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İngilizce - Türkçe

Tom omurgasına giden bir ürperti hissetti. - Tom felt a chill go up his spine.

Mermilerden biri onun omurgasına zarar verdi. - One of the bullets damaged his spine.

{i} belkemiği
(Denizbilim) sert ışın
uçurtmanın dik çıtası

Korkunç sahne onun tüylerini diken diken etti. - The terrible scene sent shivers down his spine.

Neden kaktüslerin dikenleri olduğunu biliyor musun? - Do you know why cacti have spines?

{i} irade
(Tıp) Omurga, belkemiği, amudufikari
{i} (Anatomi) omurga, belkemiği
{i} sürgün
{i} (kitapta) sırt
{i} kitap sırtı
belkemiğine benzer şey
iğne-benzeri yapı
{i} iğne
{i} kılçık
(Tıp) İnce dikensi kemik çıkıntısı, spina
{i} filiz
spine surgeon
Omurga cerrahi
Heyecan verici, ürpertici
spine chilling
spine chilling
(Konuşma Dili) zayıf
(Konuşma Dili) güçsüz
bifid spine
spina bifida
cervical spine
decision spine
karar omurgası
send shivers down one's spine
(deyim) Birini aniden korkutmak, tüylerini diken diken etmek
send shivers down somebody's spine
(deyim) Birini çok korkutmak, yüreğini ağzına getirmek
send shivers up somebody's spine
(deyim) Birini çok korkutmak, yüreğini ağzına getirmek
curvature of the spine
belkemiği eğriliği
curvature of the spine
bel kayması
fish's spine
genal spine
bazı trilobitlerde jenal açıyla bulunan sivri uçlu yapı
genal spine
jenal diken
lower spine
(Tıp) alt omur
{s} kılçıksız
{s} dikensiz
{s} omurgasız
{s} iradesiz
{s} karaktersiz ve tabansız
belkemiği olmayan
spinelesslykorka korka
{s} (Anatomi) omurgasız, belkemiği olmayan
spinelessness korkaklık
bel kemiği olmadan
İngilizce - İngilizce
The narrow, bound edge of a book

Because the spine is generally all you can see when a book is on the shelf, the spine displays the title and author of the book and is often ornately decorated.

Courage or assertiveness

Trademark Owners will nevertheless try to dictate how their marks are to be represented, but dictionary publishers with spine can resist such pressure.

A person or thing's backbone; the series of bones collectively from one's (literal or figurative) head to tail or pelvis

If you attentively regard almost any quadruped's spine, you will be struck with the resemblance of its vertebrae to a strung necklace of dwarfed skulls.

A rigid, pointed surface protuberance or needle-like structure on an animal, shell, or plant

The male, as Dr. Gunther informs me, has a cluster of stiff, straight spines, like those of a comb, on the sides of the tail.

{n} the backbone, a thorn, a sharp point
The covering on the bound edge of a volume
Spines are also long, sharp points on an animal's body or on a plant
The back edge of a book; opposite to the fore-edge
The part of a book's binding which connects the front and back covers, and conceals the bound edges of the pages It usually bears the title, or an abbreviated title, and often the first-named author In libraries, a label bearing the call number is usually glued or taped to the lower spine of each book
The long straight side of the rim The side of the case of a virginal which is opposite the keyboard
The center panel of the binding of a book, which connects the front and back cover to the pages and faces out when the book is shelved
The part of the book which faces outward when shelved
a sharp-pointed tip on a stem or leaf
{i} spinal column of a vertebrate; pointy projection (Zoology); prickle, thorn (Biology); binding of a book; narrow mountain peak, ridge; strength of character, resolution, backbone
a sharp rigid animal process or appendage; as a porcupine quill or a ridge on a bone or a ray of a fish fin a sharp-pointed tip on a stem or leaf
Back edge of a book
Êthe rigid part of a bound book, where the covers and pages are joined
the rigid part of a bound book, where the covers and pages are joined
The bound edge of a book or its cover
The edge at which a book is sewn together Rounded, glued spines that were hammered into shape were first introduced in the early sixteenth century Prior to this, spines were flat, apart from the raised cords Spines sometimes carry protective extensions at either end known as end tabs
A person or things backbone; the series of bones collectively from ones (literal or figurative) head to tail or pelvis
the backstrip of a book
The flexible bone column extending from the base of the skull to the tailbone It is made up of 33 bones, known as vertebrae The first 24 vertebrae are separated by discs known as intervertebral discs, and bound together by ligaments and muscles Five vertebrae are fused together to form the sacrum and 4 vertebrae are fused together to form the coccyx The spine is also referred to as the vertebral column, spinal column or backbone
the back of a book, where the title, author's and publisher's name normally appear
a column in the body consisting of 33 vertebrae
The binding on the side of a book
the backbone of a book, on which is printed the spine copy
Your spine is the row of bones down your back
The spine of a book is the narrow stiff part which the pages and covers are attached to
the series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord; "the fall broke his back"
the part of the binding that connects the front and back covers and conceals the back or bound edge of a book Usually bears the title and frequently the name of the author
any pointed projection
Side of the book where all the pages are secured together to the binding Center or back of book - what one sees when a book is shelved
The backbone, or spinal column, of an animal; so called from the projecting processes upon the vertebræ
In print and publishing of magazines, brochures, catalogues etc , the edge which does not open
One of the rigid and undivided fin rays of a fish
Anything resembling the spine or backbone; a ridge
the bound edge, or backbone, of a book
a sharp rigid animal process or appendage; as a porcupine quill or a ridge on a bone or a ray of a fish fin
A sharp appendage to any of a plant; a thorn
A rigid and sharp projection upon any part of an animal
The spine is the part of the book that is visible when the book is closed and placed on a bookshelf Uncut: The pages of the completed book have not been shaved down to a uniform surface Unopened: The leaves of the book are still joined at the folds, not slit apart
The part of the book facing you when a book is place in the customary upright position on a shelf It is the edge of the book at which the pages are joined The spine is opposite from the fore edge
The binding edge of a book or publication
spine chilling
Alternative spelling of spine-chilling
A work of fiction that induces fear or nervousness
Inducing fear or nervousness, frequently a work of fiction

Mother thought the spine-chilling ghost film could give her children nightmares.

nervy or scary
A spine-chilling film or story makes you feel very frightened. a spine-chilling story or film is very frightening in a way that people enjoy
A spine-tingling film or piece of music is enjoyable because it causes you to feel a strong emotion such as excitement or fear. Martin Scorsese's spine-tingling and stylish thriller. making you feel very excited or frightened, in an enjoyable way
send shivers down someone's spine
To terrify; to make someone feel extremely nervous

Hearing that the killer escaped prison sent shivers down my spine.

The state or quality of being spineless; cowardice
send shivers down somebody's spine
(deyim) Make someone feel very frightened or excited
send shivers up somebody's spine
(deyim) Make someone feel very frightened or excited
The spine
The spine
cervical spine
the area of the spinal cord located in the neck
cervical spine
The 7 vertebrae that make up the upper spine (neck region)
cervical spine
Area of the spine, which encompasses the neck The top seven vertebrae (C1-C7) Extending from the base if the skull down to the upper back
cervical spine
Seven vertebrae - C1 - C7 Articulate with the occiput superiorly and the T1 vertebra inferiorly Commonly known as the neck
cervical spine
Refers to the very top portion of the spine from the base of the skull down to the upper back area It consists of seven vertebrae (C1 thru C7)
cervical spine
— Neck area of the spine
cervical spine
the neck
it sent shivers down his spine
he shuddered, he got a shock
lumbar spine
Made up of five vertebrae, it is commonly called the "lower back"
lumbar spine
5 vertebrae in the lower region of the spine (low back)
lumbar spine
– made up of five vertebrae, commonly called the lower back
lumbar spine
The lumbar spine, or lumbar vertebrae, are the five bones of the backbone that are situated between the thoracic vertebrae and the sacrum in the lower part of the back They are the largest of the unfused vertebrae and have stout processes for attachment of the strong muscles of the lower back
lumbar spine
The equivalent of the low back which starts where the thoracic spine ends and goes down to the tailbone area There are usually five lumbar vertebrae (L1 thru L5)
lumbar spine
The 5 weight bearing vertebrae that are located between the thoracic vertebrae and the lumbosacral area
lumber spine
{i} lowest part of the spine that contains five vertebrae
weak in willpower
{s} having no strength of character; lacking a spinal column, lacking a backbone; having no spiny projections (of a plant or organism)
lacking courage or vitality; "he was a yellow gutless worm"; "a spineless craven fellow"
Having no spine
disapproval If you say that someone is spineless, you mean that they are afraid to take action or oppose people when they should. bureaucrats and spineless politicians
In a spineless manner
{i} absence of a backbone; weakness of character, lack of resolution
the quality of lacking a strong character; an irresolute disposition
plural of spine