males
men's men
plural form of man's man
men's rooms
plural form of men's room
men's studies
The academic field which examines topics concerning men, masculinism, gender and politics
mod men
plural form of mod man
muscle men
plural form of muscle man
night soil men
plural form of night soil man
odd men out
plural form of odd man out
old men
plural form of old man
pan men
plural form of pan man
plainclothes men
plural form of plainclothes man
point men
plural form of point man
pot men
plural form of pot man
rag and bone men
plural form of rag and bone man
rain men
Plural form of rain man
real men don't eat quiche
The stereotypical man does not do things that are considered effeminate, as to do so would imply they are effeminate
remittance men
plural form of remittance man
renaissance men
plural form of renaissance man
repo men
plural form of repo man
right-hand men
plural form of right-hand man
sick men
plural form of sick man
steely-eyed missile men
plural form of steely-eyed missile man
stick men
plural form of stick man
straight men
plural form of straight man
straw men
plural form of straw man
tall men
plural form of tall man
third men
plural form of third man
three wise men
three of a kind kings
tin men
plural form of tin man
utility men
plural form of utility man
white men
plural form of white man
white van men
plural form of white van man
wise men
plural form of wise man
yes men
plural form of yes man
Alternative spelling of yes men. plural form of yes-man
young men
plural form of young man
Traditional Japanese masks made of paper or wood, often depicting demons, animals, and people They are used in certain styles of taiko playing
{n} of man
men in suits
Meaning: Businessmen/bureaucrats/lawyers and the like who follow the company line. Also called just 'suits'. Origin: Probably first used by John Lennon when describing the people who controlled The Beatles' interests as 'men in suits'
Angry Young Men
Group of mid-20th-century young British writers. Their works express the bitterness of the lower classes toward the established sociopolitical system and the mediocrity and hypocrisy of the middle and upper classes. The label came from a press agent's description of John Osborne, whose play Look Back in Anger (1956) is the movement's representative work. The group includes John Wain (1925-1994), Kingsley Amis, Alan Sillitoe, and Bernard Kops (b. 1926). A dominant literary force in the 1950s, the movement had faded by the early 1960s
Chamberlain's Men
or Lord Chamberlain's Men English theatrical company, the most important in Elizabethan and Jacobean England. It was based at the Globe Theatre from 1599 to 1608. In 1603 it was taken under royal patronage as the King's Men. William Shakespeare was connected with the company for most of his career; it also presented works by Ben Jonson, Thomas Dekker, and Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher. It ceased to exist when the theatres were closed at the outbreak of the English Civil Wars in 1642
Men in Black
popular film from 1998 (starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones)
Men of Harlech
the English title of a traditional patriotic Welsh song
Merry Men
the followers of Robin Hood, in old English stories
Three Men in a Boat
a humorous book by Jerome K. Jerome about three men and a dog who go on holiday and row a boat up the River Thames (1889)
Three Wise Men
{i} Magi, three wise men who came from the East to worship the baby Jesus (Biblical)
Three Wise Men
in the New Testament of the Bible, three kings or wise men who came from the East, guided by a star, and brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh for the baby Jesus
Wise Men of the East
Magi, wise men who came from the East to worship the baby Jesus (Biblical)
all things to all men
{s} omnipresent
brave men
mighty men, strong men, brave men, heroes
field men
people who do work on location, people who do "hands-on" work
fighting men
soldiers, warriors
love between men
homosexuality, sexual attraction between men
{i} force of workers that is available
nII-III: gift, alms, donation
face, head
Men is the plural of man. When man and men are used in compounds, such as fireman, firemen, salesman, and salesmen, both -man and -men are usually pronounced (mən). the plural of man. Young Men's Christian Association Angry Young Men Chamberlain's Men Lord Chamberlain's Men International Working Men's Association Lung men caves
face mask
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ingitis~ Inflammation of the spinal cord, and/or the membranes around the brain
The head protector used in kendo
irregular plural of man
1) the head It is a valid striking point (yuko datotsu) in shiai 2) the protective mask worn during bogu practice and shiai
A man; one; used with a verb in the singular, and corresponding to the present indefinite one or they

In general, men are taller than women. - Generally, men are taller than women.

It is agonizing for America to lose our young men and women. - It is agonizing for the united States to lose our young men and women.

the force of workers available
men are born to suffer
men cannot avoid pain and suffering, every man experiences pain and suffering
men of knowledge
intelligent people, educated people
men's clothes model
man who models men's clothing
men's gymnastics
gymnastics for men, men's sport comprised of exercises requiring great strength and balance
men's movement
political movement that advocates men's rights as fathers and open acceptance of men's involvement in activities not traditionally considered masculine
men's room
a public toilet for men
men's room
{i} public toilet for men
men's room
The men's room is a toilet for men in a public building. A restroom for men. the men's toilet British Equivalent: gents ladies' room
men's singles
tennis match for individual men players
Variant of meno-
studpuppy sex men
attractive man, sexually appealing man (Slang)
wanted men
men which are being looked for by the authorities
wise men
(New Testament) the sages who visited Jesus and Mary and Joseph shortly after Jesus was born; the Gospel According to Matthew says they were guided by a star and brought gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh; because there were three gifts it is usually assumed that there were three of them
wise men of Gotham
fools, simpletons, idiots (from the folk tales about the city of Gotham which was inhabited by simpletons)
working men's club
A working men's club is a place where working people, especially men, can go to relax, drink alcoholic drinks, and sometimes watch live entertainment
young men's christian association
YMCA, international organization promoting physical and mental welfare (originally for young Christian men)
Türkisch - Türkisch

Definition von men (men) im Türkisch Türkisch wörterbuch

(Osmanlı Dönemi) yasak etme, yasaklama, engelleme
men dakka dukka
(deyim) eden bulur
men dakka dukka
(deyim) çalma kapımı çalarlar kapını
men dakka dukka
(deyim) bugün bana yarın sana
men dakka dukka
(deyim) kötülük eden kötülük bulur
men dakka dukka
(deyim) üstteyim diye sevinme alttayım diye yerinme
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Sağlam. Güvenilir. Emin yer
(Osmanlı Dönemi) f. Ben. (Farsçada birinci şahıs zamiri) (Bak: M
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Kapı çalanın kapısı çalınır." Yâni, kim birisine bir kötülük yahut iyilik yaparsa ona o şey yapılır. Meselâ: Su-i zan eden su-i zanna mâruz olur
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Ben kimim
(Osmanlı Dönemi) O kimdir
(Hukuk) Bir vakfa ait binada oturma hakkına sahip kimse
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Fık: Hak sahibi olan kimse
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Tatmayan bilemez. Kim ki tatmamış; o, tadını bilemez
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Yasak etmek. Durdurmak. Bırakmamak. Bir şeyi diriğ etmek, esirgemek
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Ölüm haberi. Vefat haberi
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Cömert
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Hızlı yürüyen
(Osmanlı Dönemi) (C.: Menâif) Dağın sivri tepesi
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Ölüm haberi
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Dibâgat için ısladıkları deri
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Medhedilmiş. İyiliği, güzelliği söylenilmiş olan
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Yukarı kaldırılmış
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Fakir olduktan sonra sevindirilmiş
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Hayır ile yâdedilen ölü
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Tabuta konulmu
(Hukuk) Sataşmanın önlenmesi
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Kendisine aman verilmiş olan
(Osmanlı Dönemi) (Emn. den). Ecnebi tebaasından olan, yabancı
Japon No oyununda başröl oyuncusunun taktığı maske
Frigya panteonunda ay tanrısı
Yasaklama, izin vermeme
Yasaklama, engelleme
Batman da denilen eski bir ağırlık ölçüsü
Englisch - Türkisch

Definition von men (men) im Englisch Türkisch wörterbuch


Onunla karşılaşmadan önce, Pizzaro adamlarının ve silahlarının çoğunu kasaba yakınında sakladı. - Before meeting him, Pizzaro hid many of his men and guns near the town.

Dört kollu adam bankayı soydu ve 4 milyon dolar ile kaçtı. - Four armed men held up the bank and escaped with $4 million.

men ti
men ti
men of weight
nüfuzlu adamlar
middle aged men
orta yaşlı erkekler
older men
yaşlı erkekler
wait for dead men's shoes
mirasa konmak
(Tıp) Her ay tekrarlayan uterus kanaması (adet) anlamına önek
aging men
yaşlanan erkekler
caucasian people (generally men)
kafkas kişi (genellikle erkek)
con men
con erkekler
fellow men
adam erkek
for men and women sit separately
haremlik selamlık olmak
itty-bitty men
ufak adamlar
many men
pek çok erkek

Bu yapı erkekleri ve kadınları konaklayan kapsül bir oteldir. - This building is a capsule hotel lodging men and women.

Futbol zorunlu olarak erkeklerle sınırlı değildir. - Soccer is not necessarily confined to men.

men behind ball
topun arkasındaki adam
men in tights
taytlı erkekler
men make houses women make homes
(Atasözü) Yuvayı dışı kuş yapar
merry men
neşeli adam
morris men
Kökleri ortaçağ Avrupası na kadar giden, yöresel folklorik kıyafetler giymek suretiyle günümüzde birçok Avrupa ülkesinde şenlik ve kutlamalarda yapılan bir çeşit ritmik dansı (morris dansı, bahar dansı) icra eden erkek dancı topluluğu

Morrismen started dancing around the maypole.

old men
yaşlı adam
so many men so many ideas
(Atasözü) Zevkler ve renkler tartışılmaz
the common run of men
erkeklerin ortak koşmak
two cunning men will not try to make a dupe of each other
(Atasözü) İki cambaz bir ipte oynamaz
violence against men
kadının erkeğe uyguladığı fiziksel şiddet
women as distinguished from men
erkek ayırt kadını
young men
genç, delikanlı
detached enlisted men's list
(Askeri) müessese eratı
detached enlisted men's list
(Askeri) MÜESSESE ERATI: Belirli bir sınıfa, herhangi bir görevle atanmamış bulunan eratın mensup olduğu sınıf
domination of men
erkek hakimiyeti
equality of women and men
kadın erkek eşitliği
in the face of all men
çevreye karşı
jewish men
yahudi erkekler
judge of men
insan sarrafı
men and women
(Sosyoloji, Toplumbilim) insanlar
men at work
yol çalışması
men of weight
(isim)fuzlu kimseler, kodamanlar
men of weight
nüfuzlu kimseler
men of weight
men of worth
önemli kişiler
middle class men
orta sınıf erkekleri
sex instruction for men
(Eğitim) erkekler için cinsel eğitim
wait for dead men's shoes
mirasa konmayı beklemek
men (men)