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Englisch - Englisch
A series of chisel points mounted on one piece of steel
To be overcome or submerged by a wave or surge of water

Each time we came around into the wind, the sea broached our bow.

Alternative spelling of brooch
To open, to make an opening into; to pierce

French knights at Agincourt were unable to broach the English line.

To begin discussion about (something)

I have tried on several occasions to broach the subject of my love to Lys; but she will not listen.

To make a hole in, especially a cask of liquor, and put in a tap in order to draw the liquid
To cause to turn sideways to oncoming waves, especially large or breaking waves
To be turned sideways to oncoming waves, especially large or breaking waves

The small boat broached and nearly sank, because of the large waves.

to mention, for the first time
{f} open a bottle; pierce a cask; open a subject for discussion
{n} a spit, excrescence, kind of instrument
{v} to tap, spit, give out, utter
The aperture into which the key is inserted
1 In quarrying, to free stone blocks from the ledge by cutting out the webbing between holes drilled close together in a row 2 To finish a stone surface with broad parallel groves A general term describing machine-worked stone finishes Some broached work has a shallow drafted margin surrounding the broaching
To spit; to pierce as with a spit
A broad chisel for stonecutting
Hence: To let out; to shed, as blood
To cause to begin or break out
The broach for gun barrels is commonly square and without taper
Sudden, unplanned, and uncontrolled turning of a vessel so that the hull is broadside to the seas or to the wind
The stick from which candle wicks are suspended for dipping
The pin in a lock which enters the barrel of the key
When a keelboat sailing on a run capsizes from a strong puff of wind or gets knocked down by a wave Also called a Knockdown or a Wipeout
A dangerous situation in which a canoe is caught against an obstruction and turned sideways by the current
A tool of steel, generally tapering, and of a polygonal form, with from four to eight cutting edges, for smoothing or enlarging holes in metal; sometimes made smooth or without edges, as for burnishing pivot holes in watches; a reamer
When you broach a subject, especially a sensitive one, you mention it in order to start a discussion on it. Eventually I broached the subject of her early life. To veer or cause to veer broadside to the wind and waves: tried to keep the boat from broaching to
To turn a boat broadside to the current Usually spells certain upset in heavy water
To enlarge or dress (a hole), by using a broach
1 Noun: A tool used to cut the keyway into the cylinder plug 2 Verb: To cut the keyway into a cylinder plug with a broach
one of the semi-pyramidal slopes at the comers of an octagonal spire springing from a square tower
An awl; a bodkin; also, a wooden rod or pin, sharpened at each end, used by thatchers
To finish either an exterior or an interior shape of a workpiece using a cutting tool with a series of teeth that gradually increase as the tool is pushed or pulled
A spire rising from a tower
The turning of a vessel broadside (90°) to the wind or waves, subjecting it to possible capsize (to turn over)
A long carbide tool for cutting the keyway in the plug of a cylinder lock
A straight tool with file teeth, made of steel, to be pressed through irregular holes in metal that cannot be dressed by revolving tools; a drift
When running, to accidentally turn and get broadside on to wind and sea
To make public; to utter; to publish first; to put forth; to introduce as a topic of conversation
A clasp for fastening a garment
A spitlike start, on the head of a young stag
To shape roughly, as a block of stone, by chiseling with a coarse tool
a decorative pin worn by women
1 Turn sideways to wind and wave 2 Turning or swinging of the boat that puts the beam against the waves, creating a danger of swamping or capsize This is particularly dangerous in high seas
introduce, as in: While the boss was in a good mood, I decided to broach the subject of a raise
to round up uncontrollably from a run to a beam reach, heeling over "If broaching sideway to the sea, our dropsied ship may founder by the lee"
To tap; to pierce, as a cask, in order to draw the liquor
A spit
bring up a topic for discussion
A multiple tooth linear travel cutting tool of bar or slab shape where each tooth takes out a predetermined amount of material
To open for the first time, as stores
broach a subject
{f} open a subject for discussion
past of broach
of a cask or barrel; "the cask was set abroach"
plural of broach
third-person singular of broach
A production process whereby a cutter, called a broach, is used to finish internal or external surfaces
A sudden swooping around broadside to the wind and waves while running
The unplanned turning of a vessel to expose its side to the oncoming waves In heavy seas this could cause the boat to be knocked down
present participle of broach
An involuntary change in heading produced by following or quartering seas