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İngilizce - İngilizce
A warning of a future event; an omen
To predict or foretell something
An intuition of a future event; a presentiment
To make a prediction
to foretell
{v} to forebode, foretoken, foretel
{n} a prognostic, an omen
To form or utter a prediction; sometimes used with of
indicate by signs; "These signs bode bad news"
If something presages a situation or event, it is considered to be a warning or sign of what is about to happen. the dawn's loud chorus that seemed to presage a bright hot summer's day. to be a sign that something is going to happen, especially something bad (presage (14-21 centuries), from praesagium, from praesagire, from sagire )
{i} omen, portent, sign; intuitive feeling about future events; caution, warning, admonition
To foretell; to predict; to foreshow; to indicate
Something which foreshows or portends a future event; a prognostic; an omen; an augury
{f} foreshadow, act as an omen, portend; be a sign of -; feel in advance, sense ahead of time
Power to look the future, or the exercise of that power; foreknowledge; presentiment
a foreboding about what is about to happen
a sign of something about to happen; "he looked for an omen before going into battle"
To have a presentiment of; to feel beforehand; to foreknow
One who, or that which, presages; a foreteller; a foreboder
past of presage
third-person singular of presage
plural of , presage
present participle of presage