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İngilizce - Türkçe
teselli etmek

Ben onu telefonda teselli etmek zorunda kaldım. - I had to console her on the telephone.

Luisa gözyaşlarına boğulduğunda, yalnızca onun en iyi arkadaşı onu teselli etmek için yaklaştı. - When Luisa broke into tears, only her best friend approached to console her.


Konsol veya aksesuarları yüksek sıcaklık, yüksek nem ya da doğrudan güneş ışığına maruz bırakmayın. (5 °C ile 35 °C veya 41°F ile 95°F aralığında sıcaklığa sahip bir ortamda kullanın) - Do not expose the console or accessories to high temperatures, high humidity or direct sunlight (use in an environment where temperatures range from 5 °C to 35 °C or 41 °F to 95 °F).

Nintendo DS popüler bir elde taşınabilir oyun konsoludur. - The Nintendo DS is a popular handheld game console.

{f} avunmak
{i} kumanda paneli

Kumanda panelinin uzun süreli kullanımdan kaçının. Göz yorgunluğunu önlemek için, oyunun her saati boyunca yaklaşık 15 dakikalık bir mola verin. - Avoid prolonged use of the console. To help prevent eye strain, take a break of about 15 minutes during every hour of play.

(İnşaat) raf ayağı
(Arkeoloji,Mimarlık) çıkma desteği
(İnşaat) portafo
{f} teselli et

Tom, Mary'yi teselli etmeye çalıştı. - Tom tried to console Mary.

Onu en sevdiği yemekle teselli ettim. - I consoled him with his favorite food.


Taninna'yı avutamam. O kimseyle konuşmak istemiyor. - I cannot console Taninna. She doesn't want to talk to anyone.

console mirror konsol aynası
orgun tuşlarını havi kısım
{i} raf
console table konsol
balkonlann altına konulan süslü destek
(Askeri) KONSOL: Bilgisayarın operatör veya bakım mühendisi ile bilgisayar arasında haberleşme için kullanılan parçası
{i} klavye
konsol,v.teselli et: n.konsol
{i} masa
console input
(Bilgisayar) konsoldan giriş
console debugging
konsolla hatadan arındırma
console display register
konsol gösterim yazmacı
console switch
konsol anahtarı
console typewriter
konsol yazıcısı
console air conditioner
konsol iklimlendirici
console air conditioner
duvar tipi klima cihazı
console air conditioner
çıkma iklimlendirici
console air conditioner
konsol tipi klima cihazı
console debugging
(Bilgisayar) konsolla haladan arındırma
console debugging
konsoldan hatadan arındırma
console device
konsol aygiti
console display register
(Bilgisayar) konsol gösterini yazmacı
console input
konsoldan giris
console lights
(Bilgisayar) konsol ışığı
console mode
(Bilgisayar) konsol modu
console oneself
teselli bulmak
console oneself
console oneself
kendini avutmak
console root
(Bilgisayar) konsol kökü
console root
(Bilgisayar) uçbirim kökü
console table
konsollu masa
console table
duvar masası
console tree
(Bilgisayar) konsol ağacı
console typewriter
(Askeri) konsol yazı makinesi
console typewriter
(Askeri) KONSOL YAZI MAKİNASI: Operatör ile bilgisayar arasında haberleşme için kullanılan bir yazı makinası. "Control typewriter" ile eşanlamlıdır
console typewriter
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) işletmen yazı makinesi
console unit
(Otomotiv) konsol ünitesi
console windows
(Bilgisayar) işletmen uçbirimi penceresi
console windows
(Bilgisayar) konsol penceresi
control console
ana kumanda masası
comfort, console, solace
konfor, teselli konsol
teselli edici
master console
ana konsol
mixer console
yönetim masası
mixer console
reji masası
mixing console
karıştırma masası
mixing console
bileştirme masası
operating console
işletim konsolu
editing bench, table, console
montaj masası, kurgu masası
game console
oyun aparatı, oyun yönlendiricisi

bu oyun aparatı oldukça kullanışsız.

game console
Oyun konsolu
mixer console
reji masası, yönetim masası
mixing console
karıştırma masası, bileştirme masası, seslendirme masası
(Askeri) denizde ikmal tahkimatı (underway replenishment consolidation)
(Ticaret) geri ödeme tarihi bulunmayan
(Askeri) KONSOL YARDIMCI TELSİZİ: Uzun menzilli bir seyrüsefer yardımcı telsizi. Bu telsizin vazifesi alçak frekans (audio frequency) modülasyonu özellikleri sayesinde kerterizlerin tayinini m" ün kılmaktadır
(Havacılık) konsol radyo farı
display console
sunus konsolu
instrument console
alet konsolu
management console
Yönetim Konsolu
management console administration
Yönetim Konsolu Yönetimi
master console
(Askeri) ANA KONSOL (HV.): Bir roket füzesinin "go-no-go" fırlatılışında olduğu gibi bütün kontrol işlerinin yapılabileceği bir konsol. Ayrıca bakınız: "console"
mixing console
seslendirme masası
overhead console
(Otomotiv) başüstü konsolü
pivot console
pivot konsol
rear console
(Otomotiv) arka konsol
virtual operator console
(Bilgisayar) sanal operatör konsolu
İngilizce - İngilizce
A cabinet that controls, instruments, and displays are mounted upon
The keyboard and screen of a computer
A storage tray or container mounted between the seats of an automobile
An ornamental member jutting out of a wall to carry a superincumbent weight
A device dedicated to playing video games, set apart from by its ability to change games
To comfort (someone) in a time of grief, disappointment, etc

Do you remember, my friend, that I went to Tostes once when you had just lost your first deceased? I consoled you at that time. I thought of something to say then, but now— Then, with a loud groan that shook his whole chest, Ah! this is the end for me, do you see! I saw my wife go, then my son, and now to-day it's my daughter..

A cabinet designed to stand on the floor
to comfort
If you console someone who is unhappy about something, you try to make them feel more cheerful. `Never mind, Ned,' he consoled me Often they cry, and I have to play the role of a mother, consoling them I can console myself with the fact that I'm not alone He consoled himself that Emmanuel looked like a nice boy, who could be a good playmate for his daughter. = comfort + consolation consolations con·so·la·tion The only consolation for the Scottish theatre community is that they look likely to get another chance He knew then he was right, but it was no consolation. = comfort
{n} an ornament cut upon the key of an arch
{v} to comfort, cheer, revive
The terminal used to configure network devices at boot (start-up) time
A bracket whose projection is not more than half its height
1 A program interface for the management of software or networks 2 In a mainframe or UNIX environment, a terminal consisting of a monitor and keyboard
The display station on the AS/400 that is designated during system configuration to control certain system functions, like messages or backups, and to monitor system operations
Each logical partition must have a console attached to it through an IOP The console is the first workstation that the system activates in the partition The system assumes that this console will always be available for use
> Side table of waist height that attaches to a wall, typically with a marble top supported by two or four legs and with a carved apron
Often used to refer to the box holding the mother board, power supply and disk drives In DOS, it refers to the keyboard-monitor combination CON is a software device that operates with the keyboard and monitor At the DOS-prompt typing COPY CON MYFILE copies anything typed to the keyboard to a file named MYFILE
{f} comfort, solace, encourage
give moral or emotional strength to
A control unit through which a user communicates with a computer via a primary input device (keyboard or mouse) and a primary output device (screen) A console integrates all the tools, information, and Web pages an administrator needs to perform specific tasks
A video game console, especially as opposed to a handheld
To cheer in distress or depression; to alleviate the grief and raise the spirits of; to relieve; to comfort; to soothe
The monitor and keyboard from which you actually view and control server or host activity Return to top
an ornamental scroll-shaped bracket (especially one used to support a wall fixture); "the bust of Napoleon stood on a console"
housing for electronic instruments, as radio or television
A larger audio mixer with several input and output channels Also known as a board
The part of a computer system used by the operator for communication with the computer system
The primary, directly attached, user interface of a computer Some system administration functions may only be performed at a console
a small table fixed to a wall or designed to stand against a wall
A terminal used to monitor and control larger computers
(n ) A terminal, or a dedicated window on the screen, where system messages are displayed
Monitor, mouse, and keyboard The term is usually used with respect to a particular workstation For example, a user can either log on remotely (telnet, rlogin, etc ) or from the console
(1) A text-based login environment that also displays system log messages, kernel panics, and other information (2) A special window in Mac OS X that displays messages that would be printed to the text console if the GUI were not in use This window also displays output written to the standard error and standard output streams by applications launched from the Finder (3) An application by the same name that displays the console window
Any small bracket; also, a console table
This is one of the "text-mode" screens you get with Linux It is similar to the DOS prompt, and there are typically seven consoles available under Linux This means that you can start doing something on one console, switch to another console to do something else, switch back, etc
an ornamental scroll-shaped bracket (especially one used to support a wall fixture); "the bust of Napoleon stood on a console" a scientific instrument consisting of displays and an input device that an operator can use to monitor and control a system (especially a computer system)
a scientific instrument consisting of displays and an input device that an operator can use to monitor and control a system (especially a computer system)
{i} cabinet, stand (for a television or radio); control panel; (Computers) system of input and output devices connected to a main computer; shelf support; case for a radio; case for a television
The monitor and keyboard from which you actually view and control server or host activity
The unit that contains everything the organist needs to control the sound such as the manuals, pedalboard, pistons, etc All this stuff together is the console For a picture, see the overview page
A character-based interface to an operating system Windows NT uses the Command Prompt tool as the console
The window that appears as a stowed icon each time you log in; IRIX reports status and error messages to this window
This is probably a familiar term It's used to refer to that part of your ATARI with the typewriter like keys and the sockets for various cables The CONSOLE is the heart of your computer system Inside are the various integrated circuits that have made home computers possible CONSOLE is synonomous with the computer's logic circuitry, MEMORY, and keyboard
The terminal used to configure the Server at boot time When the Server first powers up and cannot access a load file, a console is enabled on Port 1 to let the manager set up the Server This console port is the only port that is operational at boot time After the Server is running normally, the Server will send diagnostic and error messages to this port
Primary input/output device The console consists of a listing device, such as a screen or teletype, and a keyboard through which the user communicates with the operating system or applications program
A console is a panel with a number of switches or knobs that is used to operate a machine. to make someone feel better when they are feeling sad or disappointed consolation (consoler, from consolari, from com- ( COM-) + solari )
Refers to a combination of readouts or displays and an input device, i e a keyboard, by which an operator can monitor and interact with a system, i e a computer
Console (CSL) is an attendant computer terminal for switch control
console converter
A video game console peripheral used to bypass regional lockout on a video game console, allowing imported video games to be played on domestic video game consoles, but not circumvent copy protection
console converters
plural form of console converter
console table
a small table fixed to a wall or designed to stand against a wall
A perpetual bond issued by the United Kingdom, from the 18th century
Present participle of console
cross-console emulation
A form of console emulation by means of having a video game console, especially the Sega Dreamcast|Sega Dreamcast]], to emulate video games that were created for a less advanced video game console
game console
A video game console
games console
A video game console
mixing console
An electronic device to combine (mix) and route audio signals from many sources to various destinations
organ console
The keyboards, the pedals and associated stops of an organ, especially a pipe organ
video game console
A dedicated electronic device that is designed to play video games, especially in accompaniment with a television
video games console
A video game console
{n} one that gives comfort
(Bilgisayar) A government bond in Great Britain, originally issued in 1751, that pays perpetual interest and has no date of maturity. Often used in the plural. Also called bank annuity
A consolidated annuity (see Consols); chiefly in combination or attributively
past of console
One who gives consolation
{i} comforter, one who offers solace, encourager
plural of console
third-person singular of console
Adapted to console or comfort; cheering; as, this is consoling news
affording comfort or solace
{s} comforting, affording comfort
with words of solace, comfortingly, soothingly
In a consoling manner
in a comforting or consoling manner; "one part of a strange world should be given a comfortingly familiar form"