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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} sponsorluk
{i} kefillik
event sponsorship
(Reklam) etkinlik sponsorluğu
corporate sponsorship
(Ticaret) şirket sponsorluğu
official sponsorship
(Ticaret) resmi sponsorluk
Englisch - Englisch
The state or practice of being a sponsor

I find that for me, my sponsorship of a child via a charitable NGO provides a sense of great satisfaction.

The aid or support provided by a sponsor; backing or patronage

The university awarded five sponsorships to the the five most qualified applicants.

Sponsorship is an association with a Web site in some way that gives an advertiser some particular visibility and advantage above that of run-of-site advertising When associated with specific content, sponsorship can provide a more targeted audience than run-of-site ad buys Sponsorship also implies a "synergy and resonance" between the Web site and the advertiser Some sponsorships are available as value-added opportunities for advertisers who buy a certain minimum amount of advertising
Sponsorship is financial support given by a sponsor. Campbell is one of an ever-growing number of skiers in need of sponsorship
Advertisers sponsor content, usually a section of Web site or an email newsletter
{i} funding, endorsement; position of a person who is responsible for the welfare of another; state of being a godparent
The financial or material support of an event, activity, person, organisation or product by an unrelated organisation or donor p 467
An organization or individual associates itself with an initiative or project through funding, endorsement, or another contribution
is money given to an Amateur Competitor or to the Amateur Competitor's teacher to pay for dance lessons, travel expenses, competition expenses, etc for the purpose of supporting the Amateur Competitor
Sponsorship may be regarded as a 'partnership' between an organisation and another organisation or event in which the sponsor publicly endorses an activity and ties its reputation with that of the organisation or event being sponsored
A "long term" advertising relationship that typically involves the payment of a fixed fee to display a banner or other graphic on a website, or be included in an email newsletter
This research is sponsored by the Advanced Research Project Agency, ARPA order number 018 (formerly 8230), monitored by the U S Army Research Laboratory under contract DAAB07-91-C-Q518
A transaction between two parties in which financial consideration is exchanged for purchase of a tangible such as advertising, signage or event participation The funds usually come from the marketing budget with an expectation for a marketing return
Sponsorship of something is the act of sponsoring it. When it is done properly, arts sponsorship can be more effective than advertising
Often an integral part of the "revenue" for a event/congress Sponsorship may come from a variety of sources, particularly from organisations wishing to build their presence and association with the delegate profiles This may take the form of money or the provision of certain necessary services and facilities for the event
Sponsorships are increasing in popularity on the Internet A sponsorship is when an advertiser pays to sponsor content, usually a section of Web site or an e-mail newsletter In the case of a site, the sponsorship may include banners or buttons on the site, and possibly a tag line
Enhancing the demand for a stock through research and order flow
Sponsorships are increasing in popularity on the Internet A sponsorship is when an advertisers pays to sponsor content, usually a section of Web site oran e-mail newsletter In the case of a site, the sponship may include banners or buttons on the site, and possibly a tag line
the act of sponsoring (either officially or financially)
The Green Alliance is about being involved and making a difference in our world In order to be successful at educating the community on how to integrate Green principles in all aspect of our lives, we must rely on strategic partnerships With financial support for the Alliance programming, the all too important mission of green is achievable Through these programs we create a broad-based understanding of Green Principals resulting in sustaining our resources, our economy, our natural beauty, and, most importantly, fostering a healthy environment resulting in a healthier lifestyle for our family, friends, and neighbors Your support is appreciated and your involvement is essential
Some companies offer a sum of money to students during their studies   In return the student may work for them during their studies or during vacations and should have an interest in working for the company when they graduate Sponsorships are not only for students on vocational courses Click here for more information
A person or group within an organization that funds, provides rationale, and takes responsibility for a project (back to top)
The relationship between a sponsor and a property, in which the sponsor pays a cash or in-kind fee in return for a marketing affiliated with the property Sponsee A property available for sponsorship
Affiliation with an existing nonprofit organization for the purpose of receiving grants Grantseekers may either apply for federal tax-exempt status or affiliate with a nonprofit sponsor
State of being a sponsor

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    /ˈspänsərˌsʜəp/ /ˈspɑːnsɜrˌʃɪp/


    [ 'spän(t)-s&r ] (noun.) 1651. Late Latin, from Latin, guarantor, surety, from spondEre to promise; more at SPOUSE.

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