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Englisch - Englisch
the state of being inadequate
a shortage of required material
a lack of competence or ability
{i} insufficiency; incompetency, ineptness; inability to perform as required; defect
unsatisfactoriness by virtue of being inadequate
a lack of competence; "pointed out the insufficiencies in my report"; "juvenile offenses often reflect an inadequacy in the parents"
The inadequacy of something is the fact that there is not enough of it, or that it is not good enough. the inadequacy of the water supply = deficiency adequacy
The quality or state of being inadequate or insufficient; defectiveness; insufficiency; inadequateness
lack of an adequate quantity or number; "the inadequacy of unemployment benefits"
If someone has feelings of inadequacy, they feel that they do not have the qualities and abilities necessary to do something or to cope with life in general. his deep-seated sense of inadequacy. = accidentally
plural of inadequacy
proof of inadequacy
evidence of a defect, proof of disgrace, stain