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Englisch - Türkisch
{f} rastlamak

En çok hangi tür hayvanlarla karşılaşmaktan korkarsınız? - What kind of animals are you most afraid to encounter?

{i} rastlama
{i} karşılaşma

Giotto 10 Temmuz, 1992'de Kuyruklu yıldız Grigg-Skjellerup'la yakın bir karşılaşma yaptı. - Giotto made a close encounter with Comet Grigg-Skjellerup on July 10, 1992.

Bu bizim ilk karşılaşmamızdı. - That was our first encounter.

{f} (bir tehlike veya zorlukla) karşı karşıya gelmek
rast gelme

Yeni bir dil öğrenirken ben her zaman zaten bildiğim dillerde benzerliklere rastlıyorum. - When I learn a new language, I always encounter similarities with the languages I already know.

yüzyüze gelmek
karşı karşıya kalmak
{f} karşılaş

Sigorta bize içinde yaşadığımız dünyanın tamamen güvenli olmadığını hatırlatıyor; biz hastalanabiliriz ya da beklenmedik şeylerle karşılaşabiliriz. - Insurance makes us remember that the world we live in isn't completely safe; we might fall ill, face danger or encounter the unexpected.

Hayatında hiç böyle bir ikilem ile karşılaşmamıştı. - Never in his life had he encountered such a dilemma.

(kimlese) tesadüfen karşılaşmak
{i} rastlantı
{f} yüz yüze gelmek
i karşı karşıya gel mek
(Sosyoloji, Toplumbilim) karşılaşma (goffman)
{i} eğitim amacıyla toplanma
{f} çarpışmak
{i} tesadüf
{i} dövüşme
{i} çarpışma
encounter a difficulty
güçlükle karşılaşmak
encounter a fault
hatayla karşılaşmak
encounter a hitch
bir aksilikle karşılaşmak
encounter a problem
problemle karşılaşmak
encounter a problem
bir problemle karşılaşmak
encounter a problem
sorunla karşılaşmak
encounter a problem
bir sorunla karşılaşmak
encounter an error
hatayla karşılaşmak
encounter group
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) karşılaşım grubu
encounter probability
(Askeri) karşılaşılma olasılığı
encounter problems
sorunlarla karşılaşmak
encounter problems
problemlerle karşılaşmak
encounter specialist
yargısız infazcı
encounter the difficulties
güçlüklerle karşılaşmak
encounter therapy
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) karşılaşım terapisi
encounter with
ile karşılaşmak
encounter group
Karşılıklı anlayış geliştirmek için insanların bir araya gelip, duygu ve düşüncelerini özgürce ifade ettikleri diğerlerinin dinlediği bir toplantı
{i} karşılaşma
brief encounter
şöyle bir karşılaşma
brief encounter
şöyle bir rastlaşma
{f} karşılaş

Tom o ormanda doğaüstü yaratıklarla karşılaştığını iddia ediyor. - Tom claims to have encountered supernatural creatures in that wood.

Yeni bir sorunla karşılaşmadık. - We haven't encountered any new problems.

{f} karşılaş
close encounter
yakın münasebet
meeting, encounter
Toplantı, karşılaşma
deadly encounter
ölümcül karşılaşma
Englisch - Englisch
An unplanned or unexpected meeting

Their encounter was a matter of chance.

To confront (someone or something), notably face to face
To engage in conflict, as with an enemy
A sudden, often violent clash, as between combattants
A hostile meeting; a confrontation or skirmish
To meet (someone) or find (something) unexpectedly
If you encounter problems or difficulties, you experience them. Every day of our lives we encounter stresses of one kind or another
If you encounter someone, you meet them, usually unexpectedly. Did you encounter anyone in the building? = meet
{v} to fight, engage, attack, oppose, meet
{n} a duel, battle, hot attack, accident
a casual or unexpected convergence; "he still remembers their meeting in Paris"; "there was a brief encounter in the hallway"
a casual meeting with a person of thing
any professional interchange between a patient and one or more members of a health care team One or more problems or diagnoses may be identified at each encounter Analyses of encounter data should distinguish encounters from problems
To come against face to face; to meet; to confront, either by chance, suddenly, or deliberately; especially, to meet in opposition or with hostile intent; to engage in conflict with; to oppose; to struggle with; as, to encounter a friend in traveling; two armies encounter each other; to encounter obstacles or difficulties, to encounter strong evidence of a truth
An encounter is a term that applies to any 2-body interaction Although collision and encounter are often used interchangeably, a collision usually refers explicitly to a close or strong encounter
come upon, as if by accident; meet with; "We find this idea in Plato"; "I happened upon the most wonderful bakery not very far from here"; "She chanced upon an interesting book in the bookstore the other day"
A healthcare visit of any type by an enrollee to a provider of care or services
{f} meet by chance; face, meet with (difficulties, hardship, etc.)
A face-to-face meeting between a covered person and a health care provider where services are provided or rendered
A contact between an individual and the health care system for a health care service or set of services related to one or more medical conditions
contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle; "Princeton plays Yale this weekend"; "Charlie likes to play Mary"
An adventure is split into a number of individual encounters Each encounter starts when "Time-In!" is called, and ends when "Time-Out!" is called, and usually takes place in a different part of both Shotover OoC and the gameworld IC
The lifetime longitudinal record of interaction between provider and patient
n meeting
be beset by; "The project ran into numerous financial difficulties"
An encounter with someone is a meeting with them, particularly one that is unexpected or significant. The author tells of a remarkable encounter with a group of South Vietnamese soldiers
To meet face to face; to have a meeting; to meet, esp
as enemies; to engage in combat; to fight; as, three armies encountered at Waterloo
A meeting face to face; a running against; a sudden or incidental meeting; an interview
come together; "I'll probably see you at the meeting"; "How nice to see you again!"
Each time a person receives medical services
An encounter is a particular type of experience. a sexual encounter. his first serious encounter with alcohol
experience as a reaction; "My proposal met with much opposition"
Face-to-face meetings between a member and a health care provider where services are provided The number of encounters per member per year is calculated as the total number of encounters per year divided by the total number of members per year
To meet unexpectedly
– A member visit to the medical group with the intent of seeing a healthcare provider There may be a variety of services performed at an encounter; a brief office visit, EKG, lab test, and an immunization
To confront (someone or something)
a hostile disagreement face-to-face
{i} chance meeting
A meeting, with hostile purpose; hence, a combat; a battle; as, a bloody encounter
Each time a person meets with a health care provider to receive services, is a separate "encounter "
a minor short-term fight
Face-to-face contact between a patient and a provider of service The provider has primary responsibility for assessing and treating the patient at a given contact, exercising independent judgment A patient may have multiple encounters on any given day
Each time a person meets with a health care provider to receive services, is a separate "encounter " (H)
encounter battle
battle which takes place as a result of an unexpected encounter with the enemy (often planned by the enemy)
encounter group
unstructured therapeutic group working to develop and explore emotional expression and communication in interpersonal relationships often by means of unrestrained emotional confrontation of the participants
encounter group
A typically unstructured psychotherapy group in which the participants seek to increase their sensitivity, responsiveness, and emotional expressiveness, as by freely verbalizing and responding to emotions
encounter group
a meeting of people to develop mutual understanding by freely expressing emotions
close encounter
A supposed observation, or observation of evidence, of extraterrestrial beings or their craft
To encounter again
To encounter in a hostile manner
A hostile encounter
A second or subsequent encounter
An encounter
An encounter
Brief Encounter
a British film by David Lean made in 1945, from a play by Noel Coward. It is a love story, about a housewife and a doctor, who fall in love but then decide to separate. It is remembered especially for the romantic scenes in a railway station and is known for its realism and artistic filming
To encounter
accidental encounter
chance meeting, unplanned encounter
past of encounter
present participle of encounter
third-person singular of encounter
plural of , encounter