listen to the pronunciation of revulsion
İngilizce - İngilizce
The treatment of one diseased area by acting elsewhere; counterirritation
abhorrence, a sense of loathing, intense aversion, repugnance, repulsion, horror
A sudden violent feeling of disgust
{n} a turning back of humors, a change
It resembles derivation, but is usually applied to a more active form of counter irritation
Someone's revulsion at something is the strong feeling of disgust or disapproval they have towards it. their revulsion at the act of desecration = disgust. a strong feeling of shock and very strong dislike = disgust revolt (revulsio, from revellere , from vellere )
{i} disgust, repugnance; sudden change in feeling toward a particular subject; withdrawal, act of drawing back; act of drawing blood from one area to another through counterirritation (Medicine)
The act of turning or diverting any disease from one part of the body to another
intense aversion
A sudden reaction; a sudden and complete change; applied to the feelings
A strong pulling or drawing back; withdrawal
public revulsion
public disgust
{s} causing revulsion; serving to draw blood from one area to another through counterirritation (Medicine)
Causing, or tending to, revulsion
That which causes revulsion; specifically Med
a revulsive remedy or agent