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The quality of being delicate
Tact and propriety; the need for such tact
Refinement in taste or discrimination
Fineness or elegance of construction or appearance
Something appealing, usually a pleasing food, especially a choice dish of a certain culture suggesting rarity and refinement -a Chinese delicacy
Frailty of health or fitness
that which is agreeable to a fine taste
{n} daintiness, nicety, softness, politeness
{i} fragility, sensitivity; choice food
That which is alluring, delicate, or refined; a luxury or pleasure; something pleasant to the senses, especially to the sense of taste; a dainty; as, delicacies of the table
lightness in movement or manner
Pleasure; gratification; delight
The state or condition of being delicate; agreeableness to the senses; delightfulness; as, delicacy of flavor, of odor, and the like
Addiction to pleasure; luxury; daintiness; indulgence; luxurious or voluptuous treatment
something considered choice to eat
subtly skillful handling of a situation smallness of stature refined taste; tact
Nice propriety of manners or conduct; susceptibility or tenderness of feeling; refinement; fastidiousness; and hence, in an exaggerated sense, effeminacy; as, great delicacy of behavior; delicacy in doing a kindness; delicacy of character that unfits for earnest action
refined taste; tact
subtly skillful handling of a situation
Nicety or fineness of form, texture, or constitution; softness; elegance; smoothness; tenderness; and hence, frailty or weakness; as, the delicacy of a fiber or a thread; delicacy of a hand or of the human form; delicacy of the skin; delicacy of frame
The state of being affected by slight causes; sensitiveness; as, the delicacy of a chemist's balance
Nice and refined perception and discrimination; critical niceness; fastidious accuracy
lack of physical strength
A delicacy is a rare or expensive food that is considered especially nice to eat. Smoked salmon was considered an expensive delicacy
Delicacy is the quality of being easy to break or harm, and refers especially to people or things that are attractive or graceful. the delicacy of a rose
If someone handles a difficult situation with delicacy, they handle it very carefully, making sure that nobody is offended. Both countries are behaving with rare delicacy = sensitivity
the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance; "the daintiness of her touch"; "the fineness of her features"
If you say that a situation or problem is of some delicacy, you mean that it is difficult to handle and needs careful and sensitive treatment. There is a matter of some delicacy which I would like to discuss
smallness of stature
plural of delicacy