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İngilizce - Türkçe
hazır et,yeniden yerleştir
tekrar yerine koymak
(Otomotiv) resetlemek
yeniden konumlamak
yeniden yerleştirmek
(Bilgisayar) sıfırla
(Bilgisayar) yeniden başla hardware
yeniden ayarlama
tekrar ayarlama
(Bilgisayar) özgün hale döndürmek
hazır et
yeniden yerleştir
Yeniden Başlatmak
{f} ayarlamak
(Nükleer Bilimler) sıfırlama
{f} yeniden dizgi yapmak
ilk duruma getirmek
{f} yerleştirmek
(İnşaat) tekrar kurma
başa dön, yeniden başlat
{f} tekrar yerine takmak
{f} bilemek
{f} baştaki konumuna getirmek [(Bilgisayar) ]
{f} oturtmak
(Bilgisayar) reset çekmek
(Bilgisayar) reset atmak
yerine koyma
(Bilgisayar) standart
baştaki konumuna getirmek
reset all
(Bilgisayar) tümünü sıfırla
reset button
sıfırlama düğmesi
reset ignore all
(Bilgisayar) eski haline getir
reset password
(Bilgisayar) parolayı sıfırla
reset settings
(Bilgisayar) ayarları sıfırla
reset to
(Bilgisayar) sıfırla
reset to
(Bilgisayar) düzey
reset key
sıfırlama tuşu
reset circuit
sıfırlama devresi
reset cycle
kurma çevrimi
reset rate
başlangıç durumuna getirme sayısı, kurma sayısı
reset account
(Bilgisayar) hesabı sıfırla
reset all traps
(Bilgisayar) tüm yakalamaları sıfırla
reset all?
(Bilgisayar) tümü sıfırlansın mı?
reset button image
(Bilgisayar) düğme resmini sıfırla
reset character format
(Bilgisayar) karakter biçimini sıfırla
reset circuit
(Elektrik, Elektronik,Teknik) silme devresi
reset clock
(Telekom) sıfırlama saati
reset colors
(Bilgisayar) renkleri sıfırla
reset column?
(Bilgisayar) sütun sıfırlansın mı?
reset confirm
(Bilgisayar) sıfırlama onayı
reset control
ayar kontrolü
reset control
ayar kontrolu
reset counters
(Bilgisayar) sayaçları sıfırla
reset current
(Bilgisayar) geçerliye sıfırla
reset data
(Bilgisayar) verileri sıfırla
reset defaults
(Bilgisayar) varsayılanlara ayarla
reset defaults
(Bilgisayar) varsayılanları sıfırla
reset design
(Bilgisayar) tasarımı sıfırla
reset index
(Bilgisayar) dizini sıfırla
reset list
(Bilgisayar) listeyi sıfırla
reset log
(Bilgisayar) günlüğü sıfırla
reset mode
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) kurma modu
reset mode
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) kurma kipi
reset my tips
(Bilgisayar) ipuçlarımı sıfırla
reset or hide
(Bilgisayar) sıfırla ya da gizle
reset override
(Bilgisayar) geçersiz kılmayı sıfırla
reset para
(Bilgisayar) paragraf sıfırla
reset paragraph format
(Bilgisayar) paragraf biçimini sıfırla
reset picture
(Bilgisayar) resmi sıfırla
reset property
(Bilgisayar) özelliği sıfırla
reset rate
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) kurma sayısı
reset request
(Bilgisayar) sıfırlama isteği
reset scores
(Bilgisayar) skorları sıfırla
reset stats
(Bilgisayar) istatistiği sıfırla
reset switch
Reset tuşu
reset switch
(Otomotiv) sıfırlama anahtarı
reset the injection pump
enjeksiyon pompası tanımlama
reset tips
(Bilgisayar) ipuçlarını sıfırla
reset tipwizard
(Bilgisayar) ipucu sihirbazı'nı sıfırla
reset tipwizard
(Bilgisayar) ipucu sihirbazını sıfırla
reset tool
(Bilgisayar) özgünedön araç
reset toolbar
(Bilgisayar) özgünedön araççubuğu
reset toolbar
(Bilgisayar) araç çubuğunu sıfırla
reset trigger
(Bilgisayar) deklanşörü sıfırla
reset value
(Bilgisayar) değeri sıfırla
reinstatement, reset
iade, reset
counter reset
(Bilgisayar) sayacı sıfırla
last reset
(Bilgisayar) son sıfırlama
cycle reset
çevrim sıfırlama
electrical reset
elektriksel başa alma
software reset
yazılımla yeniden başlatma
120 reset
(Bilgisayar) (Veya power cycling) Bilgisayarı sistemi normal şekilde kapatmadan elektriğini kapatıp açarak yeniden başlatma işlemi
connection reset by peer
Bağlantı türdeş ağ üyasi tarafında(n) kesildi
hand reset
elle sıfırlama, elle silme
hard reset
(Bilgisayar) Donanımdan sıfırlama
soft reset
(Bilgisayar) Yazılımdan sıfırlama
suction reset
emiş sıfırlama
electrical reset
(Elektrik, Elektronik) elektriksel silme
html reset
(Bilgisayar) html sıfırla
light reset off
(Bilgisayar) ışık sıfırlama kapalı
oem reset reminder
OEM Sıfırlama Anımsatıcısı
software reset
Yeniden Başlatmak
software reset
yazılım ilk değerine (dön)
software reset
Yazılımla Yeniden Başlatmak
İngilizce - İngilizce
the crime of knowingly and dishonestly receiving stolen goods
To set back to the initial state
To adjust again after an initial failure
To set to zero
The process of restarting your hp Jornada and reinitialising the operating system Performing a reset erases any unsaved data in open documents, but preserves data that has been saved
'Reset' is the button you click on when you want to clear the numbers selected for a new set of numbers when playing Master Keno
Adjustment of the set point of a control instrument to a higher or lower value automatically or manually to conserve energy
To re-calendar or set again
device for resetting instruments or controls
resets the graph to zero This must be reset AFTER the initial conditions are set in order to have the first data point correct
A return to normal operation for an alarm system that has been in a trouble condition, out of service, or in an alarm condition When a system has been "reset" it is back in full operation and subsequent signals received from the system will be treated nor-mally A reset is more than merely the restoration-to-normal of a sensor, or an abort message or call from the user With a reset event, the system is back in full and normal operation
To remove a horseshoe, trim the hoof, then reattach the same horseshoe a k a: Shift
[the MUD community] v In AberMUD, to bring all dead mobiles to life and move items back to their initial starting places New players who can't find anything shout "Reset! Reset!" quite a bit Higher-level players shout back "No way!" since they know where points are to be found Used in {RL}, it means to put things back to the way they were when you found them
{f} set again; change the readout of a meter (esp. to zero)
Action of restarting the operating system either by pressing the reset button or using ctrl/alt/del Keys Also known as a warm boot as the power is not turned off
device for resetting instruments or controls set to zero; "reset instruments and dials" set anew; "They re-set the date on the clock
set anew; "They re-set the date on the clock"
set to zero; "reset instruments and dials"
set anew; "They re-set the date on the clock
A label given to a PushButton in some DialogBoxes that performs the action of resetting the initial state of the DialogBox
Reset has two functions: Causes the session to leave insert mode and removes the insert symbol from the operator information area Unlocks the keyboard and removes the do-not-enter symbol X currently displayed in the OIA except in the Terminal Wait condition
The receiving of stolen goods, or harboring an outlaw
To reset the printer is to return the printer to its default state and settings
To return the microcontroller to a known state This operation may or may not alter processor registers, memory or peripheral states
Keyboards, like computers, sometimes "lock up " To restore normal operation, the System Reset is used There is another meaning in MIDI software: Reset means to return to the first measure
{i} nullification, process of starting from new; device used for resetting; plant that is repotted
To return a printer to its defaults by turning the printer off and then back on
To restore a mechanism, storage or device to a prescribed state or condition
device for resetting instruments or controls set to zero; "reset instruments and dials"
That which is reset; matter set up again
adjust again after an initial failure
From a Mini-Wave Box (or other applicable 2 x 2 if fractionalized) 1/2 Zoom; Hinge; 1/2 Zoom; Hinge Ends in a Mini-Wave Box This is a 4-part call
To harbor or secrete; to hide, as stolen goods or a criminal
Return to the previous step with most tools In some cases a Reset completes an action; in other cases, it cancels an action or rejects an identified element
The event whereby all players leave the game, and everything is automatically replaced to its starting position There are five types: a mortal reset is when a player presses the reset button (you'll have to find it ); a wiz reset is when a wiz resets the game; crashes are when there is a fault in the game which needs a reset to clear it; shutdowns occur when the system needs to be taken down to make alterations; auto-resets cut in 105 minutes since the previous reset Most resets are auto-resets You will get warnings for auto-resets, and the players concerned will normally tell you when wiz and mortal resets are likely Crashes and shutdowns don't always warn you The word RESET is also sometimes used to mean the 105-minute period itself, so "early in a reset" means when the game has reset recently, and "late in a reset" means when another reset is soon due
The form reset is used in the present tense and is the past tense and past participle. If you reset a machine or device, you adjust or set it, so that it is ready to work again or ready to perform a particular function. As soon as you arrive at your destination, step out of the aircraft and reset your wrist-watch. reset button/switch a control that is used to make a machine or instrument ready to work again
An option used to restore your document or document settings to the last saved state
The act of resetting
A button present on many computers that allows a "cold boot" without turning power off then back on Often used when the computer will no longer respond to its keyboard
A high on this pin for two machine cycles while the oscillator is running, resets the device An internal resistor to Vss permits a power-on reset using only an external capacitor to Vcc
1 To restore a storage device to a prescribed state
On products with a Reset button it enables you to regain a dial tone without using the hook switch On Caller ID units it is a small button accessible from a hole in the base of the unit, and is used to reset the functions of the machine
Resetting the pins when off spot
To set again; as, to reset type; to reset copy; to reset a diamond
reset button
A plot device that interrupts continuity in works of fiction, by returning characters and situations to the status quo they held before certain changes were introduced
reset buttons
plural form of reset button
reset button
startup button, switch which is pressed in order to stop computer operations and restart the computer
reset button
a push button that you press to activate the reset mechanism
120 reset
to power off and power on a personal computer in order to fix a problem
factory reset
A full restore of an electronic device, such as a PDA or a mobile phone, to its original settings
120 reset
(Bilgisayar) Power cycling, also known as performing a 120 reset (after the 110 Volt AC power supply), is the act of turning a piece of computer equipment off and then on again with the intent of recovering from a hung state
hard reset
(Bilgisayar) 1. The forced, immediate shutdown and restart of a PDA or other device by means of hardware. This is typically done by pushing a sequence of buttons or a reset button, and usually only after it has become impossible to do a soft reset.2. A switch that generates an electrical signal to reset the central processing unit and all devices, equivalent to turning a computer off and back on again
hardware reset
(Bilgisayar) 1. The forced, immediate shutdown and restart of a PDA or other device by means of hardware. This is typically done by pushing a sequence of buttons or a reset button, and usually only after it has become impossible to do a soft reset.2. A switch that generates an electrical signal to reset the central processing unit and all devices, equivalent to turning a computer off and back on again
hard reset
A system reset made by pressing the computer's reset button, or by turning the power off and then on again Used only when the system has crashed so badly that a Ctrl-Alt-Del reboot doesn't work
hard reset
A technique to completely erase all user installed or entered data from a Newton device Also referred to as a Brain Wipe See also Cold Boot, Deep Reset, Soft Reset, Power Reset, and System Reset Source: HFAQ
hard reset
A hard reset is the same as rebooting a computer First turn the unit off, unplug the power cord, remove the access card, reinstall the access card, wait 1 minute and plug the power cord back in Turn it back on That's it! For help in located your access card go here
hard reset
The physical removal and insertion of a card
hardware reset
resetting of a computer by stopping and restarting the electrical current
third-person singular of reset
present participle of reset
{i} act of setting again; act of changing the readout on a meter (esp. to zero)
Türkçe - İngilizce
reset atmak
(Bilgisayar) reset
reset butonu
(Tekstil) reset button
reset çekmek
(Bilgisayar) reset
reset tuşu
(Bilgisayar) reset switch