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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} koruma
(Askeri) Su üstü gemilerine bir savunma şemsiyesi sağlamak amacıyla bilgisayarların, radarların ve güdümlü mermilerin bir araya getirildiği bir birleşik gemi silah sistemi. Bu sistem havadan, denizden ve karadan atılan silahları otomatik olarak tespit etme, izleme ve imha etme yeteneğine sahiptir
aegis of
himayesi ve
{i} koruma
{i} siper
{i} kalkan
Englisch - Englisch
Protection, guidance. Usually used as ‘under the aegis’ because of its origin as protection of the shield of Athena
A mythological shield associated with Zeus and Athena shown as a short cloak consisting of a goatskin. The aegis of Athena is usually shown with a border of snakes and with the head of Medusa in the center. The aegis is more an emblem of protection and power than an actual military shield
Ornamental collar
{i} shelter, protection; sponsorship, auspices; (Greek Mythology) shield of Zeus or Athena (also egis)
Protection, guidance. Usually used as 'under the aegis' because of its origin as protection of the shield of Athena
(Gk- goatskin; pron ee'-jiss): in Greek mythology, a shield or breastplate covered with a goatskin and holding the actual head of Medusa (who could turn onlookers into stone), as well as other evil figures; it was used to overwhelm opponents with terror and was primarily the possession of Zeus, but was also used by his daughter Athena (in Book 5, against the Trojans), and by his son Ares (in Book 15, against the Achaeans) aidos- (Gk- respect, reverence, modesty; pron eye'-doss): some scholars consider this to be "the central tenet of Homeric morality respect for your fellow men [the] demand that men must stand together" (Oxford scholar, C M Bowra, in Tradition and the Design of the Iliad); there is a famous line where Cicero says: "Part of us is claimed by our country, part by our parents, and part by our friends" (De Off I xvi); we see a similar perspective and worldview throughout Homer's Iliad
Something that is done under the aegis of a person or organization is done with their official support and backing. The space programme will continue under the aegis of the armed forces = under the auspices of. under the aegis of sb/sth with the protection or support of a person or organization (from aigis , perhaps from aix ). In ancient Greece, the leather cloak or breastplate associated with Zeus. It was worn most prominently by Zeus's daughter Athena (whose aegis bore the head of Medusa) but occasionally also by other gods (e.g., Apollo in the Iliad)
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God of the elements and storms, known as Father Sky to the tribal people of the savannah Often referred to as the Silent God or Sleeping God, as he is considered to be as implacable as the stone he created and as placid as the waters he controls Storms are said to be Aegis speaking
a computer-based "from detection to kill" combat system used on U S Navy surface vessels that is capable of simultaneous operation against a variety of surface, underwater, and air threats
\EE-jis\, noun: 1 Protection; support 2 Sponsorship; patronage 3 Guidance, direction, or control 4 A shield or protective armor; -- applied in mythology to the shield of Zeus
armor plate that protects the chest; the front part of a cuirass
kindly endorsement and guidance; "the tournament was held under the auspices of the city council"
A proprietary operating system for Apollo's Domain engineering workstations
Aegis class cruiser
A cruiser equipped with sophisticated defenses against missile and air attack
Aegis class cruisers
plural form of Aegis class cruiser
Aegis cruiser
An Aegis class cruiser
Aegis cruisers
plural form of Aegis cruiser
alternative spelling of aegis
{i} shelter, protection; sponsorship, auspices; (Greek Mythology) shield of Zeus or Athena (also aegis)