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İngilizce - İngilizce
Abbreviation of "recursively enumerable"; the class of decision problems for which a 'yes' answer can be verified by a Turing machine in a finite amount of time
Royal Engineers, a regiment in the British Army
A syllable used in solfège to represent the second note of a major scale
{p} in composition, indicates repitition
Religious Education
A syllable applied in solmization to the second tone of the diatonic scale of C; in the American system, to the second tone of any diatonic scale
"Regreeting", or "Hello again"
a rare heavy polyvalent metallic element that resembles manganese chemically and is used in some alloys; is obtained as a by-product in refining molybdenum
code Reenlistment code
A prefix signifying back, against, again, anew; as, recline, to lean back; recall, to call back; recede; remove; reclaim, to call out against; repugn, to fight against; recognition, a knowing again; rejoin, to join again; reiterate; reassure
Abr Regarding, about
In solmization, the second degree of the major scale
– Religious Education RTP - Registered Teacher Programme - offers a way of qualifying as a teacher while working With the RTP you can work as an unqualified teacher in any maintained school in England whilst completing the last year of your degree and undertaking teacher training The programme should take 12-24 months, though this could be less if the teacher has considerable teaching experience Retired Teacher Programme - helps match retired teachers who are interested in returning to teaching with LEA’s on a part-time, full time or supply basis
The two-character ISO 3166 country code for REUNION
{i} second tone of the diatonic scale (Music)
the syllable naming the second (supertonic) note of any major scale in solmization
frigerated Warehouse: A warehouse that is used to store perishable items requiring controlled temperatures
Chemical symbol for Rhenium
pref. anew, once more, again
this term generally indicates rebloom at some time other than Spring
Reissue A re-issued or reprinted item Not the original print or pressing
/R-E/ n Common spoken and written shorthand for {regexp}
{e} regarding, concerning, with respect to
Requirements Engineering - a field of Information Science concerned with the elicitation and formalisation of requirements on an information system to be built
Renewable Energy
ancient hawk-headed Egyptian sun god; a universal creator
= DC resistance of the driver's voice coil Re is less than the driver's rated impedance (normally 4 or 8 ohms)
– Reenlistment Eligibility
Combinations containing the prefix re- are readily formed, and are for the most part of obvious signification
1 Hello again; regreet 2 In regard to
is the acronym for the residential sector (households)
meaning simply "sun," the most important name of the sun god, who was later combined with many other gods; the creator and sustainer of the world, who travels in a bark through the sky by day and through the underworld by night
About, regarding, with reference to; especially in letters and documents
You use re in business letters, faxes, or other documents to introduce a subject or item which you are going to discuss or refer to in detail. Dear Mrs Cox, Re: Household Insurance. We note from our files that we have not yet received your renewal instructions. = regarding. Réunion (in Internet addresses). real estate. Variant of Ra. The symbol for the element rhenium. The second tone of the diatonic scale in solfeggio. In reference to; in the case of; concerning. Religious Education a subject taught in schools. the second note in a musical scale solfa. or Ra In ancient Egyptian religion, the creator god and god of the sun. He was believed to sail across the sky in his solar bark and at night to travel in another bark through the underworld, where he had to vanquish a serpent before he could be born again. As the creator, he rose from the ocean of chaos, creating himself and then engendering eight other gods. From the 4th dynasty, kings held the title Son of Re, and Re later became part of the throne name they adopted at accession and was appended to the names of such gods as Amon and Sebek
An island off the west coast of France, by La Rochelle
Türkçe - İngilizce
re, D