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The lack of a capacity; an inability

So that it is not the insufficiency or incapacity of man's mind, but it is the remote standing or placing thereof that breedeth these mazes and incomprehensions;.

want of power to apprehend, understand, and manage
{i} lack of ability; lack of capacity; lack of eligibility (Law)
To lack the legal, physical, or intellectual ability to stand trial, give consent, make a valid will
The lack of ability to act on your own behalf
Lack of legal ability to act; disability, incompetence; lack of adequate power
lack of physical or natural qualifications lack of intellectual power
lack of physical or natural qualifications
The incapacity of a person, society, or system to do something is their inability to do it. Europe's incapacity to take collective action = inability. lack of the ability to do things or to do something
The lack of power or the legal ability to act
Want of legal ability or competency to do, give, transmit, or receive something; inability; disqualification; as, the inacapacity of minors to make binding contracts, etc
lack of intellectual power
A person whose ability to receive and evaluate information or to communicate decisions is impaired to the extent that the person lacks the ability to provide or arrange for the essential requirements for the person's physical health or safety without court-ordered assistance Some causes could be developmental disabilities, mental retardation, mental illness, age-related dementias, brain damage, substance abuse, or AIDS [Top of Page]
The inability to properly care for one's property and/or person, or to make or communicate rational decisions concerning one's affairs
Want of capacity; lack of physical or intellectual power; inability
incapacity to work insurance
insurance providing compensation to those who have lost the ability to work
{n} inability, a want of proper powers
judge`s incapacity
inability of a judge to conduct a trial