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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} karşılıklı
(Tıp) resiprok
(Matematik) sayının tersi
iki taraflı
Bir sayının çarpmaya göre tersi
{s} işteş
{s} karşıt
(Biyoloji) resiprokal
{s} çift taraflı
{s} karşıt [mat.]
{s} evrik
(Nükleer Bilimler) karşılıklı olan
karşıt işteş
(Biyokimya) tersi
reciprocal altruism
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) karşılıklı özgecilik
reciprocal cipher alphabet
(Askeri) karşılıklı şifre alfabe
reciprocal agreement
ikili anlaşma
reciprocal aid
karşılıklı yardım
reciprocal demand
karşılıklı talep
reciprocal influence
karşılıklı etki
reciprocal insurance
karşılıklı sigorta
reciprocal middle
işteş çatı
reciprocal pronoun
karşılıklı zamir, işteş adil
reciprocal relation
ters bağıntı
reciprocal verb
karşılıklı fiil, işteş eylem
reciprocal accounts
(Ticaret) karşılıklı hesaplar
reciprocal approval
karşılıklı onay
reciprocal assimilation
(Dilbilim) karşılıklı benzeşme
reciprocal assimilation
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) karşılıklı asimilasyon
reciprocal cipher alphabet
(Askeri) KARŞILIKLI ŞİFRE ALFABE: Eşitleri tersine çevrilebildiği için,. her iki sıradan herhangi biri açık metin veya şifreli metin olarak kullanılabilen kripto alfabesi
reciprocal condition
(Politika, Siyaset) karşılıklı şartlar
reciprocal conditions
(Politika, Siyaset) karşılıklı şartlar
reciprocal determinism
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) karşılıklı belirlemecilik
reciprocal flight
(Havacılık) karşılıklı uçuş
reciprocal help
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) karşılıklı yardım
reciprocal inhibition
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) karşılıklı ketleme
reciprocal innervation
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) karşılıklı inervasyon
reciprocal jurisdiction
(Askeri) KARŞILIKLI YARGILAMA YETKİSİ: Cumhurbaşkanı veya Milli Savunma Bakanının özel müsaadesine uyarak Silahlı Kuvvetler tarafından başka bir silahlı kuvvetlere mensup personelin yargılanması
reciprocal law of demand
(Ticaret) karşılıklı talep kanunu
reciprocal laying
(Askeri) paralel kılma
reciprocal laying
(Askeri) PARALEL KILMA: İki topu paralel istikamete tevcih suretiyle bu toplara ait atış düzlemlerini paralel kılma usulü. Bu usulde; toplar birbirlerine nişan alır; sonra iki topu birleştiren esas hattan eşit açılarda yana tevcih için tamamlayıcı açılar kadar sağa ve sola çevrilirler
reciprocal obligation
(Politika, Siyaset) karşılıklı yükümlülük
reciprocal ohm
evrik ohm
reciprocal polygon
karşıt poligon
reciprocal pronoun
(Dilbilim) işteş adıl
reciprocal pronouns
(Dilbilim) ortaklık zamirleri
reciprocal punishment
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) karşılıklı ceza
reciprocal reflexive
(Dilbilim) ikil dönüşlü
reciprocal relationship
karşılıklı ilişki
reciprocal suppression
(Dilbilim) ikil dönüşlü gizil
reciprocal training
(Askeri) KARŞILIKLI EĞİTİM: Yabancı bir memleket tarafından başka bir memlekete askeri yardım fonları söz konusu olmadarı sağlanan eğitim. Bu eğitim, ilgili memleketlerce düzenlenir
reciprocal training
(Askeri) karşılıklı eğitim
reciprocal two port network
karsilikli iki kapili devre
reciprocal value
evrik değer
reciprocal verb
(Dilbilim) işteş eylem
non reciprocal
olmayan karşılıklı
karşılıklı olarak
(zarf) karşılıklı olarak
İngilizce - İngilizce
Of a number, the number obtained by dividing 1 by the given number; the result of exchanging the numerator and the denominator of a fraction

0.5 is the reciprocal of 2.

In the contrary or opposite way, order, or direction
Of an action, feeling, etc, done, felt, etc, by each of two people to, on or towards the other
mutually interchangeable or convertible
A reciprocal action or agreement involves two people or groups who do the same thing to each other or agree to help each another in a similar way. They expected a reciprocal gesture before more hostages could be freed. a reciprocal arrangement or relationship is one in which two people or groups do or give the same things to each other mutual (reciprocus , from re- + pro- )
concerning each of two or more persons or things; especially given or done in return; "reciprocal aid"; "reciprocal trade"; "mutual respect"; "reciprocal privileges at other clubs
{s} mutual, joint, common, shared; performed or given in return
{i} complement, counterpart, item which is equivalent to another item; pair of fractions whose product is one (Mathematics)
Mutually interchangeable
(mathematics) one of a pair of numbers whose product is 1: the reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2; the multiplicative inverse of 7 is 1/7
(Adj ) -mutual; corresponding; matching; complementary; equivalent
{a} alternate, mutually, interchangeably
See the Phrases below
hybridization involving a pair of crosses that reverse the sexes associated with each genotype
The reciprocal of a fraction is the fraction turned upside-down For example the reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2 , or as a mixed number: 1 1/2 Now here's a problem for you: What is the reciprocal of 3/5? Express your answer as a mixed number
When the product of two fractions equals 1, the fractions are reciprocals Every nonzero fraction has a reciprocal It's easy to determine the reciprocal of a fraction since all you have to do is switch the numerator and denominator--just turn the fraction over Here's how to find the reciprocal of three-fourths
Done by each to the other; interchanging or interchanged; given and received; due from each to each; mutual; as, reciprocal love; reciprocal duties
When a partnership allows members from both programs to earn miles, redeem miles or do both on the partner airline
Reflexive; applied to pronouns and verbs, but sometimes limited to such pronouns as express mutual action
Recurring in vicissitude; alternate
The reciprocal of a fraction, a/b, is the fraction, b/a
When you multiply a number by its reciprocal, the product is always 1 For example, since 4 x ¼ = 1 We say that ¼ is the reciprocal of 4 Also, 4 is the reciprocal of ¼
of or relating to or suggestive of complementation; "interchangeable electric outlets"
The quotient arising from dividing unity by any quantity; thus, ¼ is the reciprocal of 4; 1/(a +b) is the reciprocal of a + b
Expressions, relations, or fractions that are opposite Example: 1/2 is the reciprocal of 2/1
Mathematics A number related to another in such a way that when multiplied together their product is 1 For example, the reciprocal of 7 is 1/7; the reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2 Multiplying by the reciprocal is known to be a hobby of at least three people who are way too interested in math
Something exchanged, given, or owed between two or more individuals According to The Classical School, the basis of order in society are those promises that every individual in society would make if they thought about it rationally, and therefore would make reciprocally
The reciprocal of a non-zero quantity a is a quantity b such that ab = 1 b is also known as the inverse of a Examples: The reciprocal of 2 is 1 2 The reciprocal of 1 3 is 3 The reciprocal of 4 7 is 7 4 The reciprocal of 2 x + 1 is x + 1 2
A bearing 180° from the other A direction directly opposite the original direction
The reciprocal of a fraction is the fraction inverted, or the denominator divided by the numerator
(re-sip-roe-kul) Reciprocal means that something is done or given in return
That which is reciprocal to another thing
something (a term or expression or concept) that has a reciprocal relation to something else; "risk is the reciprocal of safety" of or relating to the multiplicative inverse of a quantity or function; "the reciprocal ratio of a: b is b: a" concerning each of two or more persons or things; especially given or done in return; "reciprocal aid"; "reciprocal trade"; "mutual respect"; "reciprocal privileges at other clubs
one of two fractions whose product is one -- "Dividing by a fraction is the same as multiplying by its reciprocal " (155)
The reciprocal of a number is 1 divided by the number
The number or expression produced by dividing 1 by a given number or expression
Performed, experienced, or felt by both parties or sides in a relationship
1 A direction 180 degrees from a given direction
alternating interchange, correspondence going back and forth
The reciprocal of the number x is the number 1/x
the reciprocal of a number is what you get if you divide 1 by that number
Used to denote different kinds of mutual relation; often with reference to the substitution of reciprocals for given quantities
something (a term or expression or concept) that has a reciprocal relation to something else; "risk is the reciprocal of safety"
“One over x is the reciprocal of x ” i e 1/x, or x-1
of or relating to the multiplicative inverse of a quantity or function; "the reciprocal ratio of a: b is b: a"
reciprocal altruism
Used in biology to describe the phenomenon of two animals acting in ways which mutually benefit one another
reciprocal altruisms
plural form of reciprocal altruism
reciprocal pronoun
a pronoun referring to an antecedent in the plural, and expressing a mutual relation

The English reciprocal pronouns are each other and one another.

reciprocal pronouns
plural form of reciprocal pronoun
Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders
{i} (Law) international agreement in which countries agree to enforce legal orders for maintenance payments (i.e. child support, alimony, etc.), REMO
reciprocal cross
hybridization involving a pair of crosses that reverse the sexes associated with each genotype
reciprocal inhibition
a method of behavior therapy based on the inhibition of one response by the occurrence of another response that is mutually incompatible with it; a relaxation response might be conditioned to a stimulus that previously evoked anxiety
reciprocal link
{i} mutual link between between two websites to guarantee mutual traffic
reciprocal pronoun
a pronoun or pronominal phrase (as `each other') that expresses a mutual action or relationship between the individuals indicated in the plural subject; "The sentence `They cared for each other' contains a reciprocal pronoun
reciprocal pronoun
{i} mutual pronoun
reciprocal pronoun
A pronoun or pronominal phrase, such as each other, that expresses mutual action or relationship
In a reciprocal manner; by way of returning (e.g. a favour, insult, etc)
in a reciprocal manner, mutually, jointly
In the manner of reciprocals
(often followed by `for') in exchange or in reciprocation; "gave up our seats on the plane and in return received several hundred dollars and seats on the next plane out"; "we get many benefits in return for our taxes"
In a reciprocal manner; so that each affects the other, and is equally affected by it; interchangeably; mutually
in a mutual or shared manner; "the agreement was mutually satisfactory"; "the goals of the negotiators were not reciprocally exclusive"
in an inverse or contrary manner; "inversely related"; "wavelength and frequency are, of course, related reciprocally"- F A Geldard
plural of reciprocal
Türkçe - İngilizce

reciprocal teriminin Türkçe İngilizce sözlükte anlamı

işteş çatı reciprocal construction of
a verb stem