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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} güdü
{i} dürtü
{i} isteklendirme
özendirici şey
teşvik veya tahrik edici şey
(Ticaret) güdüleme
(Ticaret) teşvik primi
Müşevvik, teşvik edici
{s} teşvik edici
incentive pay fazla yapılan iş için ödenen para
{i} özendirme
{s} harekete geçirici
{s} özendirici
{i} teşvik etme
isteklendiren ödül
sevk-i ilahi
sevk-i tabii
incentive awards
teşvik ödülleri
incentive credit
(Ticaret) teşvik kredisi
incentive diploma
teşvik edici diploma
incentive fee
(Ticaret) teşvik ücreti
incentive fee contract
(Ticaret) teşvik ücretli sözleşme
incentive function
(Ticaret) özendirme etkisi
incentive fund
(Politika, Siyaset) teşvik fonu
incentive house
(Turizm) özendirme gezisi şirketi
incentive payments
(Ticaret) özendirici ödemeler
incentive payments
(Ticaret) teşvik ödemeleri
incentive policies
(Politika, Siyaset) teşvik politikaları
incentive scheme
(Ticaret) teşvik tedbiri
incentive structure
(Ticaret) teşvik yapısı
incentive taxation
(Ticaret) özendirici vergileme
incentive taxation
(Ticaret) teşvikçi vergileme
incentive theory
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) teşvik teorisi
incentive tourism
(Turizm) teşvik turizmi
incentive tourism
(Turizm) özendirme turizmi
incentive value
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) teşvik değeri
incentive bonus
teşvik primi
incentive pay
teşvik primi
incentive premium
teşvik primi
incentive premiums
teşvik primi
incentive wage system
özendirici vergin jüyesi
incentive (figurative)
incentive (mecazi)
incentive area
teşvik bölgesi
incentive certificate
(Kontrat, Sözleşmeler) Teşvik belgesi
incentive option
teşvik seçenek
incentive wage system
özendirici ücret sistemi
incentive, inducement, stimulant
teşvik, teşvik, uyarıcı
incentive, stimulus
teşvik, uyarıcı
incentive pay
(Ticaret) özendirici ödeme
incentive pay
(Askeri) TEHLİKELİ GÖREV ZAMMI: Kanuni emirlere bağlı tehlikeli görevlerin yapılması karşılığı, esas maaş ve ücret üstünde ödenen miktar
incentive pay
(Ticaret) teşvik pirimi
incentive pay
(Ticaret) özendirme ödemesi
incentive premium
(Ticaret) özendirme primi
incentive type contract
(Askeri) teşvik tipi sözleşme
incentive type contract
(Askeri) TEŞVİK TİPİ SÖZLEŞME, TEŞVİK EDER MAHİYETTE SÖZLEŞME: Ya sabit fiyat ve üretim ayarlaması için özel bir hükmü bulunan sabit fiyatlı veya maliyet ödemeli mahiyette bir sözleşme olabilir. Bu sözleşme, müteahhidin gerçek maliyetlerine ve bu maliyetlere ters orantıda değişen fakat nihai fiyatını sözleşmede beyan edilen azami fiyat veya ücreti aşmasına hiçbir zaman müsaade etmeyecek bir kar veya ücret eşel mobiline istinaden nihai bir fiyat veya ücret tespiti maksadıyla sözleşme yerine getirildikten sonra fiyat veya ücret ayarlamalı geçici bir gaye fiyat ile bir azami fiyat veya azami ücreti gösterir
incentive wage system
(Ticaret) teşvik edici ücret sistemi
investment incentive
yatırım teşviki
investment incentive
(Ticaret) yatırım saiki
investment incentive
(Ticaret) yatırım özendirmesi
(Ticaret) özendirme tedbirleri
(Ticaret) teşvik tedbirleri
financial incentive
mali teşvik
wage incentive
parasal teşvik
material incentive
maddi teşvik
monetary incentive
Parasal teşvik, para teşviki
tax incentive
Vergi teşviki için vergi indirimi
volume incentive
Satışları artırmak için prim olarak ödenen fazladan komisyon
buying incentive
satın almayı özendirme
fixed price incentive contract
(Askeri) SABİT FİYATLI TEŞVİK PRİMLİ SÖZLEŞME, TEŞVİK PRİMLİ SABİT FİYATLI SÖZLEŞME: Üzerinde anlaşmaya varılan nihai toplam maliyetin, kabul edilen değişikliklere göre ayarlanmış anlaşma gaye maliyeti ile ilişkisine dayanan bir formüle göre kar ve fiyat ayarlamaları yapabileceğine dair hükmü bulunan sabit fiyatlı bir sözleşme
general incentive system
(Avrupa Birliği) genel destek sistemi
Englisch - Englisch
A bonus or reward, often monetary

Management offered the sales team a $500 incentive for each car sold.

Something that motivates, rouses, or encourages

I have no incentive to do housework right now.

that which moves the mind or inflames the passions
Something of financial or symbolic value added to an offer to encourage some overt behavioural response
{i} stimulus, inducement, enticement, encouragement
Financial compensation, public recognition or other benefits used to reward higher levels of performance and/or new ideas or contributions
Serving to kindle or set on fire
-any type of reward given when a specific goal is achieved
The payment to participants for coming to a focus group The amount varies dramatically, based on the difficulty of recruiting the participants Also called honorarium or co-op payment
an additional payment (or other remuneration) to employees as a means of increasing output
an inducement to buy; incentives include special price deals, premiums, contests, etc
If something is an incentive to do something, it encourages you to do it. There is little or no incentive to adopt such measures = inducement. something that encourages you to work harder, start a new activity etc (incentivum, from incinere , from canere )
A reward, typically non-cash that an affiliate receives for sending visitors to the program-provider merchant's site
That which moves or influences the mind, or operates on the passions; that which incites, or has a tendency to incite, to determination or action; that which prompts to good or ill; motive; spur; as, the love of money, and the desire of promotion, are two powerful incentives to action
{s} provocative, stimulating, inciting, encouraging
The payment to participants for coming to a focus group
Inciting; encouraging or moving; rousing to action; stimulative
Reward for performance Merchandise or travel offered to consumers, salespeople, dealers, or employees as a tangible reward for purchase or performance
an incentive is something that influences people to act in certain ways An incentive system is a collection of incentives and a set of procedures for using them Organizations use incentive systems to motivate their employees (Kemmerer & Thiagarajan, 1992, p 312)
The annual amount of any performance related bonus, incentive or commission
a positive motivational influence
An external event or stimulus that is the target of a motivation, and that can serve as a reward Incentive theories of motivation stress the role of external targets in eliciting and satisfying motivational states
a benefit offered to encourage people to act in certain ways
something given in a direct mail appeal to stimulate action by the prospective donor
An award that is based on achievement of preset goals or objectives (as opposed to an award that is granted after-the-fact on a discretionary basis)
A reward for doing something, e g , profit in a capitalist economy
Any factor that influences the choices people, groups of people, organizations, and government make
A contribution to motivation and motivating
(See co-op fee)
A benefit or consideration, financial or otherwise, given to induce specific action
incentive award
award that is offered to urge a person to greater efforts
incentive option
an option granted to corporate executives if the company achieves certain financial goals
incentive pay
money paid to increase or speed up production
incentive prize
{i} award or prize offered in order to increase motivation
incentive program
a formal scheme for inducing someone (as employees) to do something
incentive scheme
a formal scheme for inducing someone (as employees) to do something
incentive travel
Vacation travel arranged by or through an employer and awarded as a motivational bonus to qualifying employees or salespeople
An incentive (usually financial) to encourage a person or organization to follow a more eco-friendly policy
To provide an incentive to (a person or organizaton)

We need to incent people to innovate more.

To provide an incentive for (something)

We need to incent more innovation.

tax incentive
An inducement offered in the form of an abatement of taxes
{n} an incitement, encouragement, spur
{a} stirring up, encouraging, enticing
volume incentive
An extra commission or other inducement offered by a supplier to a travel agency to increase sales
employers incentive
amount of money offered by national insurance to encourage employers to hire new workers
export incentive
benefits offered or received for shipping goods out of a country
External cues that activate motives (p 375)
Incentives encourage and assist landholders to conserve the natural resources on their land An example of an incentive is rate relief (see below) or being able to use the NRM work crew
An incentive is something that attracts or repels people and leads them to modify their behaviour in some way An economic incentive is something in the economic world that leads people to channel their efforts at economic production and consumption in certain directions
Measures designed to encourage certain actions or behavior These include inducements for the use of carpools, buses and other high-occupancy vehicles in place of single occupant automobile travel Examples include HOV lanes, preferential parking and financial incentives
(i)in learning theory, an object, person or situation that an individual believes will satisfy a motive; (ii) in selling, any bonus, reward, contest, recognition program, etc intended to motivate members of a sales team to greater efforts See Learning Process; Motive
actions or rewards that encourage people to act
Amounts rebated or credited, or special programs offered, to consumers or lessors to encourage the lease of certain vehicles
a motive or incitement to action Positive incentives refer to rewards offered in exchange for a certain course of action Negative incentives refer to punishments threatened if a forbidden course of action is taken
- factors that motivate and influence the behavior of households and businesses; prices, profits, and losses act as incentives for participants to take action in a market economy
plural of incentive
benefits, or reduced costs, that motivate a decision maker in favor of a particular choice
A price reduction given to entice consumers to buy a product, or to stimulate the selling department (dealerships) to push more product onto the public There are several types of incentives Remember that they apply on the day of delivery, so buying a vehicle on a factory order may be risky from a pure incentive standpoint
devices that motivate people to take action, usually so as to increase economic efficiency (chapters 1 and 2)
Economic benefits given to providers to motivate efficiency in-patient care management
an inducement to stimulate or spur-on activity e g making grants available for environmental awareness raising is an incentive to develop actions in this area
an inducement to stimulate an activity e g making grants available for environmental awareness raising is an incentive to develop such actions
The products, services, and people that are perceived as satisfying needs
sales incentive
remuneration offered to a salesperson for exceeding some predetermined sales goal
tax incentive
easing of taxes in order to promote a certain goal